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Bit late on making this but here is some things about my character (keep in mind my grammar and spelling sucks)
NAME: Garth
AGE: 29 (not my real age)
WORK: is a decent smith, runs the Golden Ale a pub and is a merchant and will mine for somone...for a price.
BACKSTORY: Not mutch is know and even he cant remeber somthing big that happed in his life all he really can remeber is that he came from a far away land called Demorea.
Haire: yellow
Eyes: Brown
Race: human and has a bit of elf in him.
Tends to be fasinated by anything that involes demonds and studys them veery carfully. (will pay a great price for demond items)
ADVANTAGE: when near any type of naturer like plants or herbs gains a bit of a boost due to his bit of elf blood.
DISADVANTAGE: When he is near any type of other religios items tends to weaken him a bit due to the fact that in Demorea he wasnamed the hight priest and accepted the magic (not very great magic like enchanting a bit of weapons but not anything to speacial.

well anyway sorry if it isent great but its simple and i will be adding more info but im just lazu and cant do crap j.k but im tierd right now and half of this info is probaly wrong anyway ill edit it later


This server is basicly dead so im quiting it so yeah scavange my house I dont care what you do with it make it your house whatever.



lol, we had people on yesterday.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.


And someone hates me already.