Half Life 2 Donation Benifits and Rewards

Started by Silver Knight, 02-03-2011

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Silver Knight


Please donate, we need funds to help upkeep ourservers, any donation will help stem the tide of our incoming bills from upkeeping such a great and helpful community. Bellow is a table representing what you get per donation stage. Any time you donate money it goes towards the next donation stage.

Elite $200
-Hunter flag (Subject to already being in the UU)
Master $100
-Stalker Flag (Subject to already being in the UU)

Veteran $50
-Mini-Strider Flag
-Vortigaunt Powers (Healing, Powerblast)
-Upgraded Scanner (Can taze citizens, fly faster)

Experienced $20
-ManHack Training (Grants the use of manhacks for MPF units) (Subject to already being in the UU)
-Gain donation status on the forums.

Donating for money
Players may donate for money using these packages bellow, note we keep it fairly priced to avoid players unbalancing the game. If you desire a size not shown bellow, then it is suggested that you donate for multiple ruble packs.

Pack 1: 1000 Tokens - $15
Pack 2: 2000 Tokens - $25
Pack 3: 8000 Tokens - $60

Donating for money
Players may donate for a custom player model which is either on the server currently or may be added (As long as the model fits cannon)

Option 1: Pre-existing Model - $15
Option 2: A model which can be added to the server - $30

To Donate, Contact me, Last.Exile over pm on the forums, Xfire (blackarrows) or over Steamfriends (hypergame)

Please note, that HGN reserves the right to strip you of  your donator status, where we see fit, and that the money you donate is not refundable, all benefits/services will be met, given to what you have selected, if you are banned for a extented/permanently period, you will automatically loose your donator status. We also reserve the right, to change the rules at any time as we see fit.

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