PDA Entries & Biography - David Stone

Started by Dug, 15-12-2010

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David Stone


Age: 16 ( Yet to be decided )

Gender: Male

Birthplace: The Wasteland

Faction: Wastelander

Karma: Good


Basic Knowledge of Small Weapons Handling
Basic Medical Knowledge
Basic Culinary Knowledge

Biography: David was born in the wasteland, in a house where the parents of his parents built the house. His father was a man with a militaristic mind set, however he was a mechanic and that's how he lived. Generally his father was haunted with dreams of being a soldier since his youth and they remained with him. But the man just built whatever he could and repair whatever he got his hands on. Keeping a close eye on David and teaching him everything he knew. How to live, how to shoot, how to think, what is right, what is wrong and the profession of being a mechanic was given to David. He worked with his father. Most of his time he spent with him, learning, hanging out, training. His father was determined to make a strong son, confident and smart. Both body and mind. Davids father wanted to do right where his father went wrong. Matt, who was Davids father was raised by an alcholic. Matt didn't speak a lot about his father. David was raised well and fed well, Matt had always something to do and the caps kept flowing in.

However, Davids mother had a passive role in his life. She was a silent woman who was there to cook and feed the men of the house. Both parents taught David how to heal a wound and survive in the wasteland, because they have lived for so long they tried their best to transfer all their knowledge to young David. It was as if David was going to school. However there was no preassure of being graded and that made it easy. Having a careless life worked out pretty well for him.

He was bored most of the time when he would have to study how to cook. But eventually he got the hang of it and enjoyed making him self meals. From time to time, Geckos would attack the house where they lived and so , the family would defend them selves. However those were rare. They were mostly lucky to run away from trouble. His father tended to drive away raiders by promise of repairing their guns or armor for free. Which was fine with the raiders. They didn't have issues with that and they left them alone. David saw the importance of knowledge in the wasteland and how words can make all the difference. His father used to say "Knowledge is power, hide it well.".

David kept quiet most of the time and wasn't a trouble maker. He loved the way he lived, calm, easy and fun. David enjoyed fixing things and shooting geckos from time to time. They eventually got a dog when David was 15 years old. It was merely a puppy when they found him and took him in. The dog soon enough grew up and was a part of the family in no time. David loved the dog and played with him often. They kept him fed and safe. David even built him his own small house.

Everything was going great and David kept growing. One day the supermutants came out of no where to battle the nearby raiders which eventually got used to the family who fixed their guns and armor. They all knew each other and often raiders would even talk to David as a friend of theirs and David would enjoy speaking mostly to some of the girls. Guys he didn't like so much, but he got on with them. The nearby raiders were slaughtered and there his friends went. His family packed their things in a hurry getting everything they could and running off. However the dog barked a lot and caught the attention of the supermutants who were in the distance. He was killed instantly as he tried to fight the mutants. Davids mother, Nathalie, panicked and ran off to somewhere which David had no clue off. Matt, Davids father was thrown over by the explosion of a rocket launched by the supermutants. As Matt flied trough the air he yelled "Run David! Save your self!"

David hesitated, but at the end he ran. What happened to his father or mother he did not know. Now, he was alone, looking for a new home, for his parents and someone to hang with. He was sad to lose his dog. All that he carried out of his house was the clothes he was wearing and a PDA he had in the backpocket of his jeans.

All he wanted now is to find his parents. But that seemed ever so distant. He had to find a new home, a place to stay and live. Make some caps before he can search. He had to find food and water. He realized he was now, alone and that he had to survive.

He knew his luck has run out and that he will now experience the harshness of the wasteland.

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** David opens his diary, getting his pencil, he begins to write.

I haven't found mom or dad yet. They are nowhere to be seen. I first stumbled upon the gas station in which I am now. I met two guys here, but I can hardly remember their names, one of them gave me a bottle of whiskey. The bottle is empty now tho. I wandered to Rusty Town, I was a mechanic there for a short time. I ran my own buisness. However Frankies Homopublic arrived and started drafting people. The people there in the town are great. I've met Gerret and Liam. They are two great guys. Was a pleasure doing business with them. It didn't last long. Which sucked balls. I went scavenging, I found a flamer, hunting rifle, chinese pistol, food, water, psycho, jet and whatnots. Bandages too. I guess I was lucky. Oh yeah...the reason I left the town is because the brotherhood is worse than the raiders. I remember the good times with raiders when we all had fun, partied and the beautiful girls I talked to. Good old times, but these guys almost melted my brain down for two missiles I wanted to trade with them. And they just took them from me, treathend to kill me.  Last time I go anywhere near them. The wastelanders have the power to drive out the homos and the bros out of the town. I just don't get it why won't they do it. It'd be easy as pie. The brotherhood doesn't even have power armor and the homos are a bunch of retards. So much for paying 10 caps tax to do buisness in there. Anyway, here I am back at the gas station. I've heard of vault 10 and I'm going to try and make that my home. I think they should be better than homos and the bros which is led by one the only mother of whores.

I wonder if mom or dad made it out alive at all....

** A tear falls on the paper, making it wet, David closes the notebook.


Quote from: Dug on 15-03-2011
I've heard of vault 10 and I'm going to try and make that my home. I think they should be better than homos and the bros which is led by one the only mother of whores.

I wonder if mom or dad made it out alive at all....[/i]

** A tear falls on the paper, making it wet, David closes the notebook.

lol nice change of tone



** David opens his diary, getting his pencil, he begins to write.

After my message to the vault dwellers. They've opened the door. Unbelievable! I won't have to die! Now I've got a clean place to stay and I've taken a very clean shower! The clothes so comfortable! So much comfort! Everything is clean and looks new , taken care of.  I'll see if I can get some stuff to work with here in the vault. I'll gladly make my self useful to them. I'd gladly work as a officer, because if they saved me, I'd gladly save them and fight for them. But I guess I'd need to work on my fighting skills and all. I think mechanic option is the best for me at the moment and a lab coat.

They have shown me around. This place has everything. I'll see if I can fix up a radio for my room. I don't want no big ass jukebox. I'll take some books to read too. It seems there's another wastelander here with me but he does what they do... Open and close chat. I don't think that's fitting for a human but if you are raised by an AI, it's alright, they are not to blame, they are all actually pretty cool folk. Well, I won't be using open and close chat. That's a bit of relief, I don't think I'd be able to make my self.


I don't see how this would fit for a trader.