No players?

Started by Miner240, 06-01-2012

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Help! Noone is on the server ever!  :'(


Instead making a "HELLOOO I'M MINER240" Message, you posted this?
Son im dissapointed.

..And yeah, ppl are in school, sleeping idk.


No, I can't do that. The first thing I do is spamfuck unimportant threads that noone cares about! Just kidding, I'll go do that. (BTW I did look at quite a few threads before and felt like a noob posting that.  :-\ )

Edit: I made an introductory post! It's right here.

Steven :D

You should try waiting until Spades gets online, because then everyone flocks onto the server.


Thread locked. We just don't need threads like this.

If there's no one online, why not get online? Instead of being like everyone else who goes, "There's no one online, therefore I won't get online."

Grab a friend, get online, and do shit. Like, here's an idea. Instead of just putting up random props, roleplay the gathering of scrap you then use to have an excuse for using those props -instead- of pulling them out of your arse like most of us do. :P