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Tired of sitting on a wastelander doing nothing all day? Join a faction!

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Seriously, main factions need more activity. Why? Well I've noticed active factions makes an entire server more active. If not a main faction, join a playerbased faction like Arlington Company or Sheer Side. Just because "the leader" isn't online doesn't mean you shouldn't be on roleplaying anyway.

Brotherhood should guard the town. Outcasts should do neutral patrols and study tech. Enclave should guard their base and do patrols as well all while maintaining their own base and developing characters. (Special note to the Enclave, you're not just mindless killing machines. That will make Enclave very boring to play as. You're humans too, and you have personalities and friends within the Enclave. Use this to develop your characters.)

Also, I believe most of the main factions are currently recruiting, so go find one that suits you and apply.

Factions, get more active and give yourselves something to do. You don't need to be an admin to have an event of your own.
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