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Started by Redbark, 25-12-2011

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December 25th
I picked up this empty book from a dead goblin. One of MY kind. Anyways so if someone happens to stumble upon this book I will gladly tell you that I am a goblin. I live in the jungle parts and in the city.

Anyways. I have been studying the "Demon Eye". They have the same parts of a humanoid eyeball. The cochlea, pupil,V orticose vain , etc. I have sculpted the eye within my obsidian room in my city house where I keep the "Experiments". Like the failed experiment where I put on my roof. But it didn't really fail. It made a nice mini jungle. I'll add more mud to it later. Anyways back to the eye. I have recorded that they have some sort of "Dark soul" or an orb. Or something invisible orb in the sides of the pupil that keep them flying and keep them alive. Anyways so to my plants I have brought from the jungle. Some turned into snatchers. Others, well. Man eaters. And a couple were hornet eggs. I have gotten many rashes on my right hand from some ivy. Others I "Experimented" on my cuts from fights. They either swelled up or the blood turned to stone. So I'm putting a hold on that so I don't die. Anyways that's it for this log.


December 26th notes
The magic mirror is NOT magic. It is your particles being sent within the glass mirror through a portal within another realm transporting your particles to where you last slept. That's what I think. I barely even studied it. I'm going to keep experimenting on this.

The demon scythe spell is HIHGLY dangerous. Use with caution It is a mixture of acid, molten fire, and some purple colouring. Not experimenting.

The grass blade is VERY sharper than it looks like. Learned that when I sliced a zombie without putting any strength. Experimenting.


December 26th
Today I found some rebels. And there base. Lets just say I joined them *The words have been scratched out with a few holes in the page*. Not telling who or where they are. Anyways to my experiments

The demon eyeball is still being tested on. I have sculpted a model and I have cut the insides of one open. Nothing is different than a humanoid eye.

The blade of grass has at least over 1,000 miniature sharp invisible swords that never get rusted or dull. So the blade is made out of invisible swords it seems like.

I have experimented on the demon scythe. I know I said I wasn't but it fascinates me. The structure of it! The heat of it grew in the underworld. Any the reason why it's a scythe is because a miniature death follows around you. Well that's a prediction. All for that. Good day.


December 27th.
Well someone made a fort right outside my door!

Anyways today I wrote down the demon text in the demon scythe book. I'm trying my best to read it. I need to purchase a book on how to!

Thats really all. I decided to not to study the magic mirror


January first

Haven't wrote in this for a while. Anyways I finally got this armor. It's VERY hot. Molten armor is what they call it. I also found a carage. Seems as if it was raided. But they didn't open this safe that I found within it. So I went back down to the underworld and got some more of that Very hot stuff. I crafted a fiery greatsword. And then I WENT BACK. The carage still there. I cut through the safe with sword, trying not to harm anything. Which failed. I cut some clothes and a couple of copper coins. But I found some majestic cobalt armor. Didn't scratch it at all! (I was authed by steven. It's the hat and the rest. That's all. And have a wonderful day!


Febuary third.

Dear god how long have I wrote in this! I found myself asleep for about a month! Wonder what must've happened when I was out. Shit, I hope I didn't do anything bad or something. Maybe my soul got to my head! Oh well. The good news is everything is going well. Rifles intact, armor not broken. Must've been in a coma. Maybe someone in the resistance knocked me out cold for a long time. But I didn't feel any pain nor did I see anything bad with me. Same old, same old. Nothing changed. Eyes still glow red when my souls scared. Just same old. And I'm bored. Let me get some fresh air!


God knows what day it is.

Lost track.

Anyways. I found something. It's... Warm. It came from the skies. I had to fight some scary looking heads to get it!

I also finally made something with it! A helmet!


The crashing of the waves and the seagulls. I have, hopefully, found peace
Yet my soul is still tearing up at me. Yet this peacefulness is starting to make it calm from all the blood I've spilled in my lifetime. My mothers boat. I'm taking care of it now. Yet it needs more... Detail. Heading to Newcreek to buy something.


March 3rd

Setting sail soon. (When the reload happens) My ship is ready. I have a bad feeling. Heading towards my goblin homeland. Novarium just gives me the creeps.


I have recovered my book from my coat exploding... Thank god for demonic cages.

Anyways Realized Eirkash is dead. That just hit me.

Anyways. Moving onto some important details. The husks want to kill me.

Ever since I adventured into their Mannequin cave a raid was taken place on the town. I am wanted.

All that I can write down now. Luckily they don't know where I live.


April 11th

Well the husks will die. They kept me up for 3 NIGHTS trying to kill them. I hope Tristam is right about my fortune that I live to be old.
Grayzars plan better work, get to their cave, underneath plums home, then destroy those human like mannequins, and while we're at it, make an opening point for us attackers to move into othet than fighting in cramped up corners, I.E. going inside his house.


April 22

Came back from my vacation on sea... Damn squid almost killed me.

Anyways I found a nightview guard base... thing. Hide out. I knocked on the door and a giant cave worm answered for me. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a husk situation where I walk in their cave and they try to kill me.


May 25

Too much, just too much. Grayzar, demon. Abby, dead. I have fought this man named "Pum" at leats 10 times, including for when he was a husk. WHY! I do hope Tristams fortune was right that I iwll die at an old age.