A little short by Sir Matthew

Started by Haagon, 29-01-2012

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    it seems like people are starting to post little stories about their characters so i think i'll hop on that wagon. This short isnt a first chapter in a longer story just one little adventure Sir Matthew has had =) (wow sorry this is pretty long i got a little carried away idk if i really expect people to read this haha XD) I also apologize theres not that much dialogue, i got a little caught up in the actual detail and fighting i forgot to add more most of the way through, anyway for those of you who read this i hope you enjoy it.

    It has been a week since Sir Matthew's knighting and he was very enthusiastic about finally getting to go out and help people like he has always dreamed ever since he was a kid. He learned that a village was raided by a small band of orcs and many valuables were taken from an already poor town.  There was no way he was gonna let those vile green barbarians get away with this.

    Following some leads he got at the town, he tracked the orcs down to a small cave.  He looked out through some bushes to see one lone orc guarding the entrance.  It looked like he was half asleep and not too happy about his post.  Sir Matthew took a moment to take some deep breaths to get rid of all the butterflies from his stomach.  He always sparred before when training to be a knight but he never actually put his life in danger like this before.  He decided that no matter how nervous he was, he couldn't turn back now.  He vowed to help those in need and with one thought of all the good he was going to do, he stepped out of the bush.

    Sir Matthew stood there sword and shield in hand.  The orc didn't even seem to notice him, it looked like it was asleep.   
It would be so easy for him to just walk up and impale it but even though this was a vile creature, Sir Matthew still had his honor.  The brave knight gave an intentional cough and the orc snorted awake.  it took a few seconds for the orc to gain its bearings but when he noticed there was a human standing in front of him his eyes popped open and he struggled for his sword.

    Sir Matthew:  "I'll give you one chance to talk away and never come back, no one has to die today"

    Orc Sentry: "You die now human!" screams the orc as he lunges forward with his crude blade, almost tripping over itself.  Using a very basic manuver, the valiant knight sidesteps and uses the orc's momentum to trip it onto the ground, falling flat on its face.

    Sir Matthew: "You know, that hurt me right here." says the knight pretending to be heartbroken as he points to his heart.  the orc pounds the ground, curses and launches itself up and starts throwing a series of psychotic thrusts and slashes at the knight.  Sir Matthew was amazed at the simplicity of the creatures fighting style as he effortlessly deflected every blow.  However, his amusement was cut short as he could hear other orcs emerging from the cave at the sound of battle.  The knight didn't want to be overrun so he smacked the orc's blade far out to the side and impaled him right in the gut.  Sir Matthew's shiny new sword now glistened crimson as it stuck out of the orcs backside.  The knight flinched as he saw the pure agony in the orc's face and he saw its life leave its eyes.  The knight was no longer a virgin to death, he would remember this creature forever as his first kill and he noted to himself he would say a prayer for the creature when this was all over. 

    Then Sir Matthew realized he wasn't alone and as he was lost in thought he allowed another brute to get close enough to him for an attack.  his instincts kicked in and in one motion he ripped his blade from the first orc and connected it with the axe comming at his back.  He was almost thrown off balence at the sheer force this brute was able to muster. there was no time to fool around now, he would not have the luxary of taking his time with this one as more of the green
creatures emerged from the cave. 

    Now it became very clear that he was in grave danger for this was his first time he had to fight 3 opponents at once.  the knight steadied himself and let his training and heart kick in.  he was deflecting blades and clubs left and right as he backed up quickly as to not let the orcs flank him.  Without even thinking he felt his sword connect with tough flesh and he saw the middle orc go down.  Sir Matthew couldn't believe he was actually fighting this well.  His heart pounded out of his chest and he fought back tears of fear.  The knight never could has trained to fight this feeling of terror, of having your life in danger mixed with the adrenaline of fast paced combat. 

    The weapons and shields connecting was so frequent it sounded like a continuous ring of metal in the air.  the knight could feel his arms growing tired and he knew they would give out before those of his foes, their arms were as round as there heads!  Sir Matthew decided to put all his power and skill into one final move.  He knew that if he failed he would surely die so he tensed all the muscles in his body and smacked an orc in the head with his shield.  the beast staggered back and the knight spun around and cut the throat of the second orc with the bottom edge.  blood spewed out and hit Sir Matthew right in the face.  pure adrenalin fueled the knight's next move as he awkwardly lunged forward to impale the final orc was no more. 

    many moments past as Sir Matthew stood over the bodies in shock, not knowing exactly how to react. He dropped his sword and shield and went to his knees, thanking the Lord for protecting him and apologizing for the lives he took.  he tried telling himself it was for the good of mankind that these beasts no longer drew breath but few things are harder than taking your first life.  The knight finally went into the dark cave to see sacs filled with food and valuables he knew belonged to the village.  He rummaged through them, moving aside all the bread and metal plates and he finally found what he was looking for.  He cradled a little brown bear he found from a tiny chest like a baby and slowly carried it out of the cave, being careful not to get blood on it.  he stepped over the lifeless bodies and walked miles until he made his way back to the village. 

    People began to gather and stared in awe at the expressionless knight who was covered in blood.  the knight questioned the road he took, he wanted to help people so badly but was this really the way to do it? he didn't know if he would be able to kill again in the name of good, or if he would be able to survive another month!  Then a little girl pushed her way through the crowd and ran up to the knight.  Sir Matthew looked down with tears welling up in his eyes.  This was the little girl he found crying her eyes out a day ago and told the knight of the raid and what was taken from her.  He leaned down and handed her the precious little stuffed animal and her face was truly priceless.  she clutched that toy as if it was the last piece of bread in the world and then she clung to the knight regardless of all the dried blood on him.  At that moment a smile found its way back on his face.  He then knew what he was doing was right. this was only the start of his journey and he couldn't afford to have doubts.  Sir Matthew knew he was going to one day make a difference.

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