I would like to join Caphori

Started by ZomgItzBrian, 08-01-2012

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Real Name:Brian Lee
Roleplay Name: ZomgItzBrian
Players you already know on the on the server: Unfortunately, Nobody yet. :\

Previous roleplay experience: I've been playing Minecraft, Maplestory, Sudden Attack, and many more RPG games

What servers you play on:I play on EnderArria, Medium Oddity, and Exploration Server

Do you play on Aceon (Our Minecraft Server)? If so state your name: Not so often but yes, iBreakBloks

Why would you like to join our server: I want to join a server that doesn't have people showing off their gear.

Do you agree to the set rules above\Rules Thread: I've read them very thoroughly and I agree

A creepy old man approaches you on the street and tries to sell you an enchanted scroll.  What is your reaction?(RP It.):
Me: What does this scroll do?
Old man: It gives you the power to control the mind of others!
Me: Get out of my face you Old Lunatic


Fail. I'm not accepting you because you didn't read the directions.