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   The Enclave was the pre-war shadow government behind the United States. One of it's main ideals was to welcome a nuclear war, and that in the event of a nuclear war they would quickly regroup, and wipe out China once, and for all. The President Dick Richardson resided on the Poseidon Oil Rig, Poseidon being a major oil company before oil ran dry, where he would take control once continental United States had been reclaimed.

  The main reason for the vaults, owned by the United States Government thus owned by the Enclave, were to test how average people handled problems, but not for shits, and giggles. The experiments in the vault were just one step in the Enclaves overall plan. Which was that vaults were not needed to survive a nuclear war, but another planet. The idea was to build a spaceship to transport people to other planets, but the Chinese launched their missiles before the project could be completed, thus the Enclave had to abandon the Bloomfield Space Center, and flee to the oil rig. The vaults though were already finished, and the surveillance technology already loaded onto the oil rig. The Enclave then began studying the vaults, and the enclave we're the ones who fired the all clear sign to vaults.

  Years later after the events of Fallout, and the Vault Dweller they sent out Vertibird to the mainland to scout out what's happened, a small fleet of Vertibird was sent to the east commonwealth in what was called Ohio. Story begins here in 2236.

Commanded by Captain Erica Sinclair the 821st was formed to be the first Enclave expeditionary unit into the Eastern Commonwealth. All members of the group are trained in Power Armor usage as well as recon and surveying techniques and are generally considered to be elite soldiers. Despite being a small group they are well-trained and professional, possessing heavy firepower that, despite the covert nature of their mission, will be unleashed on anyone that crosses them

1. Reconnoiter the area and evaluate organisms' exposure to radiation and overall genetic purity

2. Establish a strong, stable presence in the area

- Captain -

IC Name                               OOC Name
Erica SinclairPaintcheck

- Lieutenant -

-Can run patrols
-Can interrogate locals
-Can initiate contact with locals (as in can go to them and break their shit instead of waiting for them to come to us)

IC Name                               OOC Name
Seth PomeroyTom (Is here ;) )

- Sergeant -
-Can run patrols
-Can interrogate locals

IC Name                               OOC Name
David DerkRalazo
Michael 'Mikey' BennettSteven :D
Julius BakarePing Pong (Back)

- Corporal -
-May give orders in defensive situations
-May NOT run patrols unless authorized by a higher power ((if no higher power is on then feel free to run patrols but if you fuck something up horribly the higher powers will not be happy))

IC Name                               OOC Name
Allen Willmot ComradeBritish
Davik TommsonMadran Lamont (Pownisher)
Jones MaloneKhorn

- Private -
-May shut up and do what they are told.

IC Name                               OOC Name
Jason CoxWolfinton
Richard "Gretchen" Gretchellinemperor bobby

- Special Characters -

IC Name                               OOC Name
BoS Exile Sophia Karrie Turkey
Johnathon SinclairZombiehunta
BoS Prisoner Garret ReidIronDeity
Colonel Adam Collins (Shows up when I need a "High Command" character, is not actually the leader of everything) Zombiehunta
Junior Medical Scientist Hugh BishopLonglostblake


-Log 3/11/11

Bumped Duran up to Sergeant until I can figure out what the current sergeants are doing. Since the server's only been up for 1 day they will probably show up but since I am heading back to school tomorrow Enclave needs some leadership for the weekend until I can get back to UNC and set up.


-Log 3/16/2011

Duran back down to Private due to Ralazon coming back
ComradeBritish has fixed his computer, readded as Corporal
Wolfinton accepted as private
Ping-Pong removed due to not showing his face anywhere
Tom facing removal for the same reason


-Log 3/12/2011

Steven up to Sergeant
Khorn and emperor bobby accepted as privates.


-Log 3/28/2011

Ping-Pong back on the roster. If he goes inactive again he'll get removed again.


-Log 4/1/2011

Khorn bumped up to Corporal.


-Log 4/8/2011

Duran Removed (give me the gatling laser back please)
Ace Removed
Buck Removed

All for inactivity. Reapply a a later date if you want to come back.

Thinking about opening apps again.