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Flame_Edge Merc Corp - Guild

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Flame-Edge Mercenary Corporation
This Guild currently looking for new members! Contact Asahina in IC. There will be a challenge for entry into this guild.

Why Join?: We have many supplies and will supply you with many goods if you complete quests.

Current Members:
Leader: Asahina Faringuard

Second In Command: ?

Flame Lords: ?

Red Guard: ?

Bloodletters: ?

Thug: ?

Dogs: ?

Rules For Guild:
Must not be griefer or robber.
Must not fowl play other members.
Must upkeep guild alliances even if you do not like someone in the other guild.
Must not steal from other member.
Finally and most importantly do not disobey any forum rules and for your own sake. DO NOT CONTACT ME TO GET IN THE GUILD OOC! If you do I will most likely auto denie you. You may however speak to me on other reasons.

(Any suggestion for this post or guild you may leave post on this topic)

Help for hire! Seriously ask me for help, I need things to do.


Reply #1 on: 02-01-2012
I'd like to remove this post. Can anyone tell me how to? I've forgotten >.> or I'm crazy.

Help for hire! Seriously ask me for help, I need things to do.


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