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Started by Spades_Neil, 31-07-2011

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Rules of Conduct
Because of the inherent popularity of the Brotherhood faction, it is quite obvious that many people will want to join. However, we can't just let any old player in if they're going to cause us problems, so I'm going to lay down a set of out-of-character rules to preserve the integrity of the Brotherhood faction. These rules must be followed, or you will be ejected from the Brotherhood and your character permanently killed to prevent you from abusing any items we may have given you during your service.

  • Respect ALL members of HGN.
    • - Regardless of how good or bad their roleplaying is, regardless of past quarrels, regardless of how you feel about that person, you WILL respect all members of HGN at least OOCly. If someone else OOCly gives you problems, you will not respond to them in retaliation. You will screenshot their crimes and report to an administrator or server operator to be dealt with. If I have reason to believe you won't follow this rule, due to recent playerstrikes or forum strikes, you will be ejected from the Brotherhood and/or barred from entry.

  • Be active in the Brotherhood.
    • - I demand activity. Be online and roleplay. We have a huge bunker to play inside of and passive roleplay and interact, so roleplay. If you need to be away from the community OOCly, please be courteous enough to give us a heads up about it by posting in the leave of absence thread. Otherwise you will eventually be kicked out of the Brotherhood.

  • Born within the Brotherhood.
    • - Do not apply for a character whose backstory involves being a former wastelander or their family being former wasters. The Brotherhood of Steel doesn't recruit wastelanders under normal circumstances, so I won't allow it. To be a former wastelander and be recruited must be done in character by the faction leader. No exceptions. Mind you this almost never happens anyway.

  • Powermongering.
    • - This is an RP server. It's not about winning, it's about playing. If we 'win' the roleplay, guess what? No more roleplay. Disconnect. Bye bye. If you're looking for that kind of game, you've come to the wrong place. People who play like that are always lousy roleplayers. Don't even apply if you treat roleplay like a competition.

  • Money.
    • - It is recommended (but not required) that you give your OOC paychecks to your quartermasters or commanding officers who possess trader flags so he/she can supply you with munitions and weapons. As for those of you who have access to such flags, don't abuse them. Don't rob wastelanders for their weapons just so you can turn them into money. Technology is another story, as the Brotherhood is supposed to collect technology.

  • Dishonorable Discharge from the Brotherhood.
    • - If I have any reason to kick you out of the Brotherhood, or if you abandon it, as with any faction your character will be permanently killed. This may seem unfair, as it did to me long ago, but understand the reason: We cannot allow any players to join the Brotherhood and simply leave with a sack of technology, a buttload of caps, and a suit of power armor because they are far too overpowered to be trusted in the server. The character PK is to prevent them from taking any technology with them.

  • Honorable Discharge from the Brotherhood.
    • - There are a very select few situations where I will personally oversee the honorable discharge of a Brotherhood member. Such discharges will be done only in the event of IC acts of heroism resulting in permanent injuries, or OOC real life problems which cannot be helped. You will still be stripped of your technology and caps, but you will be sent off with a friendly farewell and your character will not be permakilled.

  • Follow the chain of command.
    • - Although on the Tenants of the Brotherhood, I feel it needs to be repeated here. Obey the chain of command. If you don't, I'll just PK you and boot you from the faction. I don't need the headache of one or two idiots constantly disobeying orders. You'll just ruin it for the people who actually do what they're supposed to. You do it long enough and I'll just PK you.

  • LOLBandits/LOLRaiders are not tolerated.
    • - I'm going to kick people out of the Brotherhood who very frequently kill people for their items on any of their characters, even if not in OOC. If you're that kind of player, you're not good enough a roleplayer to be in the Brotherhood. End of story

  • Rules are subject to change.
    • - If a situation calls for it, I will alter these rules as needed to keep everything running smoothly.


I approve of these rules :D