Is there anything I should know?

Started by Notsuchabadguy, 08-01-2012

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I just joined the server, and I would like to ask: Is there any sort of mythology or important characters I should know about before I start playing?



I guess theres the main government of Caphori and then a restitance other then that I think you kind of just meet characters as you go along.
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Well, we came from another land recently, that was destroyed by demons, a few of us.


Though a lot of people didn't ever really see the original Caphori so don't expect that to be a majoraly talked about topic.
Help for hire! Seriously ask me for help, I need things to do.


You already joined I guess but

Abby stone is a "whorechemist" also the potion brewer.
Demonic characters are commonly found with red eyes
The king/monarch is Leonardo.


The Novarium is an evil faction started by Archon's second character that is meant to be really and truly evil invaders. They hate all non-humans and mages, such as this dwarf. HELP US MURDER THEIR FACES!
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