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Fallout Roleplay
Step Jaw Valley - Capital Wasteland

   The Story of Step Jaw...
(In Character Info)

The Begining.
The Step Jaw valley is located in the most Northern and hilly parts of the Capital Wasteland. It's named after the Step Jaw caverns located below the valley. The only true natives to Step Jaw are the Step Jaw Trading company and its old associates such as the the Scrappers. The Step Jaw Trading Co. were the first to set up in the area using the unfinished and abandoned Vault 100 located in the valley. Shortly after Step Jaw Trading Co.'s arrival the enclave arrived and set up a a small barracks in the old caverns. Reinforcing them with concrete. Shortly after their arrival, six months or so, the brotherhood of steel arrived and fighting soon began between the two forces. Within half a year the Enclave had been pushed back to their fortified underground barracks letting only small patrols and covert transport of supplies and personal exit and enter. This war resulted in a trade pact with the Step Jaw Trading Co.
From then on Wastelanders began to flock to the Valley resulting in the Rip Jaw Trading Company to spread along and out of the Valley. They eventually created a depot in Blue Rock Estate, allowing the Brotherhood to take over the town on the condition that they protect it on a permanent basis. The Enclave had surfaced a couple of months later and began a constant attack on the Brotherhood and began hauling waste-landers away for some unknown reason.

The Rise of The Outcast.
When the Step-Jaw Valley Trading Company crumbled under its own weight with no leader to organise them, the brotherhood lost their sole reason for being there, Elder Lyons at the Citadel gave them a new order - They were to raises a new Militia force to protect the Blue Rock Estate and its surroundings. It is not surprising that some of the Brotherhood members were not overseen on this idea and simply refused to follow them, Lyons being set in his ways told them to turn in their suits to which those individuals waved a hand to the Brotherhood of Steel and formed their own Outcast Group.

A New Home.
The Outcast found an old US Army Bunker, situated below the small town of White Chapel. When they got there the bunker was inhabited by some rather strange and psychotic Ghouls whom named themselves the Vent Crawlers. The Vent Crawlers warned the Outcast that they too would become Ghouls if they were to stay in the bunker as the lower levels were filled with radiation and an unknown substance which caused Psychosis. After Months of hard work, with the correct tools and equipment, the Outcast found the source of the Radiation Leak and managed to clear it using the bunkers ventilation systems. Around this time The Vent Crawlers got angry and tried to re-take their bunker, the ferals ripped and slashed at the Outcasts power armour to no luck - they were quickly wiped-out. Their leader had one last trick up his sleeve - 'Tiny' - A huge behemoth of a super mutant. It surfaced using the bunkers freight elevator and devastated the town above before eventually being taken down.

The Disaster at Blue Rock Estate.
Around a month after the Ghouls and Behemoth was dealt with, a new problem arose for the Outcast. A pesky Maintenance Drone which was obviously worse-for-wares. It would constantly break the bunker and then run around like crazy to fix it and should the Drone be touched or attempt to be fixed it would lock down the bunker and begin a destruction sequence or even just attack! Time passed with its constant annoyance until one weekend when alarms sounded, The Bunker shook, people scrambled away as it began to bellow out a thick green mist, killing everyone in its wake, the mist rolled down the hills entrenching itself in the streets of Blue Rock Estate. It was time to move on.

A New Landscape, a New Beginning.
The people of the wastes moved out of Blue Rock Estate, deeper into the Step Jaw Valley, in one huge convoy. They ended up in flat and desolate place, but it showed potential. It had some buildings already standing and had plenty of materials for starting a new town, a new beginning. Within weeks the area was bustling with activity - The Brotherhood and the Outcasts happily situated. And the Enclave miles away, just watching from a afar. Then a problem arose, they had put them selves on a raiders trail, between two major raider 'colonies'.

This does not worry the Wastelanders though, they were more than equipped to deal with a the odd raider patrol... or are they...?

Fallout Roleplay Rules
1. As standard: No Metagaming, Powergaming, Random Deathmatching, Propkilling and no Metaspeak. Do not spam OOC, Stay IC (Unless returning after retarded-death) and respect other players and admins decisions.
2. This server is shoot to roleplay by default. Shoot-to-kill fighting is only authorized if all parties involved agree, or an admin overrides choices made. Breaking this rule will be recognized as random deathmatching.
3. All Complaints or issues related to FORP's current management or state should be taken up on the forums and not discussed on the server.
4. Refusal to roleplay with another player on the basis that they are new or due to past experience is intolerable.
5. Please refrain from sexually explicit role-play unless the other person agrees or keep it over /pm's not everyone wants nor needs to see it.
6. Make sure all your actions are either done thought /it or /me - we don't want to see people grabbing items at the store without /me's. This also goes for handing money over.
7. You can rob people for anything they have if done correctly. This goes for suits and large weapons - you must allow them time to roleplay removing things. If you are later killed or PK'd because of robberies it is your own fault.
8. No stat whoring, paycheck farming, or exploiting of any glitches for your benefit. This is roleplaying, not a competitive online RPG. You'll be punished if caught.
9. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If your name so much as lacks proper capitalization, it becomes clear you either have not read the rules or cannot type in proper English. Either way we'll kick you out of the server until you fix this.
10. When making a character, you are not allowed to steal a character from either real life celebrities or fictional characters written by someone else. So that means no Chuck Norris characters, no Gordon Freeman characters, no canon Fallout characters, you get the idea.
11. We have ZERO TOLLERENCE for hacking, Griefing, Threatening people in OOC, Spawn Killing, Backseat Admining and Admin Impersonation.

Fallout Administration Team
In Position then Alphabetical Order.

Name                                    Position                                    Steam Profile Link
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Step Two


The main content is got via an SVN, the link is below.

If you're having problems or dont know how to download it please refer to This guide

Other FALLOUT Packs (10/3/11)
Once you've got the VPN downloaded you'll need to download the S.T.A.L.K.E.R content pack.

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ref_DevCon.smd: david star is the only heir of the ecologist throne
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