Caphori Rules & Regulations

Started by Steven :D, 25-07-2011

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Player Rules

You must start a new character when joining the server. This is because of the inability to stop people joining with items from other servers.

You are not allowed to bring in items from other servers. There are no excuses and we expect the character to only be used on our server and no where else.

1.Don't ask about the Password in the Shoutbox.
3. No racial slurs.
4. Killing the wall of flesh.
5. Griefing. Period.
6. Senseless Mining e.g. hellevators, random mines without homes- We are going to have Mineshafts.
7. Having more than one power without authorization. A 'power' is being immune to any specific type of elemental damage, any form of increased regeneration, having super strength or any magical/nonmagical means of having something (non-item-related) others are not likely to have.
8. Bringing in items from other servers/your SP world, unless authorized to.
9. Power gaming such as spawners of items, duplications or excessive use of NPC spawners
10. Drama that Isn't In Context (IC) Belongs in GVC
11. Stealing from other players
12. Poor RP, having an over powered character or chatting too much out of character
13. Not obeying what a moderator tells you to do, chances are its for your's and the server's good
14. Having more than three chests, barrels or trash cans per structure.
15. Being impossible to defeat by normal means.
16. Playing a God/Deity of any sort as a character.
17. Building outside the building limits.
18. Item-whoring. Do not pick up any equips or items (weapons, accessories, armor) that you already have under any circumstances.
19. Ore-whoring. Do not mine ore you do not need and is not in your way.
20. Non-grenade explosives. Enough said.
21. Erping/sexual RP. Do it in Steamchat or not at all.
22. Giving out the server password. To ANYONE.
23. Having more than 1 home per character without approval. This INCLUDES faction houses, taverns, etc.
24. Claiming a biome as entirely yours alone.
25. OOC Chat is to be kept to the Yellow Team Channel while on the server.  As always, /p is used for team chat.
26. Magic Mirror is to be used OOCLY only, unless your character's power is to teleport.

Muskets/guns are allowed, Industrial revolution style. Space gun must still be played off as something else.

Territories / Plots of Land Rules

As a citizen of Caphori, by standard, you are able to make your home on a plot of ground 10x blocks wide, 10 blocks deep (beneath surrounding ground level), 15x blocks high (above surrounding ground level), if it is within Town.  Any further, and you must apply for authorization for increased building space. These numbers are doubled if you are building outside town, but all structures must be a maximum of 30-feet square-ish. Flexible, but don't go nuts.

As a citizen of Caphori, only one personal home/guildhouse/faction house/pub etc. is allowed. You must apply for an authorization to build more than that.

As a faction leader, a guild house is able to be made with two faction members present, including yourself. A guild house can be placed anywhere.

Absolutely no floating houses, islands are okay with permission, however floating houses are not! Houses on Stilts, no more than 5 blocks high, is okay as well.


Rules have been updated to comply with Current Standards.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.


I find it funny that we still have "No script for local chat for roleplay." We don't hwave to use /me, but it's the players decision what am I thinking.



Updated to add rule on OOC and chat spamming.

Caphori Characters: Vaillaro and Ilanna


Updated to add a rule about racial slurs, even though common sense should tell you that it isn't allowed in the first place.

Caphori Characters: Vaillaro and Ilanna


Added rules 1 & 2 to replace 10, 10 replaced with a new rule

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.