Who? What? Where? and when?

Started by Steel, 03-12-2009

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So i know im not the only player, seeing as i have had others ask me about it aswell.
But when are leaders going to be chosen?
Is it going to be when the Server is released? Or is it going to be before hand to give them the chance to set up?

Curiosity strikes a good few of us.


Yeah, I can't wait to see the new leaders :ß. AND ZE SERVER.


Silver said Something about not really Picking any till the server has been up for a few days..


He said that about admins Pox.

[spoiler]Spoiler stuff and what not.

Learning how it works.[/spoiler]

Don't mind me, just stealing a dead post to use as a guinea pig.


Quote from: Alex on 03-12-2009
He said that about admins Pox.

Alright, Didn't Know for sure..