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Error Models?

AussieMUDKIPZ · 584

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on: 09-01-2012
Hey guys.
Before I begin I would like to say hello from me to you because I am going to be playing FORP with all of you and you might want to know.
Anyway, onto my problem.
I have downloaded the Fallout Pack SVN and the stalker pack, but yet I still do not have character models!
I would appreaciate if someone could tell me:
1) Where the models are from.
2) How would I get them.


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  • what does that mean?
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Reply #1 on: 09-01-2012
Two possible solutions.

Put it in your garrysmod/garrysmod.

Delete your cache and then rejoin.



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Reply #2 on: 09-01-2012
If you don't get this solved soon I can look over everything you did to check fro mistake's using teamviewer.


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Reply #3 on: 10-01-2012
PM Sent, Topic Locked.

Dear AussieMUDKIPZ,

I am the Fallout Roleplay Server Regulator and have heard that you are having some problems with your models not showing. To try and troubleshoot this issue i would firstly like you to add me onto steam using: and also download teaviewer for use of remote assistance.

Thank you,
Global Moderator and Fallout Server Regulator

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