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Refer to name changing post?

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Could someone refer me to the namechanging post? I need to change my forum name becouse this name has nothing to do with either my nick, nor the character name. A long time ago when I started this I thought I could have english nicks aswel. So I called myself Johnny Ryan xD


Reply #1 on: 04-03-2011
What do you want your name changed to?

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Reply #2 on: 04-03-2011
We used to have a thread... but it seems to have gone away somewhere...

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Reply #3 on: 05-03-2011
I remember when we could change our names on our own
After I changed mine, Silver disabled that feature.

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Reply #4 on: 05-03-2011
What do you want your name changed to?
I would like to change it to Xertic :)


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