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((Post in this topic. I am VERY discerning as to what I will accept, you must have a good backstory. A VERY good backstory. And keep in mind the canon, it is 2236 so FO3 is way off in the future (hell FO2 hasn't even happened yet). Attention to detail is the name of the game.))

[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Weight (IN POUNDS. See above):[/b]
[b]Character Description (More detailed the better, post a picture if you got one but I want a WORDED description as well. Also show me something about your personality too please in this.):[/b]

[b]Backstory (make it GOOD. The Enclave is going to be kept small for obvious reasons. Prove you belong here):[/b]

ACCEPTED - Welcome to the 821st
PENDING - I like the effort but something isn't quite right. Pending means you put effort into it and I am willing to give you a shot but you need to fix what is wrong with your application
DENIED - You aren't good enough for this unit. Try again in 1 week.


Name: Julius Bakare
Date of Birth: December 21, 2206 (Age 30)
Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Weight: 82.4 kg (181.7 lb)
Character Description: Julius is a tall, normal sized, male Enclave Soldier. He has black colored eyes and black hair, he no longer has a beard nor long hair in which he put in dreads, ever since he joined the Enclave that is. Well built due to training at Navarro, dark skin, he comes from an African American family. When not in the wasteland, he normally wears a standard issue Enclave Uniform.

Character Description (Continued): Julius has a deep voice, but it is soft and calming to everyone that hears it. A specialty of his is convincing others of almost anything, he had always had a talent to reassure his fellow soldiers in almost impossible situations, as well as repairing weaponry and armor using the skills his family had taught him. During his time on the Oil Rig, he had always had a soft spot for the children and the health of others, the talent to calm others was what he was known for, children had always looked up to him as a sort of idol because of the kind hearted person he was. When off duty, he treats everyone as a friend rather than a rank, yet when it comes to the high officials, he always calls them by rank and says his 'sirs' and 'ma'ams' unless it is a good friend of his.

Backstory: Julius Bakare was born on the Poseidon Oil Rig on December 21, 2206. His family was a group of engineers and scientists some of whom worked on the Advanced Power Armor and even built the Oil Rig, it was said that they even had the original idea for the power armor. Granted pass for the Bakare family, the Enclave let them in as Citizens, Scientists, and Engineers for the Oil Rig. Julius, whom of which grew into the family tradition was extremely tired of it, he grew up looking up to the power of the soldiers who protected the Oil Rig. From the day he was ten years of age, he worked with his family to keep the Oil Rig running, up to the day he was twenty one. By that age, he decided to sign up for the Enclave's Army and finally break the monotonous cycle of his family. Receiving training from the Oil Rig on his first days as a recruit, it had changed his life. The first day he laid eyes on the Drill Sergeant, was the first day of his life, from there on out, there would be nothing but yelling 'sir yes sir' to the top of his lungs. But that never brought him down, his cool attitude and determination brought him through it day by day.

  During the second day of training, it was out of the frying pan and into the fire, things were obviously going to be different from there on out. The training got harder and the work got more and more straining. Never the less he pulled through, the Drill Sergeant was absolutely amazed at how well he could hold himself together. Through the hard work, Julius had met a good friend of his, Jeffrey James, who would be with Julius on every mission he would ever go on, they were inseparable, they ate together, they worked together, and they stood up for each other no matter what. With in the year he became a Private and was sent on his first mission around Camp Navarro, just patrolling the area surrounding it, wearing only a standard Recon Armor. Private James and Private Bakare were attacked multiple times during their patrol, mainly by mutated wolfs in the desert. They fired for a about 30 minutes, their arms were tired, the pack was large and the wolfs were strong, James was pounced and his stomach was ripped apart, Julius had kicked the wolf off, firing at it a multitude of times, in a rage, he had started to eliminate the incoming wave with ease. Near the end, his friend lay unconscious, bleeding severely from his wound, Julius had the strength enough to lift his friend back to Camp Navarro, where he was nursed back to health over time, later Jeffrey was transferred back to the Oil Rig where he stayed, working as a guard. That day was one of the most life changing days of his life, almost losing a best friend in such little time. He vowed he would destroy every last mutant in the Wastelands from there on out, even if it kills him.

  He was later transferred to Camp Navarro, where was then trained for five years and given a promotion, to the rank of Sergeant after he was promoted to Corporal. After his promotion, a special position was given to him as a Recon Team Leader for the exploration of Utah in the area surrounding Salt Lake City, and the observation of any and all genetically impure humans in that area. As he set out on his mission, he came across many hardships such as fighting wave after wave of ghouls each day, luckily, a majority of his team had survived the encounters. The team members that served under him were at all times on the edge, Julius had always had a way to calm them down, his words had kept them calm through out the entire mission. At the age of thirty, he was put on the Reserves. To this day, he awaits his call to duty. Continuing his practice and training even when he isn't on the job.

ACCEPTED, guess Utah turned out to be a bust if they are giving you to me, Sergeant. Oh well let's see how you like Ohio.
SRP Characters-
Andrick Nesterov - Outsider (No Trace, assumed dead)
Typhoon - Loner (No Trace, assumed dead)
Tolga Ostrovsky - Loner (With his brother)
Marko Drubich - Ecologist Elite (Whereabouts Unknown)


Name: David Derk
Date of Birth: 16 January 2208
Height: 5.74 feet
Weight: 176 LB
Character Description:
  A slightly thin man with an athletic build. Has dark brown hair and Blue/grey eyes. He has small eyebrows and a small but noticeable scar under his right eye. His teeth are in perfect condition. His nose is slight pointing to the right as you look carefully to his face. He has some barely noticeable facial hair under his lower lip. His lips are tiny, almost too much so for the rest of his face. He has strong legs after the long training and is noticeably muscular. He can be a patient man but sometimes you can easily make him angry too. He's a quiet person but speaks when it's necessary. David can be friendly and is very protective of his fellow soldiers.

"Younger years."

David Derk, born on the Poseidon oil rig grew up as a healthy boy, son of an important man in the Enclave. David's grandfather was a high ranking Enclave Officer, who had 2 sons, one of them was his favorite one, which is now David Derk's father. David's uncle is an Enclave soldier on one of the Enclave outposts. They never hear much about him.  His mother died giving birth to David, David grew up without a mother, missing a women's caring touch.
However he never knew his father either, as he was rather rough and he never spent a lot of time with his son.
Since he was too busy with his work, he barely saw his son. Still, his father was very protective about his son.
David was always in his quarters with the door locked.
The Poseidon oil rig, a massive steel structure retrofitted for military purposes, was David's home.
He was a quiet but smart boy. He liked to play on the rig but his father's paranoid concerns over his son's well-being caused him to be overly protective. David was restricted only to his quarters and the surrounding portion of the rig, reserved especially for officers;  As he grew older, David began to realize that it was his personal prison. He once read a book about a war which happened long ago. The war in Alaska, the book was entitled "Operation Anchorage". The Chinese happened to invade Alaska using by the US fortified positions to hold ground against the US troops. His grandfather was one of the leading officers despite being relatively young, he had already reached a good relation with the leading officers there, and General Constantine Chase. A few months after Alaska got reclaimed by the US Military. David's grandfather flew to Poseidon oil rig together with various other important personnel as they prepared for any nuclear or biological attack. A couple of months later the Great War started and the bombs fell.
David's father saved various pictures and medals from his father, as David was obsessed by them and wished to be such a great leader too. David used to spy on the military trainings but got caught two times resulting in his father locking the door to their quarters.
Concerned with his only son and heir, David's father was extremely conscientious about David's stunted height to the off-white shine of his teeth. Despite the pleas and dedication of David's father, the Enclave doctors could not do anything about David's appearance, particularly his height. Feeling his father's disappointment in him, David only wished that he could do something to fix that, to make his father proud to call him, "his son."

"Too busy."

Years passed and David grew slowly, reaching the length of 176 LB. Eventually, his focus on height faded as he figured out another way to earn his father's respect: Military training. When he was old enough to begin training, he was the first to enroll in the rigorous training.
The first months were difficult for him. His father was a proud man who expected much of his son, but David wasn't used to an active life where being in a physically and mentally weary state was a constant ordeal. Morning push-ups, Power armor training, condition training, shooting on the firing range and not to mention having to run around the WHOLE rig 25 times on a daily basis. He wished every day that he could stop, but was too scared to do so. Several training and conditioning sessions a week made the first months tough, but he went on to make his father proud.

"Training, "sigh" and training."

Years passed, David succeeded in finishing military school.
He was put into a squad as one of its members. . Insisted by his father he got put into the squad by the Enclave army commander. The squad trained on daily basis. He trained with them to stay fit and ready for an eventual mission.  He also spent some time with his father, who told him about his ancestors, all of whom were soldiers or political figures of a significant stature. As he listened to his father speak about them, about how proud his father was about his family, David was inspired to succeed, and afraid to fail and disappoint his family's lineage.


After spending some time with his father, David's fear of spoiling his family's lineage increased. His father expected much of him, and he had taken care that David would get permanently assigned to a squad.
Days passed, and David was quietly regretful of his father's determination.
The day started badly already as he woke up too late and missed the early parts of the training. As he came into the mess hall, he saw his squad members sitting on a table and talking a bit. David looks around as it seems his squad leader was missing too. Quickly, he walks to the tables and asks one of the soldiers about it. The soldier looks up but then continues his conversation, like David didn't exist. David asked another Soldier that he knew better. The soldier responded "The squad leader didn't show up because of some sort of accident." David frowns and then answers "Hmph. Didn't we receive any orders?" the soldier was cleaning his weapon and looks up again. "Yes, there was an order to continue but there's nobody around to enforce it, so we'll just stay here. I didn't feel like training today anyway." David stares to the man for a few seconds and then steps back. He looks around him and saw his squad members sitting around being lazy.
He couldn't control his own lips as he tried to yell something. Suddenly, he thought back of his father and then thought, "I have to do this." He moved towards the table and then ordered "Move it outside. We might have missed the first training, so we're going to make up for it by doing twice as much. We had our orders to continue on the training by ourselves! As he notices the soldiers see he's nervous, David just stands there and stares at the soldiers. The soldiers start to mumble about him, followed by some light laughter. He was just standing there, unknowing of what else to do, "What an idiot" he heard one soldier say." David hesitates for a moment but then yells again "Move it outside, now! You heard our orders." The soldiers mumble as they move outside, David follows them.

"Time to gear up and move out."

Weeks pass and the training progressed. David gained an attitude to keep his soldiers close to him. As they came to accepted him, he came to know and care about the soldiers in his squad. As their respect for his attitude and abilities grew, he was permanently assigned as squad member. His father came to him later on the day. "This is your chance son. The Enclave is sending out a squad on a recon mission to scout the East Central Commonwealth to find out what's left there."
Still waiting to see if he would get nominated to join the mission.

ACCEPTED. I need squad leaders and you seem to possess some sort of natural leadership ability. Welcome to the 821st

Ace of Hearts

(Removed everything but the ACCEPTED stamp, because I still hated the backstory. >_>)

ACCEPTED. I want to see 1 thousand dead mutants by the time your tour is over, Soldier!

Madran Lamont

Name: Davik Tommson

Date of Birth: July  15, Year 2200, Age 36

Height: 6'5" (Six feet, five inches)

Weight: 210LBS

Character Description: Davik is a tall, pale caucasian male with most of his height in his torso. He has blue eyes, a shaved head, and a large over bite with teeth that are spaced close together forcing some of his bottom teeth to jut out slightly. He has a normal sized neck leading to his large shoulders and arms. His torso being as tall and large as it is, is relatively flat with no key features. His legs are of average height compared to the rest of his body, until they lead to his size 16 feet. His voice is deep and often referred to as sounding like the jolly green giant from the 1960s commercials. Davik cares not for the welfare of others accept those that he serves with going far out of his way to insure there safety even if that means jeopardizing his own life. He has always followed orders, believing almost fanatically in the goal of the Enclave no matter what they may be.

Backstory: Born in 2200 to father Isic, a vertibird pilot, and mother Alixea Tommson, a scientist. Davik lead a rather normal life as a member of the Enclave. in the year 2219 Davik's father died in a vertibird crash when the engines had a malfunction causing it to plummet into the ocean. That year Davik joined the Enclave military hoping to become a pilot like his father, but having no skill with the machine he joined the infantry. When he joined the military he had no clue what he had got himself into only learning after it was far too late. On the first day of boot camp he was disciplined for talking back the the drill instructor, he never opened his mouth to a commanding officer again unless it was to say, "Sir yes sir". After passing most of boot camp the day came for power armor training, the first time that he ever put on his armor he moved his arm to scratch his head, upon doing so he underestimated the power of his armor and knocked himself out cold for the rest of the day. He awoke the next day to see a corpsman by the name of Terver Anskmin looking over him, the two soon became close friends and were lucky enough to be sent to the same squad after passing boot camp with only average results.

//Five years earlier in 2224, Davik and the squad he was assigned to were on a routine live fire exercise. Due to a malfunction in his grenade's timing mechanism, it went off in mid air over his close friend's head. Spec. Terver's neck was punctured by the produced shrapnel, the wound proving fatal. After the accident Davik started to believe that the accident was his fault, and from then on has spent most of his time showing concern for his squad mates that excels normal behavior. Davik shows signs of PTSD, and explains the reasoning explained above. Davik seems to have no ties keeping him to the Oil rig beyond his duty to the Enclave goals, his parents dead, he finds solace in only his job in the Enclave military following it to the letter no matter what it called for.

ACCEPTED, my condolences about your friend. Do not bring your bad luck with you please. ((In an OOC note your character is SUPER old to be below the rank of Captain so unless there is a reason he needs to be 36 I would knock off at least 10 years from his age))


Name: Allen Willmot
Date of Birth: September 7 2214, 22 years of Age.
Height :5 Foot, 10 inches.
Weight: 162LB
Character Description:Allen stands near six foot with a shaved head and thick blue eyes, usually fixated on the people around him or random equipment in front of him. He has a cold stare and personality generally not talking to people, except superiors and friends, but it is usually in small bits filled with the key things he needs to get across. His stare is amplified when he wears his power armour, the orange lenses piercing someone's body and mind is unnerving to most. When he is not in the field he wears standard uniform and carries a withered old book in his hands, strange writing sits on its pages and diagrams of old machines.

"Early Life"
Allen was born in late hours of the 7th of September 2214, to a loving mother and a military father, a tall over bearing man with a balding head. His mother was ecstatic with the birth of her first child but his father was rather distraught, concerned with his work being jeopardised by his son. Allen's' father took as many assignments as he could to avoid his son, meaning he was exposed to his mothers' good nature and kind heart. They would play games in their "house" with the little toys allocated to the family, for a while Allen was a cheery child staring out of the available windows when he could walk, admiring the view. This was until something fatal happened to his father, he suffered a leg injury, which required healing and rest, meaning he would have to see his son and work in a home condition.

"Fathers Home"
The fun and games stopped when Allen's father was at home, he was only five and his father made him read dirty old manuals on all sorts of military lingo, power armour and "proper weapon maintenance 101". Being five the boy barely understood a word, his mother would object but his father kept on insisting and eventually ordering his son to read the manuals, until he could read it aloud, with no mistakes. Although his child years were ruined by these experiences it would help him in the future, especially for school. He was the only child who could read the more advanced books better than the other children present and was praised for it. His father was still not satisfied. When he would return home from school there would be an old hunting rifle on the table, a simple bolt action rifle, he would salute his father as he had been taught and follow his orders " Tell me all the parts that MUST be in the rifle for it to work" every wrong answer would earn him a smack, this continued through until he was 12.

"School time, cuts and bruises."
Through his school life Allen was the quiet kid at the back of the class getting good scores and sleeping through the stuff he already knew. This earned him a lot of grief, surprisingly. Most of the kids in the class were the sons and daughters of military officers, they would crowd around him after the bell and squawk in his ears about how their dads were better than his "lame mule of a father", Allen would respond viciously, the one time he was actually emotional towards someone, was throwing abuse back a someone.
On the first day of one of these incidents, he walked in with bruises and cuts. His father inspected him and was told everything about what had happened, he tussled his sons hair for a second and then hit him with one of his famous manuals "You need to train boy, look at you're all skinny!" And so it began.

"Training and School"
The weeks were tough Allen had to fight; some of his fathers lower officers. He had to lift weights and run around the hallways of the residential deck of the rig. After that he'd get one drink and then he'd have to fight a man trained to kill. He would take punches at first and throw a few girly ones back, and then he'd get knocked on his ass thoroughly for a week. His father talked to him before a match and said "These men are just like the Rifle Allen; Take them to pieces then pull them apart!" Allen didn't understand at first and got knocked on his ass for the last time; his father called out "The rifle son, the Rifle!" He was panting heavily, sweat falling off his body and the loud beating of his heart filled his head, but he could hear clearly.
He stood up and just shot a stare at the sergeant, still moving and avoiding punches just watching him. Then he took a few hits. He kicked the back of his leg, he saw he had a limp, and smacked him in the jaw, breaking some of the barely cared for teeth, which had been revealed when he would grit his teeth. He thought it was over and motioned to his father whom simply shouted "Sergeant Ramirez, lieutenant Martins, get in the ring!"
When the first day of school started after the brief days of training, the same group approached him, the leader of the group a tall muscular child, a year older, being seventeen. He store down at him and said with a grin "Ready for another beating Mule boy?" after a quick staring match, he went home with barley anything of a jaw left and a fractured rib. School got easier for Allen he got top scores in the subjects he didn't sleep through, mainly History and the main three subjects: English, Mathematics and Sciences.

"The choice, and the Path"
He was eight-teen years old and had graduated from formal education. His father stood in front of him no emotion occupied his face, it was just perfect for Allen, and at-least he didn't look like he was going to hit him. His father moved his arm and he flinched slightly, the arm landed on his shoulder, the leather gloves rubbed on his shoulder and irritated him, but he didn't complain he was too busy staring at it wondering what was going to happen next, the second hand flashed up into a salute and Allen's eyes widened, "I-I... think that uniform makes you look like a girl...." Allen was glad that it wasn't abuse, he took a step back and saluted his father and grabbed his bag with the other hand, while the Vertibird Transport whirred behind him with other recruits loading onto it. "Make sure you keep yourself clean and fed, like a good soldier!" shouted his mother, as he climbed into the transport he gave a secret smirk, something he hadn't done for a while.

"Camp Navarro, guard duty and patrols, Yay...."
The Vertibird landed pretty hard, disturbing the session of picking his new squad mates to pieces, most of them tried to avoid him from that point on. He stood along with all the others from the chopper in front of the Drill sergeant, no one ever saw the sergeants face, he always wore his armour, and he would never say his name so it was always an impersonal "Sir, Yes sir!" conversation every time. He barked out his orders like some mad dog and moved everyone along to the armoury, standard equipment combat armour and a simple Pre-war rifle. And then it began, guarding barrels, and if you were lucky Vertibirds. Then came Allen's favourite, Patrol duty.

The walks around the base would always be fun for him; he got to see new kinds of animals that he thought could never exist, mainly just wierd looking bugs and small reptiles, they would crawl around his feet at times, some of the other soldeirs walking with him would stomp on them, Allen just watched them scurry around with a kind of omnipotence over them. Life on the base was very spartan, simple and efficient. Early drills kept you on your toes, rifle practice, then gaurd Duty, lunch then guard Duty, Dinner then Barracks for sleep. You got a bunk and a footlocker, just a few personal poscessions, and Allen only ever kept Army Manuals and a Few books to read, his Drill sergeant would inspect his locker and squint his eyes at the titles of the books, just throwing the book back into the locker uttering a confused "Clear." as he moved on, Allen would just chuckle and get settled into his bunk.

Eventually, one morning they were all woken up for what they thought was a drill, they were taken to the Hangar, and instructed on how to use Power Armour, Allen lit up as he saw the Armour being hoisted up, he was second and had been reading up on APA in his manuels, getting new ones from his father every so often. After watching some baffoon messing up on his instructions to get the armour on, falling on his ass after finally managing to get it on, Allen came up infront of all the soldiers in the Hangar, still laughing from the now scolded Trooper. Already moving up to the suit and getting on perfectly, making laps around the hangar in it, firing his weapon off, the Drill sergeant nodding his head approvingly as he took the armour off and joined the group, smiling properly for the first time.

He went to his bunk, the Drill Sergeant stepping up to the bottom where his locker was, nodding to him and moving on, he fell asleep, only to be abruptly woken up a few hours later along with a few others. They were hurried out to the Hangar, the Drill sergeant clad in Power Armour, aswell as the men waiting for them, they were suited in Power Armour and handed a Laser Rifle. They marched out of the Base under the cover of Darkness for some time, coming to an area near to Navarro, an old town of sorts. They swept many of the buildings, finding nothing of value, until they reached a small warehouse. When they entered a gargled cry could be heard, the Troopers were uneasy for a moment, Allen near the front, his Laser Rifle aimed forward and looking into the darkness infront of him. There was a moment of silence, then a hoard of Feral ghouls charged out of the Darkness, and the squad opened fire, tearing chunks and burning irradiated flesh away. A man near Allen was dived upon by a flailing Ghould, in its last moments trying to kill something in Vain, the Trooper was fine, if in shock from the experience. As they moved further in, they found an intelligent ghoul, sitting infront of a pile of "Technology" with a pistol in his hand. Allen stepped forward staring at the pile in wonder, the Ghould opened fire, the bullets hitting Allens armour and barley having an effect, Allen quickly killed the Ghoul with his rifle, running over to the pile. They had recovered an old machine, a relic of the time, Allen remembering it from the manuels and books.

They moved back from the town to base, Allen was placed in a Power Armour unit, left on standby in Navarro, running Drills and Patrols, waiting for assignment.

ACCEPTED. Good work against the ghouls, I've heard good things about you, Soldier.
Suspiciously cheesy man sighted on east pier at 9pm.


Name: Johnathan Russell
Date of Birth: October, 6th 2211
Character Description: Russell is a large man, more brawn then brains. Though one could hardly call him stupid, he excelled in his military training. He was always big, with blue eyes and chocolate brown hair. His fast growth also led to him having many visable stretch marks, his body almost unable to keep up with it's own growth. Being 6'3 and large due to the weight he likes to throw around, he's a force to reckon with on the field and during sparring practice. He's calm,collected, and rational at times. He's a very religious man, looking to god for strength and answers to life's problems. He also sees the Enclave as America's only hope, being highly patriotic. His patriotic and religious tendancies make him something to be feared, and he rarely takes kindly to anyone insulting his beliefs. He is also very open with his opinions, moreso if they go aginst the Enclave in even the most minute way. Though, besides all this he is careing and helpful to just about everyone he meets, treating them almost like family, this going even farther for his squad mates.

Backstory: He was born on the Posidian Oil Rig like everyone else, and had a rather uneventful childhood on the rig, surrounded by the Enclave ideals drilled into him as a child. However where he different from the norm was the fact his parents were also highly religious, and in turn instilled that onto him growing up. His mother was an Enclave tech specialist, and his father an Enclave soldier.

He grew up with 'The Adventures of Captian Cosmos' being his favorite show that came on the Enclave network, even if it was OLD holodisks for reruns, it was one of the few entertainment programs for children his age. He grew up quick, shooting up in height like no other. In school he was usually mocked by the other kids for his religious beliefs and his hieght, the cruelty of children really knowing no bounds.

Turning his his heros, his father and Captian Cosmos, as well as his religion, he started lifting weights as well as anything else to put on the muscle. In his own was it was copeing, he'd make himself look like his idols and they'd learn not to make fun of him. Even though his plan never really worked, he kept up with it, seeming to enjoy the strength training. His father truly had no problem with it, and even encouraged it. All it'd truthfully do is make him a better candidate for the Enclave military, something his father wanted to see for his son.

When he was eight-teen he enlisted into the Enclave forces, and was thrown into a whole new world where he was pushed to his limits...they all were. However here people didn't go out of their way to make fun of him, some even calling him 'brother'...hell even friend. Here, they were all family, brothers and sisters in arms that would protect each other from whatever they faced, it became his new home. For months he was drilled with the ideals and skills of an Enclave soldier, even going as for as to test and qualify for the Enclave mechanized infantry, capable of using the Enclave Power Armor to lethal effects. He was also taught to use the AER9 Laser Rifle and the AEP5 Laser Pistol. It was also here that he found out his new love, heavy weapons. He was quick to learn how to operate and maintain the Gattling Laser, Minigun, and Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle. Quickly applying and qualifying for use of these weapons in the field, and solidifying his speciality in heavy weapons.
His graduation day was also the day of a proud father, seeing his boy grow up to actually do something with his life. Afterwards he was staioned on the oil rig, working alongeside the other soldiers, some he trained with. A few years later he was given orders to pack up and report to Vertibird pad D for reassignment...appearantly something big was going down soon, and he was to be a part of it...

ACCEPTED. Your intelligence test scores are on the low side but I need a heavy weapons soldier. Don't let me down.


Name:Seth Pomeroy
Date of Birth: December, 9th, 2205
Weight (IN POUNDS. See above):149Lbs
Character Description (More detailed the better, post a picture if you got one but I want a WORDED description as well. Also show me something about your personality too please in this.): A tall Slender looking man, He has Brown/Dirty blonde hair, and DARK  brown eyes, He has a slim build, Really Pale. He has always had a reputation to be more or less withdrawn from most socail situations, but when it comes to being a leader he steps up and takes action as he see's as right, He is a Computer and otherwise Technological Wiz, Being one of the top in the Robotics class and in his Electronics and Computer science classes. He has a soft voice and is soft spoken most of the time, but when he is confident you can tell from the tone of his voice.

Backstory (make it GOOD. The Enclave is going to be kept small for obvious reasons. Prove you belong here):


Born 2205 on the rig, to a family of 4, Seth was not your typical Enclave rig boy, When the reverend Patterson did what his parents called "Prophecy" it was told he would "Lead his people". This Obviously pleased His parents and drove him to push forward to become the best of the best, Seth always looked up to his dad, Also a Computer Wiz, and Also an Enclave Technical Operator for the Enclave forces operating out of Navarro. When Seth was a kid, he decided "Im gonna be like dad someday"

Life in School

Seth always strived to be the top of everything, and when he didn't he always took it hard. His favorite subject from an early age though was science, He always found it interesting to find out how things worked or how to make things work. Later on in his School career he developed a love for Computer sciences and Robotics. Though Seth was always known to be somewhat of a 'Loner' through School, it didn't bother him all that much, but It helped him concentrate on his school work That much more. Joining something similar to Boy Scouts, he managed to achieve the Highest rank there as well, Something that caught peoples eye. Though he spent a bit of time working under some of the brilliant minds who maintain the Rigs computer systems, he decided that the life of a technician was boring. He decided to volunteer to become a field technician for the Enclave Armed Forces.

Military Career

Training was rough, since he was not a physically built individual, nor was he a Mentally fit individual, he was always used to the calm, serenity of his home on the Rig, But he strived to become the best, though he ultimately failed to become the best "Soldier" the Drill sergeants noted that he had often times lead the other recruits in excersies and was given the Training rank of "Squad Commander" later giving way to his rank of Sergeant. After he got done with training he spent a small bit of time under the military operators on the rig, before he was assigned to his first mission. Intel had spoken of an old science and research lab in New Mexico, To Seth that was right up his alley way, Exploring and old Science lab to uncover what is there now. So he signed an official request to be put on this mission, and the coordinators of this mission liked his credentials and added him to the roster.

The Vertibirds Took off early in the morning toward the Wastelands to explore this laboratory to uncover its secrets, A squad of techs and a few squads of soldiers undertook the task of exploring this lab. They landed in the canyons of New Mexico on the side of a mountain, The Lab was locked off by a blast door, The UI of the terminal was broken from age and other factors. While the other techies where busy debating as to what to do, contemplating setting up a "Radar" of sorts to transmit a signal to the door to open it, Seth whipped out his gear and got to work on the terminal, He managed to access the terminal using his laptop "Bingo, Open SESME!" he remarked as it opened, They walked into the lab, it was dull and empty for the most part. Most of the opening part being Cafeterias and Living spaces. This would have been fine, if they where simply researching the average life of a Prewar scientist. They had to explore the rest of the lab. Digging deeper more systems had failed, such as lighting and life support in some areas, Hell even some Protectrons and some turrets kicked in, they found it to be in GREAT condition. . . Some one was here. . . Some one had to have been. They made there way to the Security room, Seth attached a Hacking tool to the UI of the computer and began to hack the door down, when suddenly, it opens, a small squad of Wastelanders emerge to meet the group of Enclavers, Dumb struck by this force that they had met, the Wastelander stared in awe. The commander gave the order "Round them up!" At this command the wastelanders became VERY unhappy, so unhappy that they began to fire appon the Enclavers, Though it was rather futile. Seth was shot in the shoulder during the firefight, and since he was not wearing Power armor, he became wounded. They emerged into the Security room, and began extracting files, Noteing that there where some "Explorers" also in the lab, Enclave forces rounded some up killing more wastelanders. . . Seth had been sent home after that mission to re cooperate from his wounds, though that mission offered much insight into not only things dealing with Science and History, but movements of Wastelanders in the region, apparently that area was frequently explored and even had a small camp near it as seen in a few of the wastelanders logs.


After Seth had re cooperated from his injury he was sent to Navarro to replace the previous tech officer that had been KIA while trying to retrieve the black box from a Downed Vertibird. He was looked down apon the entire time he was there, since he was there as a "Non-Combat" soldier, Though while he was there he managed to Upgrade and essentially Re-build and repair the Old and out dated Navarro network into what it is today, He spent a few months there before deciding it was time to take the next step in his career, Officer. No one knows for sure why he decided to take the step to become a full active soldier and what puzzles people even more is he returned to the rig to go to Military School to become an Officer. When his family asked him why he simply replied with "Its the next step to go." with a grin on his face. He spent 2 years in the academy before graduating as a Lieutenant. He returned to Navarro and awaited for a new mission to arise.

Eastern Commonwealth

While serving as a new officer at Navarro he received a invitation, TO a mission of up most importants, another exploration mission, but instead of being sent to a lab, he was being sent to an area known as "The Eastern Commonwealth" This intrigued him, since he thought there where plenty of more qualified officers to go on such a mission other than himself, But he decided to accept the offer. He returned to the rig once more, and Packed all of his essential gear, and made sure that they packed his equipment as well.

Why command has decided we need a tech puke to come with us I have no idea and why they decided to make him my XO bothers me more...just try not to die please
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Name: Michael 'Mikey' Bennett
Date of Birth: January 15th, 2210
Weight (IN POUNDS. See above): 198LBS
Character Description (More detailed the better, post a picture if you got one but I want a WORDED description as well. Also show me something about your personality too please in this.):

Picture taken after within his living quarters.
Michael is a moderately tall looking male with  brown eyes, with a moderately sized nose and Dirty Blond hair. Usually carries a blank look on his face while being able to take orders with ease. He doesn't believe in any religion like his Mother and Father, he never really thought that a "God" would be able to do anything to help him in life. Whenever he wanted to vent his anger for any reason, he would just do push ups to vent his anger and strength out.

Backstory (make it GOOD. The Enclave is going to be kept small for obvious reasons. Prove you belong here):
Michael was born on the Fifteenth of January in the year of 2210 to James Bennett and Mary Bennett. His mother and father were members of the Enclave. His father was a Drill Instructor and his mother was part of the Enclave intelligence agency and Michael knew little about her job, only that she was rarely spending time with him. His father, worked to train new recruits who desired to join the Enclave after they were eligible to do so, he was strict and harsh on his men and he did the same for his only son as well. Michael liked to slack off when he was little, watching others do their duties within the compound, he liked just watching people come and by. His father had other plans though, He pushed him to learn hard enough in his school and be in physical shape, whenever he would do something wrong his father would fix his mistakes, unlike his recruits because he understood in a way, that his mother was rarely around and his father was a role model but as Michael came of age, his father started to push harder, removing the barrier of that role model.

Michael began to study neuroscience in school so he was able to assert and persuade people with his charisma, but one day when he returned home, his father and mother weren't there. His father was removed from the Drill Instructor division and placed into active duty and was sent out before Michael got home. During the later 2220's when Michael was about 18 or so, he went to enlist for the Enclave. He wanted to make his father proud and become a soldier by the time he came back, if ever. He went through basic training, with a bit of a rough start Michael was put into a group with about a handful of other soldiers. The first couple days were rough, even with Michael's semi-preparation, many people were ahead of his abilities when he started off. The test they all had to pass was extremely hard, pushing Michael to and past his limits, he nearly quit once but knew what would happen if he did.

Michael was aching all over after the long runs they were forced to do daily, but after weeks worth of training, it started to hurt less all of a sudden. He was being able to run for longer distances without totally wiping out and was able to finish and began to study the art of Welfare and begin training to be able to use the Enclave Power Armor. Michael almost got his head stuck in the helmet when he put it on incorrectly once but was able to pull it off before the Instructor noticed, Many of his so called "Friends" who were training were much ahead of the rest of the group, Michael reckonned that he was in the middle . On the day of weapons practice, Michael became familiar with the weapons he saw his friends firing at the dummies far away with incredible accuracy. He picked up a long barreled AER9 Laser Rifle and begun firing at it, taking time in between his shots while he cursed once when the Rifle somehow flew up in his hands, almost whacking him in the head in the process. With some practice, Michael became a great shot with the rifle and moved onto the small AEP7 Laser Pistol, firing at the targets with one hand on the grip with the sights raised to eye level. He begun to train regularly at the range, making progress rapidly like his other fellow recruits. Finally, at the time of his graduation from Basic Training, Michael was awarded his stripes and enlistment to the Enclave was officially accepted.

He begun to take extra steps to ensure he would be the best possible soldier he could be, he begun to take extra Reconnaissance training that his Drill Instructor offered to him later on. He loved the thrill of being in a position where the enemy would never know where he was, he made a few mistakes but slowly caught on. Due to his extra work and progress, he was awarded the rank Specialist. Michael loved the AER9 Laser Rifles they were allowed to fire and he became one of the better marksmen at the outpost. He eventually was cleared to be allowed to go on missions, and he still waits to experience the taste of battle. He was assigned to be leaving for a special mission and there was a transport waiting just for him apparently.

Your marks in training show an interesting progression, it is good that you can motivate yourself to work hard. Welcome to the 821st


Name: Aaron Mason.
Date of Birth: 3/12/2216
Height: 5'10.
Weight: 160 LBS.
Character Description;

Physical Traits: Aaron received equal traits from both of his parents, sharing their physical looks and unique personalities. Aaron received his wavy brown hair that he cut to meet military standards after high school from his mother who worked as a scientist on the Poseidon Oil Rig. Aaron's eye color is a hazel brown mix which oddly neither of his parents have. Aaron has a sturdy build just as his father did (Sergeant Jonathan Mason) but continues to do assorted exercise to keep himself feeling good and in tip top shape. Aaron stands at 5'10 sharing his father's height (6'3) but being hindered by his mother who was only 5'4. Aaron weighs approximately 160 LBS, matching almost perfectly with the Body Mass Index for his height range.

Personality Traits: Aaron shares personality traits more from his father than his mother as his father was the one who he most looked up to. Aaron specifically followed in his father's footsteps from a very young age, mimicking his every move and act. As a result of doing so for nearly half his life, Aaron has a very militaristic personality and would have fit right in with a squad of infantry-men. Aaron tends to be very obedient and when given command of anything, takes his role very seriously. Aaron is a very smug person and tends to keep to himself, usually not answering personal questions unless need be. Aaron will not question orders even if he has a problem with them, if he does, he will perform them and speak to a higher ranking officer afterwards to see if he can have the issue resolved and dealt with. Aaron act professional and cool headed in any situation, dealing with them promptly and doing them correctly. Aaron handles firearms appropriately and with care, treating them with respect and recognizing that when handling one it is no time for jokes and such. In general Aaron is very serious and professional, occasionally cracking a joke or a wise remark but not on a regular basis.

Medical Conditions: Aaron has very little medical conditions that would openly affect his performance in the field. He does however have sway back, a condition that slightly makes your spinal cord face inward. Side effects include possible back aches and awkward stance.

Backstory: Born and raised on the Poseidon Oil Rig, Aaron took up to his military career at a VERY young age. Aaron as a small child became accustom to his Oil Rig life style very quick and soon learned that he would sooner or later have to aid the Enclave who were stationed on the rig in some way, shape, or form. Aaron's father being Sergeant Jonathan Mason knew that he would most likely pick to enlist in the Enclave forces to do field work on the mutant infested mainland's and couldn't wait to grow up so he could do exactly that. In the mean time, Aaron would have to pre-occupy himself with other things until that special moment came. When Aaron wasn't helping his mother care for his siblings, him being the oldest of the five in his family, he would sit in his room and tinker with things he found lying about the Rig and would figure out what their purpose was and what they went with. From this point on Aaron knew that he also had a love for machinery. As he grew he moved onto bigger projects such as fixing his parents appliances that occasionally needed fixing or repairs and at a rare moment he was pulled aside for help aboard the Oil Rig. Aaron continued to grow and participate in more activities around the ship when he was told one day that he was going to work in the metal shop on the Rig until he was finished with school. This made Aaron quite suspicious, he wondered if his life was being decided for him... However, Aaron obliged and began work in the factory, hoping to get some professional knowledge before he went out into the field. As the years went by, Aaron received valuable teachings on how to fix engines, perform basic and advanced construction, and how he could repair the Enclave Issued power armor as well as how he may fix the issued Laser and Plasma weaponry given out by the Enclave command. Aaron even for a short while was in contact with explosives and learned mine laying techniques and how to destroy a structure using the minimal amount of any material given. When Aaron was finishing up schooling, he heard about a special recon squad in need of a Mechanic and he thought he was perfect for the job, their name was the '821st Vertibird Assault Squadron' and Aaron had a feeling he knew where he wanted to be. As school wound down, Aaron began thinking over his decision very carefully and made up his mind that he wanted to enlist. Aaron did so but he had received word that he was to stay in the shops. Aaron was outraged and requested that this decision be re-evaluated. The person put in charge of the matter said that they would send his Enlistment Papers to Captain Erica Sinclair, the commanding officer of the operation for review. Aaron was somewhat relieved but then they mentioned that it was completely out of their hands now and that they would contact him when they received a definitive answer.

A note is attached on the bottom...

Captain Erica Sinclair,
   Captain, I wanted to submit my Enlistment Papers to you but there have been some troubles with this on the Poseidon Oil Rig. I have reviewed the informational details of the mission and such, I understand it completely and fully. I would really like the chance to prove myself to you Ma'am, whatever I have to do. I'm willing to do it. I promise... I won't let you down.

Technician Aaron Mason.

Dated: 12/12/2236

Why do they CONTINUE to send me raw recruit to what could be one of the most dangerous areas left in the US? You're lucky I need someone for field repairs. Try not to die.


Name: Jason Cox
Date of Birth: 21st May 2214
Height: 6"4
Weight: 196 pounds
Character Description: Growing up with an accident on the oil rig, Jason is plagued with a scar or two. He has two seperate scars on his left arm, both from the same incident. Each one being a small, jaggered line, one being just above the joint, the other just below his shoulder.

He has a fully shaved head and blue eyes. He stands 6"4 feet tall, with a obviously larger right arm than left. This is due to his accident and his inability to strain his left arm too much during the two years before he joined the Enclave. He has tried to follow in his brothers physical footsteps; attempting to gain the strength to intimidate anyone under his command, thinking this is the only way to be seen by his fellows.

Jason had once been a nice man, but upon joining the Enclave he started to become a lot worse. After repeated shoutings from Drill Seargents, he has hardened. This, however, came at a cost. He has become a bitter and angry man, causing him to feel very little emotion to others plites.

Backstory:  ** The hand writting on the paper seems to be rather untidy, obviously the paper was moving. **

My childhood is rather... normal. Born on the oil rig with a father as an Enclave soldier -- or guard, whatever he wanted to call himself he was still a normal guard to me. I had worked as a... oil rig boy for so long. I was so in love with the idea of following in my brothers footsteps that during lessons I didn#t really listen. When I did listen, it was just on basic things. The only time I listened was when they were talking about basic mathematics mathermatics math.  My father was what mainly taught me, and those "teachings" were just in learning about energy and laser weapons.

Well, my later life I When I was 16, I got myself into a accident on the rig. Turns out I was not supposed to keep my arm on this platform and some... blade came and cut into my arm. The blade apparently cut through my arm slightly. Nothing major, but they stopped trusting me after that... Cannot understand why.

** Unreadable scribbling outs are here, as if he was about to go on about something else. **

I was taken off the rig duties from then and spent 2 years trying to join the soldiers ranks. I was wanting to be what my father was not, and what my brother had been. After so many attempts at proving I was worthy, they finally accepted me at the age of 18. For 3 years nothing much had happened, I was stationed as a guard on the rig. And I hated that.

Eventually, I got an assignment to clear out some mutants on the mainland somewhere. It was a disaster. We had set up some camp by some rocks and were going to rest till morning. A terror came up to us. Three, in fact. Those Deathclaw things came up to our camp and took us by suprise. As I was fighting with my squad members, I paniced as a Deathclaw decided to come towards me and I desperatly dove towards the rocks, squeezing between them to the best of my ability and watching my squad die, cowering. By the time reinforcements from another camp came by, I was the last one left -- or that's what they told me. I believe that any survivors survivours were just unwanting of me.

After that, I was never let off the Rig again 'till I got this here chance. I think that they just want rid of me! I bet they just scared!


ACCEPTED. I still find some elements of your story...not fully in line with what I would expect the Enclave would send out to the wasteland but I can tell the effort is there so I'll give you a shot
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Blake.H: The sheer obedience is enough to fuel my erection anyway


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Name: Sade Stone
Origin: Living in upstate New York with his wife and son. Sade one day grew tired of the old life and wanted something new and adventurous as his spirit tended to be. He left his home one night and slipped off, he traveled as far south as the carolinas. But one morning he woke up and said what have I done? Seeing the turmoil in his life and the hardships his family are now facing alone and forsaken. He turns back for home. He finds himself in Kentucky, dazed and confused he wanders to pile of scrap he sees in the distance. As he approaches he realizes its no pile of scrap its a town and its the place hes going to stay for the next few months this town is Rusty Town.  // I know mines not crazy long with 14 chapters but its to the point//

DENIED. Yes there is no length requirement but you didn't even follow the format. And you clearly have no knowledge at all of Enclave canon. In fact I don't see mention of the Enclave at all in your post. Rust town is Frankie's Republic.


Name: Jones Malone
Date of Birth: November 20, 2211
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 192 lbs
Character Description:
Jones Malone could be said to be a clone of his father, George Malone. From his father, he received the same dark black hair with matching dark brown eyes. His body also retained that of what his father had during his prime years, through the physical exercises he took part in. During one of the early exercise, Jones received a blow to his head that carved a scar, causing a distortion as the first difference between him and his father. As it seemed, Jones' mother did not manage to pass on any physical traits, much to his father's joy. On the outside, he is his father all around. Personality wise, he works like his mother.

His thought process is much of his mother's side. He works through problems by trying to figure a quicker more logical conclusion then simply jumping into things. He would prefer to direct others on how to go about doing things. He also feels more at home when working on gear and lending his knowledge to others about how to operate a rifle or craft necessities out on the field. He learned much on how to follow orders to the expectations of his father.

Jones Malone was born on November 20, 2211 to a George and Elizabeth Malone on the Poseidon Oil Rig. Both parents were part of the Enclave; his father was part of the infantry, preferring to fight then stay back and watch. His mother was an engineer on the Rig, working to keep the base running while trying to raise their son to be more than just a soldier.
During Jones' childhood, Elizabeth took the parental role of raising Jones. She taught him the basic education and history of their life. She also instilled a fear of becoming an outsider, shaping him to never question orders of superiors. In his free time, he would spend time learning the job of his mother and how it was said to be one of the more important jobs "The Rig is our Life" as his mother put it.

After Jones became old enough, life took a drastic change. His father took over his life, hoping to shape him into a fine soldier. On his 10th birthday, Jones' began life as an apprentice to his father's training. Every day from then on was scheduled for training. Years of training past by as he was formed in his father's image. His relationship to his mother deteriorated over time, as he couldn't spend time learning what he became so fond of. Unknown to his father, Jones went off to continue to learn of the mechanics of the Oil Rig. All his free time was spent interacting with his mother's coworkers that he became acquainted with as a child.

When he turned 18, his father enlisted him into the army of the Enclave, hoping to see his work pay off. Jones managed to make his father proud when a report was issued by one of his Drill Sergeants saying he was an 'Outstanding recruit, destined to go far in the services'. Jones spent 2 years training to become a soldier, rising up to the rank of private. After basic training, Jones got an offer to transfer out to Navarro.

After the transfer to Navarro, Jones lost contact with his parents after turning his focus from soldier to technician. His main interest was formed when he went down the path of maintaining the Vertibirds. He became an apprentice under the dedicated Head Mechanic Raul and for the next 4 years worked hard on repairing Vertibirds and training to become a general mechanic.

Fearing his position, Raul sent a message to get Jones transferred far away as possible under the guise of a simple request. A letter of transfer was sent out to the 821st Vertibird Assault Squadron command, addressed to Captain Erica Sinclair. The letter listed Raul's recommendation for a position as a Vertibird Specialist. The new Recommendation of Transfer letter had an extra copy Jones' last transfer letter, listing a detailed history of training under his father, General George "Knuckles" Malone.

ACCEPTED. We could use another mechanic as we've had some issues with one of our birds preventing long range patrols. Welcome to the 821st.


Name: Mark Hudson
Date of Birth: June 21'st, 2213
Height: 5'9ft
Weight: 187 pounds
Character Description:
Mark is a well built person and he talks with a deep, calm voice. He have brown/dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and have a clean shaved face. He also have a crew haircut. He have many of his facial traits from his mother.

Mark is a caring, helpful person who always tries to help whenever he can. He have also proved to have quite some knowledge about medicine. Because of this, he was given the nickname 'Doc' or as some like to call him 'Mocky'. Despite all of these traits, Mark is a very short tempered person and impatient, easily and often getting angry at the slightest provocation. This has lead to conflicts with not only his friends and family, but also his superiors.
Even though Mark is short tempered and impatient, he always follows his orders, not backing out until the job is done. He is also a strong believer in the Enclaves cause.

Mark Hudson was born on June twenty-first, 2213 aboard the Enclave oil rig to William and Sarah Hudson. Mark was born screaming and kicking and what not. Both of Mark's parents were doctors in the Enclave, hence why Mark had such an interest in it. As Mark grew up, his parents taught him about medicine, hoping he would carry on the family tradition. This included everything from basic things such as stopping a small bleeding, to the most advanced forms, such as treating shock and plasma wounds. Mark however, despite what his parents hoped for, would eventually enlist the Enclave Armed Forces. Feeling the need to serve his nation, Mark enlisted at the age of 20 (since he was finishing a medical education). The following months in boot camp, would turn out to be the toughest in his life.

Mark had always been in a caring family, being practically spoiled. When he entered boot camp, all that was gone. No dearly mothers cuddling, no fathers comforting words. In the boot camp, he only experienced yells from his Drill Sergeant. There was no love, only hardship. Mark took all the hardship to himself, pushing himself to become the best soldier he could.

Through the next two years, Mark trained to become the soldier the nation needed him to be. First he took basic training, which was mandatory. When he had finished the basic phase, he proceeded onto the advanced training phase. Here he trained in everything that he possibly could and were allowed to. This included heavy weapons, marksmanship, reconnaissance and of course, advanced medical aid. However Mark only barely passed in all the courses, with the one exception of advanced medical aid, in which he scored top points. During training though, Mark would sometimes get into an argument with his Drill Sergeant. Mark's short temper proved to be an obstacle to him, as he had multiple times found himself almost hitting the Drill Sergeant. Something that the superiors noticed.

After many hardships and trials though, Mark eventually graduated as a soldier in the Enclave Armed Forces. He was now a Private. Feeling the pride inside himself, he immediatly headed home to his parents. Even though his parents had hoped he would have followed directly in their footsteps, they were nonetheless proud of him.

A couple of months later after he had graduated, Mark found himself bored of the life on the oil rig, now that he was a soldier. His former Drill Sergeant noticed this, and informed he's superiors about it. Because of Mark's short temper and impatience, his superiors knew that he would have trouble getting sent out on missions in his own requests. He would most likely spent the rest of his days on the oil rig, unless Mark's superiors did something. So, despite the things Mark had done during basic training aswell as advanced training, the Mark's superiors contacted the 821'st Vertibird Assault Squadron and asked if Mark could be placed in the unit. They wanted Mark to get some experience, aswell as serving with one of the most able Captains the Enclave had. They also hoped it would help him being less short tempered and impatient.
So after some thinking, Mark's superiors decided to place him into the unit, although the final decision had to be made by Captain Erica Sinclair, the Commanding Officer of the unit.

I like the app a lot but the history of insubordination isn't something the 821st wants to see. If I had more slots I would have taken you but since I don't, I'm sorry but for this round you're denied. If apps open again I will let you in. Sorry.

emperor bobby

Name: Richard "Gretchen" Gretchellin
Date of Birth: December 14, 2214
Height: 5foot, 9 inches.
Weight: 160LB.
Character Description: When not in an active firefight or pursuing an immediate objective, he isn't very noticeable, he doesn't like to talk, but knows it is important to establish friendships with his Fellow soldiers, because of this, he is polite, and shows interest in his Colleague's activities. He spends a lot of time working on his social skills, and even more time tinkering with his weapons, reading books both recreational and training manuals, and just observing how things function in the camp, He has a sense of humour that seems out of place on this supposedly anti-social soldier, and it occasionally shows in conversation. He is an atheist, but his Belief in the enclave's superiority over all lesser beings, mutants, waste Landers, and Non Americans is as strong as any spiritual belief. His mindset is that of the ideal enclave foot soldier and were it not for his skills in less direct confrontations, this would certainly be his calling. Richard is a master of disguise, kidnapping, incapacitation, Negotiations, torture, anything that doesn't involve direct confrontation. For the only thing Richard holds higher then his ideals, is his personal well being. In Firefights and covert missions, Richard becomes secluded in his objectives, (his well being, and completion of the mission.) and will do everything he can to see them to completion. It's not that he doesn't care about his friends and squad mates, only that he feels he is more important. He has dark brown hair, and Icy blue eyes, and is clean shaven, and he keeps his hair short.

Backstory: December 14, 2214, Hank Gretchellin, a low level mechanic, was working on one of the Automated turrets in the entry hall, When he received a call from the Hospital level, His wife, Debbie Gretchellin was giving birth! He dropped his tools and ran as fast as he could through the Oil rig, up and down stairs until he reached her bedside, completely out of breath. She cradled their new born baby in her arms, warm and wrapped in blankets, was their child, "it's a Boy, Mr. Gretchellin." Said the doctor, without emotion. Hank nodded. Knew just what to name Him. "Let's Name him Richard, after you're Father." He said to Debbie, who just nodded, she was so happy she didn't want to speak. Neither of them knew what lay in store for their newborn son.

As a young child, Richard never spoke much, more content to play with his toys in solitude, or stack items in his room to try and get into the vents. He never succeeded when he tried to squeeze through the grate, and more then once his makeshift platform would fallout from beneath him, and his parents would run into his room at the sound of his crying, His Father wasn't too concerned about his Curiosity of the vent. "He's a curious one, Debbie, just like me when I was a boy." Hank would say. When other children wanted to play with his toys, he would make up elaborate stories of curses he placed on the toys so no one else could touch them,  his Mother would always grumble because of this, Richard didn't think anything of it, they were harmless stories that meant he got him what he wanted, His parents were fairly lenient on his story telling, but his mother would occasionally grumble, asking whoever would listen "why is it when he's scaring the other kids you can't keep him quiet, but he won't talk to his own parents?" Richard was unhappy. He didn't like to bother his mother, but he just didn't like to talk, "it's just a stage." His father would reassure her. "He'll grow out of it."

When school started, Hank would realise he wasn't entirely correct, Richard talked more, but only to the kids who were bigger and stronger then he was. After a few months, he had figured exactly what to say. And what never to say, for almost any situation he found himself in during recess. He only got in one fight in his first 5 years of school, which he lost, receiving a very bad beating from the biggest kid in his class. As the nurse tended to his injuries, he decided that he never wanted to get hurt again, he would take a job as a politician, or mechanic, something safe on the Oil rig, if a bigger pure human could beat him so badly, the mutants that his dad told him about in his scary bedtime stories would Crush him entirely, Years went on, and he remained the Kid who knew exactly what to say to avoid a beating, and was friends with all the bullies, but he still didn't like to talk, seeing it as more of a necessity, then anything. His father tried to teach him how to play Baseball, the age old American sport, but there was never enough room to truly enjoy it on the oil rig. And most of their sessions would end with Richard sneaking away when Hank wasn't looking, That was Richard's favourite game, Hide and go seek but with Richard's own set of rules, namely, he always hid, and the seekers didn't know they were seeking, Richard would crawl in the vent systems around their apartment like a rat, enjoying his sense of freedom immensely, uncaring of what others thought.

By the time he was 9, he had observed every public space on the oil rig from the safety of the vents, he heard stories from his dad of the labs where research was conducted, "the scientists Make everything from better toothbrushes to super strong armour for the soldiers" he would tell him. The Other kids, the ones Richard would consider his "friends" told him much darker stories. "They Make weapons." One said. "They have a virus that turns you into a mutant!" said another, every kid he knew had a slightly different story, and eventually, he decided he would find out for himself, He used the vent system one night, and crawled through the labyrinth, he didn't know about the security systems, and was caught completely unaware when the grate he was crawling overtop of popped loose, dropping him onto a pressure pad, within minutes several armed soldiers found him and carried him away, forcing him to stay the night in a small prison cell nearby, in the morning, His parents Picked him up, he felt awful, and a belt to the Backend when they got home made him feel worse, but he was also fascinated by the first air of authority that had caught him doing something wrong, and the first group of people he couldn't talk his way out of trouble with. His survival instinct, of befriending those who were stronger then he was made it obvious to him, He must join the enclave armed forces, then he would be just as strong as them!

He stopped reading his Father's old mechanic books, and borrowed some military training books, He grew incredibly bored with them, but kept reading, his schooling was still the standard civilian education, he hadn't told his parents he planned to switch into military schooling next year. Wile the standard infantry was a career he dreaded, following orders, expendability, dangerous, And medical knowledge went over his head, The role of covert ops fascinated him, and he began to realise he'd been practicing his whole life for such a role. When the time Came, he switched into military school, and began to study meticulously on everything covert ops, he learned both in an out of classes, and boasted to his select few friends about how he knew he would be an expert Scout when he left the oil rig. He Listened to pre recorded speeches by the enclave president's, fascinated by their skills of persuasion, he began to truly appreciate how lucky he was he was a pure human, And he almost felt pity for the Waste Landers, as they were called, but as his commanding officer told him, they were Mindless animals who ran on instinct, much like super mutants and ghouls, both of which he despised immensely, for no reason he could think of, only that he had been told so by everyone he knew since childhood.

"Where the Super mutant is Powerful and stupid, And the Ghoul is Clever and tough, the waste Lander is weak and deceptive. They are no better then their ghoul and super mutant cousins, they may look like you and I, but they are savages, they are nothing but obstacles in our goal to reclaim the mainland." Was his Teacher's Favourite Before class speech. And he learned it by heart, after years of studying, and graduating with Average marks in everything, With the exception of medical, which was below average, and Covert ops, which was the 3rd highest the school had that year. He Joined the Army, And Was sent to a Training facility, to put all those years of study into action. He didn't get along with his drill sergeant; his usual plan of Befriending superiors didn't work on this man. Richard was forced to work just as hard as everyone else, and He felt the pain of Actual effort for what felt like the first time.

The Military Tore him apart and pieced him back together, But they didn't completely remove His old traits, He Hid it well, but he was still a coward, Though he Could handle pain when he needed to, if it benefitted him or the enclave in the long run. His original bias opinion towards the waste Landers, and everything that was not enclave was turned into hatred, rather then distaste. He matured immensely, and worked on his social skills almost as hard as he trained. Eventually befriending the majority of his Barracks. 2 years of the harshest training of his life, and he was loaded into a Vertibird and sent off on a Tour of duty, that took him To Several battles of importance with both the Brotherhood of steel, and More raiders then he could remember, On one occasion, Using His skills of Marksmanship, Kidnapping, negotiation, and psychological warfare, he Convinced a small settlement of 25 raiders to leave their town, unarmed and surrender to the enclave, he felt satisfied as The rest of his squad Lined them Up against a Cliffside and executed them with laser rifles, (until they decided it was better to just shove them all off instead.)

His sergeant wrote several recommendations for promotions, and praised Richard for his skill. By now, he was 22 years of age, and had 196 Confirmed Kills. Excluding enemy friendly fire caused by His espionage tactics. He seemed a perfect candidate for the 821st Vertibird recon squad, who was currently stationed in the east central common wealth. And vastly outnumbered by impure humans, the brotherhood of steel, local crime families, and compromised Vault residents. Now a paper rests on Captain Erica Sinclair's Makeshift table, Confirmation papers for Richard Gretchellin's Transfer, All she has to do is Sign her name.

Accepted. Good application.


Name: Dean Gooding Jr.
Date of Birth: April 19th, 2213
Height 6'1'':
Weight 191lbs.:
Character Description (More detailed the better, post a picture if you got one but I want a WORDED description as well. Also show me something about your personality too please in this.):

Dean is rather tall and has an appropriate weight for his height. He usually wears a clean buzzcut or crewcut and lacks facial hair. His eyes are a dim brown, and his stature is broad.

Backstory (make it GOOD. The Enclave is going to be kept small for obvious reasons. Prove you belong here): Dean Gooding Jr. was born on April 19th, 2213 as the third child of Dean Gooding Sr. and Eva Gooding, brother to Robert Gooding and Jennifer Gooding. They originally settled in North Carolina, in a small home. Dean Gooding Sr. was at that time associated with the Enclave. He was discharged due to misconduct and followed a life of alcohol and consistent failure to maintain and stabilize a healthy family. His wife, Eva, left him shortly after Dean Gooding Jr.'s seventh birthday, taking Gooding Jr. with her. They then resided on the Poseidon Oil Rig, where Dean had began an interest with America's politics and the patriotism of the time. He even obsessed and collected propaganda posters to his bedroom walls. By the time he was fourteen, he decided he wanted to be better than his scumbag drunk he called a father. He had set his mind to be in the Enclave, for its patriotism boasted across America, or so he believed. At 21, he finally decided to enlist. He specialized in mechanics and hoped to be some sort of engineer for the Enclave. He studied everything he needed to achieve success and become his dream.

He was brought to bootcamp which became an extraordinarily difficult experience for him. He wasn't in the best shape at the time, but after two years of pushing his limit, he finally achieved his goal. He was assigned to the 821st and was generally in charge of maintenance of the Vertibirds, as well as engineering jargon.

Denied. Sorry Solidus. Your app isn't bad but I only have 2 slots and the other apps are better. Try again next time or go join the FRA.


Name:Charles Rhodesford II
Date of Birth:March 15, 2209
Height: Five feet, nine inches
Weight:226 Lbs
Character Description:A contradictory man by any means, Charles has a clean face decorated by an olde-style gentleman's moustache in the same tone as his mahogany-pigmented hair. His jawline is strong, like his pedigree and, although his ears are abnormally large, they fit his miniscule nose and large cranium appropriately.

Backstory: Charles Rhodesford. The name holds a certain pedigree- a certain air about it that speaks of his thrice-great grandfather, Charlie Rhodesford I. Charlie Rhodesford Sr, had been the Secretary of Argiculture of the once-United-States-of-America. By no means was it a pleasant job, but after the years he fought to keep the American troops fed and to keep the dedicated landowners in the grain belt working thier hardest, he won. Though the war came to a sudden and catastrophic end, He, his Wife and his son Charlie Rhodesford Jr. took shelter in the Government fallout shelters and survived the event, for the most part, unharmed. Although the shock of the new world afore them struck thier minds and thier hearts with doubt, they never survived to see the light of day in the irradiated Louisana cranberry-swamps.

His son, Charles Rhodesford II would also die in the isolation of the bunker.

His grandson, and Charles' father, was Charles Rhodesford I. The choice to break the family name after so long a time was not his decision, but his wife's. She believed it was "Time for something news" and though begrudging, Charles was granted the adjusted name. Although the name decended, the family kept its policies, reputation and standings untarnished. Forever they were conservative, red-blooded americans who loved the old world, now lost.

Charles was a rabid man, by any means, the coolness of his forefathers was lost as he raised Charles Jr. Born in the Ides of March, his early life would be a hard one withstanding the beatings of his addled, and drunken father and bearing the mental abuse of his step-mother. Charles Jr's true mother had died during conception. A fatal mistake of the Enclave doctors themselves, but one that was nearly unpreventable. She bled out on the operating table, just as the nurse arrived with an IV, a handful of surgical needs and a dose of Med-X. She had been Charles' only refuge, and one could say Charles developed an Oedipus complex. Infact- You could say exactly that.

What Charles did with his father was unknown; all that can be said is that one day, after venturing out into the wastes with his platoon, he never returned. It was a standard mission, the troopers said, but it seemed like thier commanding officer simply dissappeared moments before they returned to base.

From that day, he was assigned a temporary Enclave "Guardian" until his 21st Birthday where he was obviously prepared for combat duties. No longer coddled and having studied blueprints, schematics, war books, old tomes about Latin Princes and Italic Lords and reading the banned Chinese books about warmaking, he and everyone in the Enclave knew he was preapred for his officer's position.

Just like everyone else, Charles took his officer's test; but in some ways, he was an exception.
There were those who did well, and passed the test with what you would or could call an 80% competance.
There were those who bombed it with poor scores such as 60%

Charles did not pass his Officer's Test.
The sheet on his desk was turned over, pencil ontop of it.
Charles Rhodesford II's Officer's Test did not have anything on it.
Not one answer was filled out.
It was blank.
Charles recieved a Zero-Percent-Competancy grade.

Not treated like an anamoly but yet as another failure, Charles was submitted to the standard recruit filing and processed as such. He was admitted to the statue of Private and encorporated into the armed forces, and transferred to the Bluegrass Wastelands.

((If you think I deserve a rank higher than private, I will write my application to reflect as such.))

As I told you over SF I have very limited slots so I cannot give you a full Enclave char. However if you want to show up as an event char or scientist or something I would be more than happy to allow that. Good app, just with you being BoS head I cannot accept it over people who are not in a faction


Apps are now CLOSED. We have way too many people already so it is very likely it will be a long time before they reopen.