My Cakescript is screwed up. Need help.

Started by Leaf Runner, 15-12-2009

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Leaf Runner

Lately, I've been getting this bug whenever I join the server. I can't see people's name's or details, and the scoreboard barely shows any information at all. This happens to any cakescript I join.
Is it because I upgraded to Windows 7 lately?

Does anyone know the solution to the problem?

Silver Knight

Garry stuck his dick in it? I don't know..

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Try this: rename your current gmod folder to something else, start gmod (it makes an entirely new and clean garrysmod), download all content (maps, models and such) and join, see if that helps
If it works, its your addons.


^What Afro said.
I can't think of anything- Didn't Cole have this problem? Ask him how he got by it.
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I had this prolbem before no idea what happend it just kind went away when i reset my computer it did a scan and had deleted some files soo...
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Garrys fault :D EVERYONE FIESTA!


I dunno, did you download Mad Cows?

Leaf Runner

Quote from: Alex on 16-12-2009
I dunno, did you download Mad Cows?
Why yes, I did download his pack:

Gonna remove all the pack files and then retry.

Update: Removed all the files in the pack. Gonna reinstall Gmod now.

Update 2: Fixed issue, turned out I had to just remove the "Framenet" in Mad Cows Pack (Which I forgot to remove earliar while removing the pack files) to fix it.
Fissue has been fixed by Alex. Lock please.