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Started by Ravanger, 04-12-2009

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I was not sure where to post this but. I had a idea for people who are just going to rp as a wastelander and such or a vault dweller. Like starting flags but you choose which path you want to start you thing. If you want to start as a vault dweller liveing in the vault. Or be a fresh Wastelander and roam the Waste.

I was thinking maybe we could have two paths.

Vault Dweller
You are a citizen in the vault that was sealed many years ago and family has lived in the hole for a longtime. Also you most likely may become a Wastelander depending.


Be a wander of the waste and travel along.

Faction path.
This is usally for the leaders and other things.

Also I kind of posted here on accident I figured where I wanted to post but also maybe a karma system persay. Much like in fallout 3 we could put this in as a kind of ic thing we could make a small chart place if you character reaches a high enough thing to be considered in one of the main things.
Good karma

Netural Karma

Bad Karma


I was thinking, we could try a tottaly new idea for roleplay, the Vault is cut off from the world, this splits players up, I would like to see Global OOC go and have it Wastelong GOOC and Vault OOC...

You probly can guess why..


_the vault+, I think it should be Vault Dweller in general. Whether a vault wants to be cut off from all the others, up to them.

As for factions, they should require certain circumstances to join. You can't be evil and join the Brother Hood, Enclave don't recruit just anyone, etc.

Also, havn't played Fallout 1, 2 or tactics but i'de suggest more reference/base towards the earlier games. Typically goes better with the classic Fallout fans, and gets new fallout fants intrigued.
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Problem with what you just said is, most people have played FO3, not 1 or 2.  However, players can look at the damn wikis then and again.