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Started by Kamimaia, 29-05-2012

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First off: What is this?
This is a 'Character Profile' Board, where you can post anything you like about your character. This goes for soundtracks, ambience, pictures, a list of powers, history, appearance, etc etc etc etc. Terraria has a limitation of character design, and it is only possible to create a close approximation of your character- this thread is to fully flesh out anything Terraria can't handle.

One thread PER CHARACTER, no ifs ands or buts.
NO METAGAMING. If a character profile tells you what powers or weaknesses a character has, your character must FIND IT OUT IN-GAME, not from this thread. Metagaming results in a ban.
THIS IS NOT MANDATORY. You are, under no circumstances, forced to post a profile. No one may demand you do so.


It'd be interesting to have this as a child board.

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Yes, Steven or Silver make this happen, perhaps it can replace guides?

This new subsection can be for character sheets as well as journals etc.

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Would one be able to make one post for an entire group?
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If by group you mean your Gunslingers, that's better off in the Factions section. If by group you mean all characters you play, I'd say just make multiple posts (or threads if we get a subboard).