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I've been thinking, why not make a background story for our charecters? of course not obligatory like the sheet, just optional for fun. It's just for placing the charecter in Caphori, like how he/she came to Caphori. Or if he/she just grow up there and stuff u may like to add. Atleast for me it makes my charecter with "sense". And it'll be cool to read others stories too. Here I'll begin.

PumpkinPie's Story:

  From generations to generations it been said that when prodegy was born a star appear on the sky. Elders of Caphori can read that prodegy purpose and destiny in the world by the color of the star. If it was brightly yellow, they said the newborn was going to be a hero of courage. If it was a bright purple star that appear without a newborn in Caphori, it was said that a dark prodegy was born at the depths of the corruption, a dungeon, in the goblin sewers or even at the jungle detphs. There were many other colors that speak of great and magical stories, even the Queen's star has it's stories to tell. But theres this one star, a lonely star far east of Caphori, that it's color brings a shock of terror down the Elders spines and in the same time it brings compasion. A star that has a changing and confusing destiny. A star that will break the common knowledge of good and evil.

   Act I: Morning News
(in Caphori, morning)

Soldier 1: My neck hurts like crazy!

Soldier 2: Ha! that's what you get for getting it on with the courtesans.

Soldier 1: oh shut up, like you don't do a thing either with them.

Soldier 2: Pffft, yea but i know much more than you. And you can't even get  your wife to.......

Soldier 1: Say one more word and I'll cut your throat. Anyways, hey theres a guy running this way. Can you see him at the distance?

Soldier 2: Yea, i see him. That's the massenger.

Massenger: (breathing heavily) Quick soldiers open, i have an important report to the Queen, the goblins are gonna use tonight's blood moon to attack Caphori. Quick let me in.

Soldier 2: (Stuttering) A-aaa-aann att--a-aattack?!?!

Soldier 1: Come on man, not the time to be scare. (open the gates) You go now! We will be shortly there, once I get my friend here acting right!
(The massenger, almost tripping, made his way quickly to the Throne room. The air is fill with the intense sweet smell of candles)

Massenger: Queen! Queen Ophelia, your majesty. I have an important report!

Ophelia:  Speak.

Massenger: Your majesty, the goblins plan to use tonight's blood moon to maximaze there power to destroy Caphori! And they had teamed with the demons from the corruption at the north! We most hurry and act fast!

Ophelia: (calm and fill with tranquility) Guards bring me the three Elders: the white soul from the south, Mandlor, the ocean mage from Akamia, Kenlus and the aurora of cold, Ghalilea. And do it quickly, also bring me the commander of the army, Golem and everybody from the counsil. (To herself) Please Gods aid us.

(The guards rush out to complete the Queen's requests, the massenger followed them. In an istant, a fiery portal ripped the center of the throne room, Golem came out of it. The Queen always knew Golem is punctial and fast about it.)

Golem: Your majesty, what's the matter?

Ophelia: Golem, gather your man. War is afoot!

Act II: Rushed Meeting.
(Noon..In the meeting room, full of books, maps, scrolls and some candles to lid the place, were sitted the Queen Ophelia, Golem, Ghalilea. From the counsil was present Kari PureHeart, Abby Stone, Mister J, Jacques and Hex. The tension was present in the space around them. Pretty much the whole counsil was tense up. Ghalilea, being the only woman from the elders, was Ophelia inspiration. She though Ophelia about the importants of leadership and caring. Golem always was emotionless, but he was the loyest of all. He defended Caphori like it was his homeland Etaminra, located in the volcanoes in the west. Thrity minutes has past, and a white vortex of pure light appear in the seat next to Ghalilea, Mandlor floated down and sat. He is the oldest of the three elders and everyone in Caphori knows him as the leader of them.)

Ophelia: Good to have you here Mandlor.

Mandlor: Always a pleassure to be in your home, Queen Ophelia.

Ghalilea: and where is Kenlus?

Mandlor: I don't know about his behalfs.

Ophelia: I've sent someone to look for him, we need you all three and all your support you can give.

Ghalilea: Honey, don't overdue it. Your young and have a full life ahead, let us take care of this.

Ophelia: No, I will fight. Even if it means me being demon bait to save Caphori, i'll do it! (Golem look at her like he will not permited it)

Mandlor: Ophelia, if you wish to fight, fight. Theres nothing more powerful than one's will to change or protect something we love. We will aid you in everything and in every moment.

Ghalilea: If Kenlus was here he could atleast slow the rising of the moon. He's very skill at controling the moon, the tides and the currents.

Ophelia: I know. And if he was here, we would make the river in the north flood the area to slow them down. Then Golem's men can use the harpies to pin-point the demons at the river.

Mandlor: That's a good plan, but kenlus isn't here. We have to make another plan, just incase he doesn't arrive.

Ophelia: I'm aware. Golem, Counsil, what you have in mind?

(the Counsil still in there tense trance)

Golem: The only thing left is an all on war.

Ghalilea: Honey, we don't want the most deaths as possible. How about for now, I'll be in the barracks enchanting the weapons and armors.

Mandlor: Okay, you do that Ghalilea. Ophelia how about we contact the stars and hear what they can tell us?

(Ghalilea waved her staff and an icy breeze ran across the room with her disspearing)

Ophelia: Yes, but it has to be quick, has we have not much time. Golem, go and do whatever Ghalilea tell you. Also get a harpie to see what happend to the guards I sent to Akamia, and tell it to bring Kenlus.

Golem: Yes ma'am.

(Golem used the same kind of fiery portal he use before to leave. The counsil, even tho they did'nt say anything, were ordered by the Queen to evacuated the people to the basament of the castle. The basement ran acroos all Caphori underground. As the counsil Evac the people, the silence in the houses made silhouettes of the past of The counsil. The counsil was made out of people that lost something dear to them, so they form this group in order to take care the only thing left to them, Caphori)

Act III: War, where the light makes shadows and the dark makes the light brighter.

**ill finish the story at saturday. so guys tell me how you like the story so far? Also this was all make by me, i took a long time just to make this lil part(even tho is long as hell) and yea... ill finish it at saturday and leave your doesnt have to be long like mine...Hope you guys like it :) also my english sucks, im latin so excuse me if somethings wrong**


I could definitely get behind this idea, it would be awesome to read all the different backgrounds people could create.

Besides it would add a lot more depth to depth to our characters. XD


(Mine is not acted out due to how boring it would probably be)

Years I sat... rotting in that damp and dark hole in the ground... I sat staring up hoping one day someone would help me... and save me from my terror. The days started to zip by as sunlight could not reach me. As I got larger I felt more and more cramped in this hole. Though hunger and thirst never bothered me... the feeling of being alone kept me on edge. Soon I began to ponder how I had stayed alive for so many years... in this little hole. The answer never came and I soon decided to let it go and allow my self to be consumed by the empty darkness. Finally, I felt free to leave my binds as the corruption soaked into my body and very essence I began to drift into death...

Then I awaken breathing heavily and feeling like someone I loved had just been shot... Though the feeling of love or losing something you care for has never approached apon my life... I can still somewhat imagine from all the stories and memories people have shared with others. I think about my "dream"... pondering if its reality or just fiction... This dream haunts me every night along with many others. Sometimes... it is overwhelming... The terror... I do not remember my childhood or even years of turning into a young adult... its all a mist of darkness... Whatever happened back then must of been... horrible. How I ended in this land of "Caphori" I do not remember... Maybe I don't want to remember...
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Fade's journal:

Day 1: today I set out into the corruption to study the effects it has on living beings. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time but I finally got funding from a "mysterious benefactor. I hired a few guards, a few weeks supplies, and bought an abandoned cabin. we should be in relative comfort, but it is no tower.

day 3: the men and I have settled in quite well, but one of the men seems to be feeling ill, I gave him some herbs and he should be fine by tomorrow. My experiments on the otherhand have not revealed much so far... If only I didn't have to worry so much about safety I might be progressing faster!

day 10: one of the men collapsed today, he had an odd turned large portion of his body a blueish color. I sent him home with the pay he had earned and called it off. In other news I had one of the men run to town and get me a weapon, and of all  thing he brings me a harpoon! what is in the heads of theese men is beyond me...

day 15: ...there was an avalanche blocking us into the corruption...we are trapped here...the men, they are scared... and to be honest I can't blame them. this place... it is the most hostile enviroment I have seen in all of my studies. aall wildlife is carnivorous, some plantlife too... and a large portion of the animals are poisonous... god... if you are out there, please... help us.

day 30: ...the men... they went cannibal...and they developed the strange blue rash as well...I've locked myself in my room,but I doubt the door will hold for long...I have my harpoon, and I've studied it. it look to be a reliable enough weapon, so If worse comes to worse I will be ready... If I don't make it and someone is reading this right now please tell am--a- I love her...

day 40:...I killed them...all of them...they wouldn't stop coming even as the harpoon tore them was....horrifying...and still...I see myself developing this odd rash...will I become some mindless killer too? I....I don't want that....but...I can't do it... I can't kill myself...b-but...these voices...

day 45: ...the rash has completely covered my body...and these voices in my head...they are relentless...I-I'm afraid...

day 60: I have become accustomed to these voices...even though they tell me to commit terrible, unspeakable acts...It still eases the loneliness. I buried the men today. hopefully they won't rise again tonight...I will be ready regardless...wait, I hear something.

day 62: the man that I sent home told that we were out here and sent for help when the avalanche happened...dear god, what a stroke of luck...I'm sitting back in my tower now, but...the voices won't leave me...I fear that this might be permanent. I can feel the presence of another consciousness inside me...but I will not let it come to the surface, this I swear... I gave the men's families their payment and my sincere condolences. the men who had no family I drank to their memory. I write this now from the comfort of my tower's library.
but this town... it no longer feels like home to me...I will move on soon, to another town perhaps... untill I can find a home, my home...untill then whomever finds this please give it to F--co--s-.
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~Tristram's Background~

Tristram was born on October 30th in RavenPad, a village in the middle of a valley. (Or so his father told him so) His mother died 2 days after his birth, thus the reason why Tristram knows nothing about her. (Again, or so his father told him so) His father was the owner of the BoothWood Carnival in which he had Tristram be the "Fortune Teller". At first his father only put him up to the position because of how cute Tristram was at the time. But soon, Tristram became interested in fortune telling. VERY interested. He bought books, watched lessons, and everything else he could do to learn more about it. Soon, he was able to read minds, levitate objects, and even talk to undead spirits. When Tristram grew to the age of 14, he was out in the fields, a mile from the carnival, playing with his best friend, Iris. They had lost track of the time and walked back to the carnival, just to find it gone. Iris and Tristram took care of each other until they both grew to the age of 16 when Iris fell in love with a muscular man named Nathan, and leaving Tristram to rot. Tristram traveled across the land, searching far and wide, (Pokemon reference) yet he could not find his father. He stumbled onto a land called Caphori in which he searched, yet failed again. Except instead of leaving, he decided to stay, for the land reminded him of the village in the valley.

~Kari's Background~

Kari was born in the Splinter Desert on February 16th. She worked with the family business, a diner that sold different kinds of food. At the age of 19, the diner was shut down due to a Slime Infestation. The family lost money, and Kari was forced to move away from the Desert. The first town she came across was Caphori. She waved hello to the citizens and built a nice little home.

I love questions, so if you have any, please, ask away.  ;D


The Story Of Asahina: The Journey

Day 1: I set off... Onto a path to find a place I can call home. So long I have lived in this place that I no longer remember the outside. These dusty halls and these dark rooms are all I've ever known. As soon as I turned 3 my parents had sent me to this school so I could learn to become the best magician there ever was... Every year they checked on me in tell my 6 birthday... That was the year no one came... and no one ever came after that point. Since that point I have been abused and treated as a slave... With no one to protect me I've become another abandoned child forced to do as the teachers please. Now on my 17 birthday I'm going to escape this place... and hopefully find a place I can call home... Though these memories that have become from my eleven years of abandonment will never leave me... though maybe new ones will write over them.

Day 3: I've reached the edge of the castle... or I think. Luckily I haven't run into anyone yet, but I've had some close calls... The outer edge of this place should be safer... if I'm even there yet. Luckily I still have enough food to last me a month so I should be fine...

Day 7: Heh guess this castle is either huge or I've been going in circles... though that can't be it. I seem to be in an area full of dark locked rooms and cobwebs everywhere. Either abandoned or maybe secret... No idea where to go...

Day 9: I've finally reached outside or at least I think I have and the air is so clean. I almost passed out at first, but I quickly adapted to this familiar air. I'm so happy I'm outside, but now where do I go... Either to the forests of the south or the mountains of the north...

Day 11: I went to the mountains thinking it would be safer... but I've been getting a feeling I'm being watched... Not by animals either... I should watch my back... wouldn't want anything unfortunate to come of this escape.

Day 13: I've been captured by some bandits and I don't know what they want from me... They've robbed me of everything I had on me even my clothes... what indecent people... and now they've tied me up in their tent and are gouging upon my food... hopefully they'll let me go soon. I do not know much of the real world only that it is more colorful then that wretched castle... or so I thought.

Day 23?: I don't know the days anymore but I feel like it has been for much longer then the sun has risen and sank. The bandits have been feeding me little and keep me in a sack. We have gone very far and I'm not sure where we are, but I'm no longer cold so we must of pasted the mountains by now. Though I'd still like some clothes...

Day ??: I've stopped counting and at the moment I'm sitting in there sack and they seem to be yelling about me to some man. Arguing prices... All this sounds very bad to me. Though wait they stopped arguing and the other man is walking away... I guess the deal didn't go through and the bandit is walking back ov *Ends*

In the small village of Treeheart. Many villagers complained about the bandits and how they heard screaming and yelling from there wagon just out of town... Why the noise was accruing no one knew...

Day ??: I walk lonely on the road in rags... I don't remember much of what happened to me, but I've found an area. Maybe a kingdom of people who seem decent so I'll probably stay here... how I got here... is a fuzzy memory. Though I'm sure it was just boring endless travel... I'm probably not missing much. Though I'd like to know why I'm in rags...

End: I finished my journey to a place I can live and have quickly gotten myself new weapons and armor to face any danger. Though I do feel at home. I still can't find anyone to really socialize with. I never was very good at things like that... I can't even remember why that school was so bad... or how I got here... I feel so lost not being able to remember things of my past... hopefully they'll return to me one day.
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(OOC) Ok, Eirkash doesnt like talking about what has been or what has happened, he most cares about what will be, and almost never talks about his background.  But, since he's not technically here, I'll share his childhood with you.

Eirkash... That was the name his mother gave him as she was bleeding on the floor, bleeding to death, as she awkwardly forced a promise upon a ranger to take care of him and make sure he lived a full life. But, I'm getting ahead of myself here, the reason his mother was dying, stems from the roots of a long story. A VERY long story. so here I go.
Chapter 1: The battle
The ranger looked out across the battlefield as a messenger ran up to the commander, who was standing next to him, and instantly the messenger yelled "The right flank is falling, and Norcliff is dead, sir.  You need to get someone over there or were done for!"
"I dont have anyone to spare!" The king yelled.
"I'll go." The ranger stated out of the blue. "Ok, I'm trusting you with this, okay, Dalor?" The king replied. The ranger simply nodded and took off to the right flank, running, and mid-stride, he shot off all seven of his remaining arrows in rapid succession and saw each of the hit home. As he got to the battlefield, he realised his twin knives would be no good against the heavy broadswords and clubs the barbarians carried, so he pulled up a sword and shield from a nearby corpse, and ran forward, yelling "PUSH FORWARD MEN!" all the while, and felling at least seven of the huge men, with a fighting style he was not even basically trained in, until eventually his luck faded, and he got hit from behind by a war club, and fell to the ground, not able to move an inch, but still able to see and hear, and as he was lying there, he saw a seargent come up to defend his unprotected body and lead the charge with nothing but a spear. He felled three of the barbarians surrounding the rangers, and then pushed forward with the rest of the men, leading the charge, felling at least fifteen of the barbarians until he was sure that the flank was secure, and the men were pushing forward with renewed vigor. But as he came up, a small group of some more elite barbarians broke through, and headed straight through the center of the line, right at the ranger, where the man stood by himself, and felled three before they decided it was unsafe for a direct charge at the wild-eyed, bloody man, and they got in a large circle around the man, where they each darted in at intervals to deal painful blows, and the man stood over the ranger, protecting him, as he held off the barbarians, and also received at least twenty gashes all over himself, but still standing strong, and then finally the last barbarian was slain, and the man fell. The ranger finally received the ability to move again, and got up and leaned over the man, and he said "You saved my life, and I will forever be in your debt."  Then the man said "Im not gonna make it, am I?" "Of course you are... well get you all patched up." Replied the ranger, and then, the man, knowing the ranger was lying and that he was going to die, asked one promise of the man. "I only ask of you one thing in return for my actions. I own a small farm in Seacliff, and I have a wife and a son there, I would like you to provide help for them, and tell them of what has happened to me." The ranger simply nodded, and fell over, unconscious.

Chapter 2: The farm
The ranger woke up hours later in the infirmary, and asked the medic what had happened, and he told him they had won the battle, and that he was a hero, for saving the right flank, but then he said that he was not the hero, but that it was someone else. (Finger cramp. OW.) And then the ranger got up and ran out the door, where he got on his horse, and rode directly to the farm at seacliff, but on the way out, the commander stopped him, and congratulated him, and went through all the pleasentries, when finally, he at last said "There were two men who deserted yesterday, probably out to prey on the famillies where the husbands died in the battle, look out for them, would you?" And the ranger simply nodded. 
He instantly rode toward the farm, where on the way he spotted the mens tracks, and then he noticed they were heading into the exact direction of the farm, and as he was getting closer, he heard a scream, and then he spurred his horse as fast as it would go to the farm.
Chapter 3: The Finale of the farm.
As he reached the farm he kicked open the door to see a screaming baby in the arms of a wife being threatened by a man with a knife, and he instantly pulled out his bow, and shot an arrow at the mans throat, where it hit the man in the throat. The man then fell to the ground, dead. The next man ran over to the ranger, where he then grappled with the ranger, and they fell around the house, until they pulled knives, and circled. Then out of the blue the woman jumped on the man's back and started clawing at his eyes, when the man turned around and stabbed the woman in the chest, and the ranger stabbed the man through the heart, and he died.
Chapter 4: The baby
The man ran over to the convulsing woman on the floor, where he told her everything would be all right, but she just pointed to the baby, and told him to take care of him, and make sure he lived a wonderful life. For some uknown reason, the ranger agreed, and he asked what the baby's name was, and the woman answered "Eirkash." Then the woman quit breathing.
The man took the baby back with him to the capitol, and also the province he was in charge of. He took the baby to the ward (Orphanage.) And left it at the doorstep after knocking. His whole life he would look after this child as it grew up, making sure he was kept safe.  And when it came time for all the children in the ward to serve under a master, the young boy was refused from all the schools he wished to enter, battleschool, and then the ranger stepped out of the shadows and said "I'll take him." Everyone was strucken aback by the offer, as almost no one was taken as a ranger's apprentice, especially not the famous Dalor. The boy then spent the next five years training under the ranger, learning all the skills, until finally, he was awarded the title of full ranger, and given his silver emblem. Three days later the ranger died of a strange disease, uknown to all known doctors, with no known cure. And then, the young man, losing the closest thing to family he had, and now being truly alone, decided to leave that land, and so traveled to caphori, and then new caphori, where he restarted the corps and finished his dreams.

Sigh. Finally done. That took a while, its late, so i'm not spellchecking it, hope you guys like it... My fingers hurt, so good night.



my guy has decided to tell all his story for he fears that there will be a war that can not be won without total trust.
so here goes.

I didn't start life like this in fact i can't remeber when or how i was born all i know is i was and sort of still am the gaurdian of my world. i know how was a assassin the gaurdian of a world. but i was then he came. the demon lord the god of demons. out of no where him and his armies appeared and we started to lose to the point where i had to join the battle. he knew i was the only thing stopping him so he captured me and possessed me with half of his soul but i fought back and won the war in myself and my world after the war i was split into two different beings me and the guardian who is still there and i was banish for having a demon in me. i wandered a nearby universe for a while doing what the demon told me. killing gaining it power till it told me to kill this kid in a bar well that didn't really work out the kid turned out to be the god of time and dimensions world splitter he taught me to control my demon and gave me jobs to travel to random points in time and do random stuff. he provided the transport and well eventually i found out that the demon lord had accidentally put the part of him that contained the god of shadows so now i could use shadows to get around. so recently i get a watch from world splitter and he says it can see slightly into the future and he tells me to take revenge but be careful not to destroy reality so i follow the trail of destruction here and find nothing except for strange demons and corruption, and a lot of magic so i decide to stay and watch but now with demons openly attacking well i have to tell people this could mean war and the current god of demons the demon lord could be back.


OOC: Sorry I'm late to the party.
Grayzar's back story:
It was a cold night in the land of Grogmar, the dwarfish capital and the night for praise of the mighty dwarf god Oragog was upon the merry dwarfish folk. The warrior prince walked  with his good friend Alemia.
"Alemia, why do you want to get married so badly, I mean two weeks! that's crazy. Besides you barely know Finn." Grayzar said.
      "I know that it's...unorthodox but he his a great man. a true warrior and great adventurer."
       "Fine let's just enjoy the day." Grayzar said quickly. He had done a wonderful job hiding his feelings for Alemia. It's strange he was a prince yet he lacked the courage of many other royals. Grayzar and Alemia walked to the chapel and sat next to their families.
    "Freinds this is a day we will celebrate for eons. We have made peace with the elvish folk on this holy day. We celebrate The god of Heroes, Oragog, king of gods, wisest of ancestors..." the preacher said but Grayzar zoned out.
     He thought about how he had to just sit and watch the next day as the prisoners fought tooth and nail till death.
     A few minutes later Finn, Alemia's betrothed, burst in the chapel.
    "Preacher stop, I challenge you prince Grayzar!"
Grayzar stood up promptly. "On what grounds!".
    "On the ground of murder!" Finn said.
    "i have done no such thing!"
    "According to dwarfish law, I have the right to challenge you on days of the god Oragog."
    "He is right Grayzar, sadly it's is true" Grayzar's father said. " On the 'marrow you shall do battle and the loser will have to leave the country." Grayzar looked to Alemia and smiled as her face showed horror.

    "Finn, it's over, I will not be married to a liar and a scoundrel." Alemia said. Finn was mad but he stormed out to prepare for the next day.
      That day was a bad one, swords clashed with shields. Grayzar was pulling trough easily he wasn't named warrior prince for nothing. He had Finn at his mercy and just as he was about to win he stopped. He allowed Finn to take the victory. That day was a disgrace for Grayzar's clan. He was striped off his prince hood. As he was leaving Alemia showed up. They talked for awhile and decided to be married and the day he could achieve enough greatness to return to his wife she would wait for him and him for her.     


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Leona's Trip
Day 1 : My village has been burned down by green, giant creatures with fangs, and axes. Me and my brother were separated between two boats going North and South.

I managed to take the trip due south, thanks to my pocket money. A nice man managed to help me through out my travels until a small island.

I stayed there for several days and survived with fresh water from a spring and fruits from several trees surrounding the island.

Maybe it's not so bad after all...

Day 2 : The island got invaded by demons, those evil creatures from the underworld.

I managed to escape and kill some with a small wooden ax I found buried in the sand, quite convenient.

I slowly sneaked away and got on a makeshift demon boat, as I sailed away through the rough oceans and seas.

I ate what I had left of my fruit. No water, I'm getting parched. I don't think I'll survive this any longer.

Day 3 : Another island. A little bit bigger this time, alot of wild animals. I finally got a taste of meat again.

I found some bags from the old campers, a pickaxe and a shortsword. This should be pretty handy.

Found some new clothes aswell. My old ones were getting pretty damp from sea spray.

I managed to stay alive on the island for many days... But I might have to sail away for I feel an evil prescence coming my way.

Day 17 : I found a small island... Very bigger than the last one. I trekked through the desert, jungle, corruption and whatever was coming my way.

I managed to find a town called Newcreek, I got greeted by 2 people named Matthew and Leonardo. With their permission, I got in, and now starts my new life in this town.

---The rest of the pages are unreadable, burnt and torn, except for one---

Day -Illegible-

My arm got burned by some mysterious flame. I was just wondering around the underworld, mining some hellstone.

It has given me a weird mark on my arm... For now, I'll just cover it with bandages. I hope this recovers soon enough.

Caphori - Leona Reinhardt
Iseyu - Lyssa Velidrei (MIA), Leona Reinhardt, Lynnethe Myrith
Leikell - Leona Reinhardt, Leone Secare
Safehaven - Silveria R.

I still don't have my bloody Caphori award.

Also, yosakoi.