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If your going to be active, and think your worthy of leading the faction fill out the application below:

[center][u][b]IC Information[/b][/u]:[/center]

[b]Name:[/b] (Character name: First 'Nickname(Optional)' Last)

[b]Age:[/b] (Characters Age)

[b]Height:[/b] (Characters Height)

[b]Weight:[/b] (Character Weight)

[b]Eye Color:[/b] (Character Eye Color)

[b]Blood type:[/b] (Character Blood Type)

[b]Physical Description, and Equipment:[/b] (Two Paragraphs Minimum)

[b]Backstory:[/b] (Three Paragraph Minimum)

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[b]Steam ID:[/b]

[b]Time with HGN:[/b]

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[b]Founder of BoS:[/b]

[b]Son of Founder:[/b]

[b]Raider Group that killed the above:[/b]

[b]Name of The Super Mutant Leader:[/b]

[b]Do you help Wastelanders?:[/b]

[b]Human Life, or Technology?:[/b]


IC Information:

Name: Matthew Thompson

Age: 30

Height: 6'2

Weight: 500 Lbs

Eye Color: Green

Blood type: O-

Physical Description: Due to the lack of food in the wasteland, Matthew is skinny but since he always had to travel and help people carrying stuff, he developed muscles too.
He haves green eye, from his father, and the brown hair from his mother. He is 6'2, taller than his parents. He doesn't have a long stamina, and could only run for some minutes before getting completely exhausted.

At the moment, he's wearing a green vest, with dirty black jeans with ruined black shoes and sun-glasses. He's unarmed, but he does know how to fight in hand to hand combat.

Backstory: Matthew was borned in the town of New Reno, he was a son of a bitch and some random person that forgot to take precautions. He was left on that alley, untill a wastelander took him away from there.
Matthew grew up while travelling around the wastes with his adoptive father, who teached him the rules of survival in the wastes and how to hunt creature as gecko's or molerats and eat their meat. Matthew didn't liked the meat from the creatures of the wastes, so most of the time he was startving to death, untill he had to eat it.

Alof of years passed, and the young Matthew arrived at the East Commonwealth, after many days. He arrived in a small town, named Yellowtown.
Matthew decided to rest here for some weeks, and see if he could earn some caps to buy supplies and some weapons. While searching for a job, a person comes toward him asking him if he was interested into joining a caravan that had to reach another town not far from their actualp position. Matthew accepted the job, and the next day they left Yellowtown and started to travel to the nord, with their merchandise carried by the brahmin.
Two days have passed, and the Caravan decided to stop and set up camp where they could rest. During the night,  Matthew went some miles away from the camp, to scout the surroundings, in the meantime at the small accampment was approached by a group of Raiders which assaulted the caravan and killing everyone in the process. When Matthew returned the first think he thinked about was to get the Loot. So he approaches the dead brahmin searching the heavy backpacks for items he could use.
Most of the stuff he finded were very important technology piecies, but he didn't knew that untill he found a letter where it explains that this important piecies had to be delivered at the Brotherhood of Steel in Ohio, not far from his position.

It took him some weeks to reach the BoS in Ohio, and while he approached the entrance, a couple of BoS Initiate's told him to get out of here. Matthew showed them the items that he was carrying, and so they let him pass. When they looked at the stuffh he brought, they decided to pay him a big sum, but he refused and instead asked to be recruited in the Brotherhood of Steel. Matthew was affascinated by the armor and the weapons they were holding, and it reminds him of the story his adoptive father told about him, about these " Knights " that wanted to help the Wastelands.
The BoS accepted Matthew's request, and so he started his training into the use of weapons and of the famous power armor. Most of the time he had to patrol the surrounding of the base or guard important rooms.
Matthew passed most of the time in the BoS like this, and slowly earning ranks untillt the rank of Knight.
In the meantime, the leader of the BoS died and it was time for a new one to be choosen.

OOC Information:

OOC Name: Aresty

Steam ID:

Time with HGN: 5-6 Months.

Time RP'ing: 1 Year and a half.

Leadership Experience: None.


Founder of BoS:

Son of Founder:

Raider Group that killed the above:

Name of The Super Mutant Leader:

Do you help Wastelanders?:

Human Life, or Technology?:

Pending - Proper Application, passed quiz.


IC Information:

Name: Cameron 'Dynamite' Smith.

Age: 34

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 180 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown

Blood type: AB negative

Physical Description:
      A tall, black man with  several burn marks and bullet wounds in his chest from his patrols as an Initiate and a Paladin. On his face, he has one scar that goes down over his left eye, and a burn mark that streaks down his neck. Cameron has a buzz cut and a small beard. He has a dark sense of humor that often keeps the initiates away from his office.
     His Armor is black, with a red stripe going down each side, beginning at the shoulders and down to the feet. On the right chest plate there is the Brotherhood of Steel symbol that still shines after years of wear. On his back there is a sheath for his sword.

The son of Paladin Phillip Smith, Cameron was born into the Brotherhood Order in Arizona. His father taught him the principles and goals of the Brotherhood at a young age and, much like his father did, Cameron understood those goals very clearly. While an initiate, Cameron was overeager and overconfident, often rushing into situations that resulted in him and his patrol getting into bad situations. By the time he became a Junior Knight, he had earned the name "Dynamite" for his short temper and his tendency to use explosives when available and often when not necessary. After five years of being a Knight, he was promoted to Paladin and lead several assaults against the NCR's outposts, miraculously returning unscathed. As a Paladin, he had his old friend, the High Squire of the Sword of his Order, give him a lightweight sword he could carry for Close Quarters Combat or if he ran out of ammo. After his promotion to Senior Paladin, he was sent to California by his Elder for a very important mission.
In California....
     "Now wait, High Elder sir, you mean to send me to the middle of OHIO?! I'm sorry sir but I mean, its in the middle of fucking nowhere!" Cameron said, trying to keep his temper under control.
     "That piece of nowhere is a vital piece of land, now do you want to lead the expeditionary force or not?" The High Elder asked, sitting in his seat. He already knew the answer Cameron would give.
      "Yes... sir," Cameron said in a mellow voice, becoming nervous.
      "Well then, Elder Cameron. You have a flight to catch...." The High Elder said. Cameron was bursting with pride. His decades of dedicated, unquestionable service and honor to the Brotherhood had paid off. As he walked out of the chamber, a Knight guided him to an airship that, when all materials were loaded, lifted off towards Ohio. He recognized a lot of Knights from his Order in Arizona.
Following landing...
    His men set up their Base of Operations fairly quickly. In two weeks, they had their equipment set up and were ready to mobilize patrols. Their mission had gone well so far...
OOC Information:

OOC Name: |HGN-FSA|McCutcheon

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:10935743

Time with HGN: 2 years

Time RP'ing: 3 years

Leadership Experience: Former Leader of DUTY, Squad Leader in two realism units, Leader of West-Tek in IRIS RP


Founder of BoS:

Son of Founder:

Raider Group that killed the above:

Name of The Super Mutant Leader:

Do you help Wastelanders?:

Human Life, or Technology?:

Pending - Proper Application, passed quiz.

"Stop living life so that you can do a job with out pay"
-Blake/Last Exile


IC Information:

Name: Saul 'Eagle' Breaker
Age: 36
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: Grey
Blood type: AB positive

Physical Description, and Equipment: While being carried away by raider patrols, he was used as slave to wastelanders, who had great wealth. His prisoners also tortured him, because his unfavorable temper - signs of bullets and scars are all over his body. He has long hair, but if duty calls, he tries to keep his hair out of the way(pony-tail, pig-tail etc.). He has also goatte with not-well-kept stubble. His body is muscular due to the slavery and undergoing Brotherhood Initiate Training.

       He wears Leather Jacket and mostly old rags all over his body. The only interesting thing on his armor is Brotherhood of Steel mark on his right shoulder and broken slave-collar which he keeps to remember what he went through.

Backstory: Saul was a man brought up in slavery. He worked for the influential leaders of the marauding organizations, usually better known as another slavers. These men tried to destroy a group led by some liberal wastelander called Longrunner Richard. Saul was to the age of twelve raised in freedom, but then he was kidnapped from his village, and there slavers used him and other children as a stooge, miners, cooks and cleaners. Life was hard and ruthless, but as his age has grown, his hopes were expanded. On the horizon was the emergence of new resistance and refuge for escaped prisoners. In his 18 years, life took place only in slavery. When the rebels began attacks on slavers and started gathering strength, Saul was listed to be trained to fight - against his will he was ordered kill the refugees and other rebellion freemen. Nobody knew then that the prisoners themselves were forced to fight against their own people. Slaves are forced to fight until their last breath, some have decided to commit suicide rather than take another life of their fellow men. Saul decided to covertly assist the freemen, rather than killing his own people. Taking down guards and jailors in fierece battle, nobody notices such a losses.

           Once stealthily escaped through barricades of Rebels. There he was aided by John Stewart, simply called Engineer who set him free from the slave-collar. That was a turning moment in the life of Saul, the first time he felt the freedom and what it means to be a free man. He decided that his goal in life is to give freedom to all who need it. Saul joined the sniper squad, and here he earned the nickname "Eagle". One of his last tasks was to kill the leader of the slave society, Saul's prisoner. His task was formidable and many of his friends in this covert operation died, but united, they destroyed a slave society in Denver.

           This was a new life for Saul, but before he could breathe trough the radiated air of freedom Saul saw world full of cruelty, had heard of mutants and bandits, but still hoping there's a place in the world which is full of peace, thought that this place is just out of slavery. But he found that life in this world is one big slavery and that's why he decided to join the Brotherhood of Steel, which is committed to protecting what is important and fight against new threats.

OOC Information:

OOC Name: - Agony
Steam ID: 0:0:5832598
Time with HGN: 9 months
Time RP'ing: 5 years
Leadership Experience: I'm now admin of HardCore Roleplaying server being developed in Czech Republic ( - if you can speak czech x)) Also I was leading many guilds in fantasy games, ranged from mages, paladins, warriors. Only in Role-playing games. Action and story-weak games were never my cup of tea. While leading someone / something, I always try to get everything in order, check on progress in specific objectives and make sure there is nothing against rules going on. Also I really enjoy myself making events (I have great experience in this, due to being admin in server mentioned above).

Note: I'm sorry if there are some mistakes in character's background, english is my secondary language so this is my best x).


Founder of BoS:
Son of Founder:
Raider Group that killed the above:
Name of The Super Mutant Leader:
Do you help Wastelanders?:
Human Life, or Technology?:

Pending - Proper Application, passed quiz.
"Intelligence and the heart is like an hourglass. When one is filled, other becomes empty."


IC Information:

Name: David Stone

Age: 24

Height: 1.90 m

Weight: 95 kg

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Blood type: O-

Physical Description, and Equipment: Stone has short brown hair and his beard shaved. He wears power armor and uses a flamethrower. Under the power armor it self he is muscular and he has a Brotherhood of Steel tattoo. The tattoo it self is placed on the part of the body where the heart it self is under. Sometimes they called it a live tattoo , due to the tattoo moving with every heartbeat.

Few noticeable things are the scars on the body it self. From the right eye to the right arm , then off to the left hip, down to the left leg then carries on to the right leg and ends there.


Early Life

Stone was born in New York, on the outskirts of it where his parents made a living by being mechanics. They easily got by, because if anyone needed anything they'd just help them no matter what they were and what they needed fixed or made as long as they payed something.  People who just tried to make a living and what they tried most of all is to keep their new born son alive and fed. However their luck ran out soon enough with the local raider clan slaughtering his family and leaving the baby to fend for it self.
The names of the parents are unknown.

However a Brotherhood of Steel patrol was nearby and they entered the house where Stone was left by the raiders. They looked for technology and anything that could help them out. They did find some parts left by Stones parents. However they couldn't ignore a cry of a baby. They walked up stairs where Stone was , going closer to the crying but being careful at the same time, thinking it could be a trap. They entered the room where his parents were slaughtered right next to the bed where Stone was placed.

The patrol had a discussion whether to take the baby or not to their HQ and make it one of their own.
They all agreed it was merely human to take the baby and suffer any consequences if they have to for doing so and not leave it behind to die.

Growing up in the HQ

Stone was merely one year old when he was brought to the HQ , judging by one of the medics in the Brotherhood of Steel. The patrol leader, the paladin, who retrieved him named him David Stone. David was the name of the paladins father and Stone was his last name. However not everyone was happy having the boy around. The patrol which brought him back told them what happened and told them what they agreed upon, to the elders that is. It was decided to keep the boy and take their chances.

Growing up in the HQ had it's benefits and it's downsides. Stone did receive proper education and always was interested in all those shiny lights and buttons, what did they do? He wondered when he was very young. He learned how technology needs to be harvested for obvious reasons and considered it a task worth giving a life for.

However due to being a small boy he never had friends. He lived by the things he was taught. Most of the Brotherhood of Steel members were busy doing their daily tasks. From time to time medics would pay attention to him and socialize as they knew the boy needed to socialize in order to remain normal.

Trough out his life in the HQ he learned many things , mastered combat techniques and was ready to set foot outside it upon reaching sixteen years old.

Setting a foot outside

When Stone first set foot outside the HQ he was shocked the way everything looked. The way people lived. How much better was the HQ. Non the less he kept his head straight and thought of the task he was told to do. It was an other patrol, a technology hunt. They recently uncovered a hidden vault and were sent to it to look for anything worth taking a look at and taken to the HQ.

Stone was a little nervous, he only heard stories of the way mutated wild life looked like. He was never prepared to see what he did. However the training and education he got from the Brotherhood only made him stronger and made things easier to accept the way they are.

He took the flamethrower he was issued, and went off with the patrol into the wasteland.

Entering the Vault

Soon they arrived to the location where the vault was. A ripped off door welcomed them with blood stains all over it. The patrol leader told everyone to stay on guard and be ready for anything. Young David readied his flamethrower and was placed ahead of everyone. He slowly walked down into the mountain seeing bones, bodies and a closed vault door. They never knew what awaited inside. He could hear his own heartbeat.

David was ordered to stand in front of the vault door and be ready for anything that comes out to be purged. While others stood back , guns aimed at the vault door and the patrol leader entered the input code for the doors to open. The rusty door with blood stains on it made a huge sound which made everyone def for a few seconds. When the sound stopped they recovered their hearing and watched the door roll off to the side. Everyone felt a cold breeze , the lights were out in the bunker and only smell they could inhale with their noses was the smell of death.

They contacted the HQ , however they were told to go ahead into the bunker and the reinforcement was denied. David had a bad feeling about the whole thing as soon as he saw the vault door. They turned on their night vision and went inside. Everyone had that cold chill in their bones. Something wasn't right.

The Search in The Vault

Young Stone stepped forward. He never saw a vault before. This one was long deserted. Upon entering, they found a body. It's head was eaten judging by the medic who looked it over. Now, they knew they were to expect hostiles. They left the vault door open, in case they needed to get out really quick. Stone was directed to go to the generator carefully but quickly. They needed to do this fast as nothing seemed right. But orders were orders and they knew it. If there was useful technology, that's still working here, they were going to retrieve it no matter what.

As they moved trough the vault, there was simply no life. Bodies, blood stains, bones, ruined furniture, ruined equipment, locked doors, some of them sealed from the other side. It was all a mess. They were all afraid, some more, some less.

They finally came to the generator room. They all just stood there as they saw the generator room didn't even have a scratch on it. Everything seemed in perfect order. The doors were wide open. Again, Stone was placed to cover the door in case something runs out as soon as they turn on the generator. However, one of the patrol members suggested they put up some barricades just in case, which they did.

Stone was standing , facing the door with his flamethrower, his patrol buddies, behind cover, aiming at the door. The patrol leader pushed the button and the generator started up. Power was restored to the whole vault, slowly, the lights turned on, one by one. However, not every part of the vault was lit up. As some of the lights were damaged. When the generator started up, all they heard was multiple loud screams. Then everything turned silent.

The waited for few minutes. But things remained the same. On their way out, they saw on a door. Which they didn't see with their night vision. There was a writing. It said "Welcome To Hell...". Next to the writing there were bones of the person who wrote it with it's own blood. The whole patrol went silent and began their search. The patrol had five men and a girl. The girl was a medic.

The patrol leader decided to split everyone up in groups of two so they would cover ground quicker and maintain radio contact at all times.

The screams they heard could not be explained. Death lurked around the corner and no one knew it.
The groups were the following.

Patrol Leader and Stone
Medic and a Paladin
Technician and a Paladin.

Patrol Leader and Stone went to the overseers office to recover logs of what happened. While the Medic and the Paladin were sent to the medical facilities to search for any useful supplies and operable machinery. While the Technician and the other Paladin were told to unlock and unseal the doors they saw before and search them.

Overseers Office

Slowly but carefully, they approached the unlocked doors and stacked up on it, with the leader motioning Stone to position him self in front and be ready. The patrol leader opened the door. Again, the whole office was in perfect condition. They let their guard down because there were no bodies here, no blood stains, everything looked as if someone kept it clean.

The only thing they found in the overseers office were the logs on his computer. They both read the logs and all of them pointed down to people randomly "turning into thin air" as the overseer said in his log. They were simply no where to be found. Doors would randomly seal them selves and no one could open them. While some of the people who lived there would lock them selves and rarely go out of their rooms.
In certain parts of the vault. The cameras in certain parts of the vault went out.

The last log said how "they" are coming for him and that he has to run.

The Medical Facilities

Maintaining constant radio contact , the medic and the paladin assigned to guard the medic entered the medical facilities and when they did. They were speechless and just stood there as they saw a bunch of bodies just bunched up on each other, some were missing limbs, others were simply bones, while some were turned into meat.

They decided to seal the door and not enter there, as nothing of use could be found there. As they sealed it, something moved inside and banged on the door. It was constant. The patrol leader couldn't see inside because the camera was busted. But it kept on banging, never stopping. Like someone was hitting the metal door with his own head. Slowly, but constantly. The girl was afraid and the paladin suggested they back off.

The bang could be heard trough out the whole vault. The Technician radioed in and wondered what the hell was it. No one knew. Silence was present again in the whole vault, nothing but the bang.

The Medic and The Paladin were told to come to the overseers office and wait for The Technician and The other Paladin to finish up. However on their way back, all Stone and the patrol leader saw on the cameras was them shooting and them being ripped to pieces by an unknown foe. Then they saw them being eaten by ghouls. The monster behind the slaughter backed off. The ghouls were slow and had more flesh on them. But they were still as brainless it would seem. Some of the missed arms, legs and some fingers, others eyes.

Stone and the patrol leader were speechless.

The Tech Team

Unsealing the door slowly, they wondered what were the screams. The Patrol Leader told them what happened and to stop unsealing the door and to get out of the vault this instant. The doors of the vault seemed to have closed, judging by the sound. While the Technician was picking up his gear, the paladin was ordered to open the doors. Time was of the essence. As soon as the paladin reached and opened the door, the technicians scream was heard and they all assumed the worst. The Paladin was shocked and afraid but kept his ground and awaited Stone and the patrol leader.

The Great Escape

As Stone stepped forward trough the corridors of the vault filled ghouls and other mutated creatures with his flamethrowers burning each and every one of them. They reached the doors. Right before his eyes the unknown creatures killed the paladin , tearing him to pieces. Stone in rage along with his patrol leader stepped forward to burn the creature but the power went out and they were both blinded until they turned on their night vision. The creatures was gone once they did that. Everything turned silent and that bang was still heard in the background. The Patrol Leader panicked and hurried Stone to get out of the vault , Stone was ahead. In a blink of an eye the patrol leader wasn't behind him anymore and Stone in fear ran out and sealed the door, the creatures saw Stone do that and slashed him as much as it could but it's claws were not able to reach deep enough to do what it did to the others because it was thrown back by the closing doors.

Stone was laying on the ground, his power armor shattered and blood coming out, slowly. He stopped the bleeding. However he was still in fear and shock. He grabbed his radio and tried to talk, but he couldn't. Every time he tried, he would either begin crying, or simply the words wouldn't come out of his mouth. And the constant banging from inside the vault made it worse.

But he was young, he thought to him self, "It can't end like this...".  After that, he got the courage and the will to speak up and contact the HQ. When they heard his story and saw what happened to him, they were all shocked and since then Stone was a respected member of the brotherhood, known for being a sole survivor...

OOC Information:

OOC Name: |HGN-STBA| Dug

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:20750914

Time with HGN: I think it has been more than a year now.

Time RP'ing: I've been roleplaying for a long time now, about a year with HGN and that was my first serious roleplay aka stalker rp, dark rp doesn't count of course.

Leadership Experience: I was a sergeant in duty and I organized many battles and defenses. I know how the factions work and that the leader has to be active which I intend to do. At the moment I lead the military mercs in the actual military stalker faction. I was a war dog in freedom.


Founder of BoS: Captain Roger Maxson

Son of Founder: Roger Maxson

Raider Group that killed the above: Vipers

Name of The Super Mutant Leader: Richard Grey who was called "The Master." When he was killed they split up into three factions. First of them was led by Gammorin, Second by Attis and the third there was no leader they wanted to make peace with humans and set their differences aside.

Do you help Wastelanders?: No, we stay neutral.

Human Life, or Technology?: Technology.