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Started by Ragolution, 01-01-2011

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OOC: This will serve as the brotherhood discussion and job board. Don't bother doing the format, just use [tt][glow=green,3,300][color=green]


Subject: New Boots

Body: Did you get those new boots?

Signed: Major Derp

Your terminal hums as it slowly connects to the BoS internal servers.
You punch in your information and the screen refreshes, presenting the communication and reminder board.

- Terminal 0 -

Username: *****
Password: *****

>> Access Brotherhood Disc. Board



Subject: Base Defense.

Body: Three waste-landers were incapicated upon attempting to get into the lower levels of the bunker.

Signed: Senior Guardian Sophia Karrie


Subject: New Equipment


I've inspected some of the new gear we've acquired from the FRA, the condition is as expected for the amount of hands this went through. None of it is in terrific shape but with some minor work I can put them in working order with some help from Junior Scribe Wilson (I would like to recruit the help of some of the initiates not only to hasten our progress, but in the long run will teach them to properly maintain their equipment). I didn't find any obvious tampering or otherwise questionable articles within the firing mechanisms or any electrical contacts.

I would give my ok on future dealings with the FRA in terms of tech like this, but we will still have to inspect each weapon before it is cleared for use in the field in case our friends become lax and try to pass on scrap to us.

On side note addressed to Elder Veccici, I have a very important matter that needs to be heard by your ears and Senior Guardian Karrie's only. This information is very sensitive and I won't risk leaving it on a public terminal.

The information was worthless, its best if we just forget I even mentioned it.

Signed: Senior Scribe Bethany Clayworth


Subject: RE: New Equipment

Body: You're greenlighted to recruit the initiates as workers, and come to my office as soon as you can for that other matter.

Signed: Elder Veccici



// NOTICE: Anyone caught AFK on guard duty will be DEMOTED.

And likely banned for money farming as well -Paintcheck


Subject: 'Justicar' Project

Body: The project is now in Stage 5. The thermodynamic and electric current algorithms and equations pieced together have permitted an advancement on the MF longevity for the backpack unit. Stage 6 will be on a moderate delay until I can procure a new, and undamaged set of spare crystal focusing arrays to retrofit the previous design. The newly reviewed array setup as well as its optical rotatory support mechanism, is vital and potentially to be considered the weapons heart.

Signed: Senior Apprentice Garret Reid
Unaffiliated: Mikhal 'Sabre' Tokerov -:- Alive
Ex-Military/Spetsnaz: Andrei 'War' Mirkov -:- Alive
Military Observer: Victor Tokerov -:- Alive
Unaffiliated: 'Siege' -:- Deceased
Leoyid 'Rat Tail' Olinsky -:- Alive
The Tar Man -:- No Data


Subject: New Technology

Body: I had a wastelander stop by with what he dubbed an 'Alien Atomizer'. Shortly after his arrival, a man in an older power armor class had arrived and opened fire on the man. I pulled the waster inside to try to procure the weapon, but the power armor had managed to slip by as the blast door was sealing. I did inspect the weapon and confirmed its potential, but I could not persuade the power armor to hand it over. The man also carried what seemed to be a plasma rifle with him and demanded the return of the atomizer. Being extremely over powered in terms of weaponry, I had no other option than to relinquish it. We have the man on the camera video feeds however, so perhaps we may... procure the items in another manner. Elder, Head Guardian, and Head Knight, I seek your council on the matter as the earliest convenience.

Signed: Junior Knight Garret Reid
Unaffiliated: Mikhal 'Sabre' Tokerov -:- Alive
Ex-Military/Spetsnaz: Andrei 'War' Mirkov -:- Alive
Military Observer: Victor Tokerov -:- Alive
Unaffiliated: 'Siege' -:- Deceased
Leoyid 'Rat Tail' Olinsky -:- Alive
The Tar Man -:- No Data


Subject: RE: New Technology

Body: What do you mean by "Older variant" ?
Who the fuck else has power armor besides us and those goddamn outcasts?
We are going to organize a search and retrieve mission briefly; Keep on alert.

Signed: Elder Veccici


Subject; ****** ****** Outcasts *******

Body: You all know what this is about, so I wont explain it again.
I don't want any of you to shoot our Wayward Brothers.
If you see them, try to stay out of their way. They wont shoot you unless you shoot them or piss them off.
Keep yourselves to the same policy.

Signed: Elder Alexander Veccici


(( Muster Roll has been posted. Please put a short post in there. All technology distribution is being handled differently. We are now stable enough to function like the Brotherhood should've been functioning. Power Armor and Laser Rifles will be handled carefully. Plasma Rifles, Gatling Lasers, stuff better than Laser Rifles generally speaking is also application-only (albiet we only have one of those).  If you have anything I didn't mention that is of higher quality than any of these items and is non-ballistic, you must turn it in))