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Started by Silver Knight, 02-01-2011

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Silver Knight

Mr. Blue Sky: Silver
Mr. Blue Sky: You missed Commissar abusing a lot.
Mr. Blue Sky: Since he knew you were gone, and had dedi access.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: lol
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Oh how i laugh at you and  your whims plunger
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: I don't want you pbanned on such light terms
Mr. Blue Sky: Did I say it was about me.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: But commisar has done nothing but "abuse" his power to the extent of pbanning you
Mr. Blue Sky: Uh
Mr. Blue Sky: Read this log
Mr. Blue Sky: Of an eco
Mr. Blue Sky: (/) [OOC] Yuri Sergig: Wtf was that for !? Random.
[ADMIN] [6'5 | Combats | Claym...]: Dont ever have a go at me ya cunt!
(/) [OOC] Yuri Sergig: You cannot simply go inside Eco base whatso ever.
[PM] Sgt. Alexander Belotserkovsky: // Don't push it, Nitro gets nasty.
(^) [OOC] Hunter: You rfriend opend the door.
[PM] Yuri Sergig: What the hell is that excuse !? He just avoided RP
[ADMIN] [6'5 | Combats | Claym...]: So shut eh fuck up
(/) [OOC] Erik Volosk: you just wont let anyone in. Its so boring.
[PM] Sgt. Alexander Belotserkovsky: // No, he's like that.
(/) [OOC] Yuri Sergig: Hunter My Friend is a unpatient guy.
[PM] Sgt. Alexander Belotserkovsky: // Carry on and he'll kick or ban you.
(/) [OOC] Yuri Sergig: I want to RP as being a ECO.
[ADMIN] [6'5 | Combats | Claym...]: Then do it and shut yer face
(/) [OOC] Erik Volosk: your RP'ing a fucking security gaurd on a bunker door.
(/) [OOC] Yuri Sergig: No i am RPing the rule's that Turkey made you unpatient igorant person.
(/) [OOC] Yuri Sergig: If you not understand read Eco forum
[ADMIN] [Sheathed Machete|Gasm...]: That'll do, ladies.
(^) [OOC] Hunter: Chill
[ADMIN] [Sheathed Machete|Gasm...]: Argue in SF.
(/) Stuart A McFarlane has banned '|SLA| Yuri Sergig' for 10 hour(s) (Flaming).
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "Banned for 36000 mins ( Flaming )".
Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "Banned for 3
Mr. Blue Sky: YOu'll notice the only flaming
Mr. Blue Sky: Is Commissar
Mr. Blue Sky: You seeing the abuse in that?
Mr. Blue Sky: Any comments?
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: What do you want me to say honestly
Mr. Blue Sky:
Mr. Blue Sky: Here's what he said after he pbanned me by the way
Mr. Blue Sky: For supposed rdm;ing
Mr. Blue Sky: Which by the way
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: If i unban you all that will happen is you continue to troll certain people with bullshit
Mr. Blue Sky: The only two people who said I RDM'ed
Mr. Blue Sky: Are now permabanned.
Mr. Blue Sky: SilverKnight
Mr. Blue Sky: It's not Trolling people
Mr. Blue Sky: If your sending them logs
Mr. Blue Sky: Of their own abuse.
Mr. Blue Sky: Hostel
Mr. Blue Sky: Who never gets into SRP buisness.
Mr. Blue Sky: Thinks Commissar abuses.
Mr. Blue Sky: You're probably the only one in HGN who doesn't.
Mr. Blue Sky: THe majoirty of admins want him gone.
Mr. Blue Sky: But say you just won't listen to them.
Mr. Blue Sky: Because you only give admins to your friends.
Mr. Blue Sky: Which seems pretty true right now.
Mr. Blue Sky: No comment what soever?
Mr. Blue Sky: You still think Commissar is a model admin.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: lol?
Mr. Blue Sky: After a year of abuse.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Im on holiday till tomorrow
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Im only on now because i cannot get drunk tonight
Mr. Blue Sky: He's an SV SilverKnight, clearly he's doing something, is he sucking your dick?
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: cause im riding back tomorrow
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Tell you what
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: If you
Mr. Blue Sky: You trusted him, over all the better choices for Dedi?
Mr. Blue Sky: Like Tom, and Locke
Mr. Blue Sky: etc
Mr. Blue Sky: He even sent an announcement in the admin forum saying
Mr. Blue Sky: "Don't fuck me with"
Mr. Blue Sky: After he Pbanned me.
Mr. Blue Sky: Which I got admins SF'ing me after going
Mr. Blue Sky: "Oh wow commissar just pbanned you for personal reasons?"
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Go on the forums and write a huge unban app which you actually mean
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: If you do this and promise not to continue any form of hate towards the people you like to troll/take avengence then you will be unbanned.
Mr. Blue Sky: That's not the issue Silver, the issue is for some odd reason Commissar is not only admin, but AN SV?
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Im tired of playing games with you plunger
Mr. Blue Sky: Cutch is about to leave HGN
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: I expected to come on here and just see everything merry
Mr. Blue Sky: With some other admins
Mr. Blue Sky: Because you keep doing this.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: but i get to put up with your edrama
Mr. Blue Sky: Letting Commissar and Blake off the hook
Mr. Blue Sky: The only one who doesn't have a problem with Commissar
Mr. Blue Sky: Is you.
Mr. Blue Sky: And no one in HGN has any idea why.
Mr. Blue Sky: Ask admins
Mr. Blue Sky: Tommorrow
Mr. Blue Sky: Not in a meeting
Mr. Blue Sky: One on one
Mr. Blue Sky: Wether Nitro should stay admin.
Mr. Blue Sky: K
Mr. Blue Sky: I'll go make a ban app
Mr. Blue Sky: For Commissar
Mr. Blue Sky: right
Mr. Blue Sky: Seriously
Mr. Blue Sky: Just tell me.
Mr. Blue Sky: Why the fuck do you love Commissar so much.
Mr. Blue Sky: he could probably Pban the whole server
Mr. Blue Sky: And get away with it.
Mr. Blue Sky: He already pbanned me for no reason in ts, and the server.
Mr. Blue Sky: And since you feel like only you should be able to unabn in TS
Mr. Blue Sky: He can't unban me.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: I don't "love" commisar any more than i love you Plunger or any other admin for that matter. At the end of the day it's a system and those people are apart of it. If anything i think people ask why i am too lightly on your "oh-so-obvious" trolling of certain members in HGN. If commisar really did anything then he would be removed. He has the right to pban you so he is not abusing his powers at the end of the day. Commisar is not someone to pban someone lightly and although he shows a certain amount of agression towards you it is still on the terms of his duty because the phrase "obvious troll is obvious" comes to mind when you talk to him. Ive seen and witnessed it too many times to count and i am not going to put up with any more edrama from you. It's time to call it a day. It's your choice to either change the way you act towards certain people or just leave entirely. Thank you for listening and good night.
Mr. Blue Sky: SilverKnight
Mr. Blue Sky: You really need to learn that trolling =|= disagreeing with you.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: I do believe my name is different now. ^^
Mr. Blue Sky: You thought fucking TnB  was trolling you.
Mr. Blue Sky: And Garry was trolling you.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: lol?
Mr. Blue Sky: TnB did SRP
Mr. Blue Sky: Because a lot of the members who wanted it, had to leave hgn because of all the bulllshit going around with you and admins.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Is not what you said a form of trolling? Twisting words to state another meaning. or direct annoyance.
Mr. Blue Sky: Rohok did not steal the donations.
Mr. Blue Sky: It was his paypal account fro the start.
Mr. Blue Sky: And he refunded everyone their money.
Mr. Blue Sky: But you still said he stole it.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Maybe if i go look up the term on urban dictionary it may plant some sense into your brain.
Mr. Blue Sky: SilverKnight
Mr. Blue Sky: Trolling is purposely trying to draw a reaction from someone.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: But like i said im not playing games anymore. You annoy me plunger.
Mr. Blue Sky: IF you have to look up a definition.
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: "Mr. Blue Sky: Trolling is purposely trying to draw a reaction from someone." - Well then, that's what you are doing.
Mr. Blue Sky: Right now?
|HGN-Dir|Last.Exile:Holiday-mnr: Im done talking to you tonight.

Im getting tired of playing stupid little games with stupid little boys. He and plunger hate each other that's obvious. Plunger ticked him off again and commisar pbanned him -again- and now he's playing it by our "legal" system.

The conversation above is obviously him trying to manipulate that and if possible get "ammo" from me to which i was replying with a carefree attitude. If any of you think either him or plunger are in the wrong speak freely. It ends now.

As with blake- If you feel he is also overstepping the line go ahead and comment on that too.

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breslau: period


Nitro is mah bro. And a good admin in my opinion. He might be agressive,
at the end of the day, he's right.
Plunger is a dick that should remain pbaned and should never be let back on this server.
Blake is kay.


Plunger was ok in my mind he was decent to have around. I think now though all he is really doing is causeing trouble. Commisar is a good guy and helped the community he might have a bit of a anger streak but Plunger is the one troll baiting him etc. Its not like plunger is helping our community anymore.


Damnit, I'm being forced to do this. Anyway, for Plunger/Alucard he would seem nice when he WANTED to, but it wasn't a quality of his. He'd also seem to stab you in the back as soon as it benefited him or something he wanted.

I don't have much to say about Nitro, really. I have limited contact with him and that's about the way I like it. This is mostly due to how him and I butt heads a lot. However on the same note, I've been noticing a more, "I'm an SV thusly I should be seen as god incarnate in your eyes." attitude. I really don't care about most of this drama playing out between people, it has shit to do with me and I'd rather it stay that way, that's pretty much why I wasn't going to post in here, because now I know someone's butthurt over what I've said.

Fuck, forgot about Blake. Ok I'll go off on this one. I don't like Blake, simple as that. Why, you might ask? Because of his constant attitude like he deserves things, like he's better then everyone else. His shit with Ecologists, his shit today with telling me to leave TT to HIM, God's chosen, because I forgot to add a person or two to the roster after accepting them. His shit with him changing boards without telling the mods because he's God himself on the forums just because he has head mod, and his power hungry bullshit with the Ecologists. He deletes posts that are about him because they hurt his feelings, then turns around pulling rules out of his ass because he got butthurt. Not to mention he LEAVES for months on end, returns, and expects all his power and shit back, that he abuses, like nothing's happened.

I can't think of anything else at this time.


Honestly this shit is just childish. Plunger purposely pisses off nitro and he tries to use nitros actions against him. Nitro may not be the perfect admin, and may have a lot of anger issues but plunger is just provoking him. I never personally liked plunger and often found him trolling the server. An example of this is when he spawned several cabinets in eco bunker and threw his body against the wall and killed 2 military with props and ragdoll.

I say we get rid of plunger.

And as for blake, he may overstep his authority a tad bit, but he does his job.

<22:23:04> "Puffles": gofuckyourselfaggot
<22:25:12> You were banned for 5 hours from the server by "Cole" (For trolling)
Never in my life have I ever had to endure 9 yearolds calling me a banana picker, and then get banned afterwards for doing nothing wrong.
Promising Young admins.


To keep this short (as usual):

Plunger is pretty much a liability. All I've ever seen him do is post sarcastic comments on the forums and troll the hell out of people. I really don't think he's worth keeping around.

Blake? Blake has done his job properly so far from what I've seen.

As for Nitro, he may have a "unique" attitude, but he does his job well enough and I've seen it. No problem there.


Plunger has changed since him being admin.
I don't see him often, but when I do I often see immaturity and often arguments.


Plunger is a blatant Troll, A troll which this community does not need. Nitro banned him after excessive trolling before he was actually Pbanned. Plunger failed to comment on the days that lead up to the ban.

This is his second perma ban and it should be his final.

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Plunger is a troll. We get it. However, ignoring Plunger and his crap, Commissar banned someone for telling him an ecologist rule. From what I've pieced together, he was guarding the Ecologist bunker, and decided that he could go inside, which is apparently not allowed. When confronted, he banned the guy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's just no good.

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I like Both Plunger and Nitro so here is my take on the matter.
This Entire affair is just about personal hatred, Nitro is pissed at Plunger for some joke along time ago, And Plunger is pissed couse Nitro Takes his rage to far from time to time.
As i see it this problem is not caused by one part but by both, in this case they are both huge dumbasses that refuse to let the mother fucking issue die down.
Nitro is always looking for a reason to ban Plunger and Plunger is Always looking for a reason to get back at nitro for varius .. Reasons.

This has nothing to do really with them breaking the rules is just does two fighting it out, I mean srsly people this is what.. the third time something happens between does two? And it's always the same mother fucking thing, Plunger does some minor thing and get's banned by Nitro becouse as i said earlier he wont let that joke Plunger made go. And untill they figure out that the community comes before their bullshit they'll keep messing with eachother..

End of story.
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I never have a problem with Plunger, but all I'm seeing now is constant fighting between Plunger and Commisar. Plunger only takes abuse from Commisar is because he fights back. As I've noticed in the PM's he was warned that fighting back would get him kicked/banned and he continued. It's obvious that Commisar is always having at it at Plunger. Maybe they could learn to get along and this shit would stop.


The only reason commisar banned him was because of a earlier thing, he dosn't deserve the Pban, and even if he did flame it just should be a kick...


Nitro pbanned Plunger because Plunger abused the fuck out of the script when we couldn't kick or ban.
There for as I hear he did all sorts of stuff and admins simply couldn't stop him.


Dug we know You like Nitro, I do to but it dosnt change the fact that he cant just go and pban someone like he did.
I mean srsly they are fighting eachother all the time and Nitro is using his admin powers to get back at Plunger.
As we have stated before Plunger is a minge from time to time, but this entire deal is just between does two.

And i havnt heard anything about plunger being such a Huge minge before that he deserves a perma ban.
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Plunger continues to to brake the same "petty" rules over and over, getting kicks or 5 min bans. After a while these build up and up before he earns the right to be Perma Banned. Let him stay banned.

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Commissar Nitro

I banned plunger for his abuse of the script a couple of mounths back, When he broke EVERY SINGLE RULE including RDM duping lol looting prop killing admin baiting and a whole list of other shit. At that point kick AND ban comands were borked, I told him then i see you server side again and you will be Pbanned. Yes i hate the cunt. And radek making a joke and getting ts to join in with you signing about my death are two very difrent things. If he were to sit and sign racisit songs at a black man he would get banned. So how is him singing about my health problems any difrent? And i have sevral logs of his abuse including the FULL log that he quoted.
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Yeah he did take advantage of the admin commands breaking when they did. As well as some others he did a lot of stuff for example he afk farmed the entire time basicly and a few other things. Plunger cant really be trusted anymore in my mind. He was a decent guy before yes but now I wouldnt associate with him.

Commissar Nitro

Id allso like to point somthing out, He has NOT posted an Unban request, Instead he has tryed to get senior admins to over turn my decition. And i quote.
QuoteMr. Blue Sky: K
Mr. Blue Sky: I'll go make a ban app
Mr. Blue Sky: For Commissar

Where is it?

He hasent posted an unban or ban request on me.

Anyone elles wondering Why?
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I, personally myself, do Not see the matter as important, nor will I ever see it as very important as it is obvious he does not want back in as all he has done is Trolololol everyone and has not posted an unban request. He is going with rumored and said "People leaving to do fuck all whatever".

Oh and my problem with Blake is he edits posts/boards/Other peoples shit without even asking.

The eco "A notification" is the best example, The way that went made me think "Oh I don't give a flying fuck what people are complaining about when they say "Oh thats a bit doomforty" I IZ FORUM MOD AND ECO LEADUR! ^_^" if anything he should have moved it all to the complaints board as they where Mostly well thought out complaints that people constructed. So rather then modifing things you do not like that speak out against you and your faction, simply move them to a complaint board as, to be honest the whole "Un-destroyable, impenetrable bunker doom fort" thing pissed people off and seemed redonkulus.

And a while back Duran and a few others where upset about the "Prettying up" of there boards as he did it without asking at all
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Can't really read the entire post right now due to having spotty internet so I will just say that Nitro and Plunger never get along, never have gotten along, and never will get along but Nitro shouldn't be banning Plunger because of personal dislike and Plunger should stop trolling Nitro because it's childish.

Will probably have more to say later tonight when I return home to good internet.


Well I can personally vouch for plungers trolling when kick / ban were broken. And yes, he would sit around for 8 hours or so AFK, money farming on ecologist. Truthfully, hes had to many chances. He needs to stay Perma banned because really, does he do ANYTHING useful other than cause all these problems? Nitro would probably leave plunger alone if he left him alone but all I see so far is instigation.

I would like to see a few reasons why plunger should stay, aswell as the full log that nitro said he had.

<22:23:04> "Puffles": gofuckyourselfaggot
<22:25:12> You were banned for 5 hours from the server by "Cole" (For trolling)
Never in my life have I ever had to endure 9 yearolds calling me a banana picker, and then get banned afterwards for doing nothing wrong.
Promising Young admins.

Silver Knight

I now leave the decsion to the community. You decide if you want plunger to stay because myself and the majority of the administration just don't want him around anymore. Have your say.

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I dont think he actually really cares or is bothered, i think he takes great pride in fucking you all around. As would i.
Considering how unprofessionaly you all react to him. Oh wait nothing is ran professionaly here.


Plunger/Alucard is an outright troll who purposely pisses people off. He had chances to redeem himself. Honestly, it should be over for him.

Commissar Nitro is an angry person. Has the tendency to show his anger to players that do stupid stuff. Has over reacted to many things, but has yet to do anything deserving a demotion or ban.

Blake, seems like he is a capable admin. Seems to go off and disappear for a time, only to return with full status. I have seen his inflated ego, and does tend to 'censor' anything against him, when he can.

Plunger needs to be removed.
Commissar needs to calm down.
Blake needs to become more responsible.


For me, with Plunger, he after constant trolling and sarcastic comments which weren't even funny, should stay PBanned.
Nitro should calm down A LOT.
Blake shouldn't be leading Ecologists now, since I NEVER see him on the server, even when I am sitting to 4 AM playing, at least stopping those "revamps" which kill the faction completely. And like Khorn said, he should become more responsible, rather than removing all posts which aren't too friendly for him, move them or respond to them.
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