Sam Redcopper

Started by Redbark, 12-01-2013

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Name: Sam Redcopper
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Sammy Red.
Race: Gnome
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 98 pounds
Hair: White
Age:85 (43 in human years)
Occupation: Engineer.
Look: He is a small gnome with a white undershirt, one goggle, gray and red pants, red fur boots, a fancy looking tabard and brown and green shoulderpads

Strength: 2
Strength matters whether he can open a jar of pickles, or whether he cannot lift a pebble.
Dexterity means whether he is a rabbit running from a fox, or a slug sliding uphill.
Constitution means whether he is a walking hospital, or a soldier with hundreds of arrows stuck in him.
Intelligence is whether he can solve many math problems at once, or whether he spends hours solving 1+1.
Perception: 2
Perception depends if he can fire a broken musket and kill a man 400 miles away without even aiming, or whether he can shoot himself when he aims the other way
Depends if he can lure a women in his bedroom, or if he can get in prison for sexual assault.
Depends if he can catch a ball at light speed, or he can't see slime sneaking up on him.
Depends if he can stop staring at a succubus, or if he cannot stop smoking for a minute.

Strengths and Weakneses
Redcopper is short and small, which means he can fit through small tunnels for escape. He is extremely smart, yet not a fighter.

He is not a fighter, in combat he will be the first to die. He is afraid of spiders more than a sword though.