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Faction Name: Brotherhood of Steel; The Ohio Chapter
Leader: Elder Alexander "The Hammer" Veccici
Members: At least 50
Territory: TBD

Faction Relations:
Enclave - Friendly
Slaver's Guild - Neutral
Vault Dwellers - Hated
LEON - ???
Raiders - Disliked

The Brotherhood of Steel was founded by Captain Roger Maxson; deserter of the United States Army in November of twenty seventy seven. The original goal of the Brotherhood of Steel was to use its resources to help rebuild humanity. In 2135 Maxson I died of cancer, and the faction was passed on to his son, Roger Maxson the Second. Unfortunately during a raid on the local religious fanatics known as the Vipers Maxson the Second was nicked with a poison arrow from one of the vipers, and died hours later. Thus leaving the faction onto his son, John Maxson. Along with John Maxson gaining command, Paladin Rhombus was given leader of the paladins. Under Rhombus' lead a campaign by the Brotherhood and totally wiped out the Vipers. At that point the Vault Dweller entered the picture.

Virtually unrelated to the death and events of the Maxson family, and far far to the west, many chapters of the Brotherhood blossomed all across The American Commonwealths. Such as the dispersal and growth of the Brotherhood in the Capitol wasteland, many ambassadors and elders and other folk scattered amongst the wastes as to Maxson's orders. One of such budding facilities was a great basketball stadium located in the grit of the state once known as The Northern Commonwealth or, more specifically, Montana. It was here the Northwest Brotherhood of Steel was 'founded'. A disjointed community that was virtually cut off from all communications with its superiors in the Mojave wastes, one could barely call it a part of the brotherhood, other than for its great culling of technology and the reaping of the barely-survivable coal mines.

Although much technology was, in fact, older than in other parts of the United States, it was only here that such out-of-date material was so abundantly available. A strange factor that allowed the Northern, disconnected Brotherhood to keep itself bristling with arms that were nearly-as-effective as others.
It was never a severe hindrance, but mounted laser guns needed to be constantly cranked to keep primed, and fusion cells tended to quickly decay when overused.

It was also here that "Victory Alpha" was discovered and accidentally destroyed after raiding a Super Mutant-possessed bunker. A dire mistake forever regretted by the Elders of the North, as a few badly-placed laser bolts and a EMP grenade slammed a fusion core thought completely decayed. Nearly sixty brothers died that day, as well as the long-forgotten prototype of Liberty Prime- a giant mecha many miles to the east.

Aside this, such a place in Montana was where Alexander Veccici was born and joined that sect of the Brotherhood at the "dome". It was here that the historically undocumented "Elder" Dedlen made The Hammer an Elder as well. Six years passed and Elder Hammer, along with a veritable army of Scribes discovered the location of another Prototype mecha, as it was detailed in the nearly-corrupt databanks of that heavily damaged bunker. Scrambled and frayed, the scribes could on narrow down he location to "Near the lakes". It took no time at all for Dedlen to hear of the discovery and ship The Hammer off to found a new outpost in that region. In Ohio. It was an essentially suicidal and generally hopeless mission for anyone with less experience or support, or self confidence.

It was during this expedition that "The Hammer" began the Ohio Chapter; a, in his opinion, "more rugged and determined sect of the soft-stomaches back north." He had assigned himself the Head Paladin and Head Scribe positions as well as continuing his duties as Elder of the Chapter, as he saw no one suited to the job assigned to his company.

Here in Ohio, technology was sparse yet advanced, Mutants were active and dangerous and tended to be less rational than the "other flavor" of Jolly Green Giants back west.

To this day, they search for the robot detailed in the data banks of the bunker, an objective they may never have even had a chance to achieve. A morbid creed quickly developed as the soldiers searched:

We are the Ohio Chapter.
We search until our ends.
Leave no stone unturned.
Victory before death.

For some it became a battle chant, others as a reminder of their role, others still knew it as the song of hope, and yet others, namely raiders and wastelanders, knew it as what they should fear. For all of them, it became how they defined their life's work. And as the moniker transformed so did the Chapter redefine their entire lives as "The Great Search"

NTIATES - Quite simply and quoting the Fallout Wiki, Initiates are trainees who are expected to perform well enough in the training process to be promoted to Senior Initiates, and later to Apprentices. This means Intiates NEVER leave the camp until they are Apprentices. The exception is a Senior Initiate who is accompanied by a 'fathering' Knight, or basically, is learning in the field. This is rare though, as it is often fatal to the Intiate- and sometimes, the Knight.
The Initiate Ranks are Junior Initiate, Initiate, Senior Initiate and Junior Scribe

APPRENTICES - Apprentices are the basic foot soldier. If you need an analog, you can compare them to Privates in the American Army of OOC.
They have no privileges, no one under them and are just basically out of boot camp.
Apprentices MUST prove themselves before becoming a Scribe or Knight
The Apprentice Ranks are Junior Apprentice and Apprentice

KNIGHTS - Knights are the bulk and the spearhead of the fighting force. They are above Apprentices and basically are the main infantry or ordinance, depending on preference and specialization. Knights are the most common soldiers in the Brotherhood. Knights are ALSO the menial workers of the Brotherhood. Knights are expected to shell bullets, charge power cells, polish armor and all the other unfun shit.
The Knight ranks are Junior Knight, Knight and Veteran Knight

SCRIBES - Scribes are basically dedicated to research and technological recovery/repair. They're the handymen as well as the scientists and inventors of the Brotherhood.
The Scribe ranks are Scribe, Senior Scribe and Librarian

PALADINS - Guess what these are? They're basically the top of the top. Paladins are given Power Armor, plasma guns, gauss rifles, and other pounds of delicious technology.  These hardasses have seen so much conflict you'd probably shit your pants just by knowing one battle. I'm pretty sure this rank is generally understood so that's all I'll say.
The Paladin ranks are Junior Paladin, Paladin and Senior Paladin.

Keeping all this in mind....

GUARDIANS - These are a 'custom' rank of Brother. They're the intermediate rank between Paladin and Knight. They are the 'Apprentice' version of a Paladin, if anything and must ALSO prove themselves of being worthy of Paladinship. Generally, a Guardian will need to present a bevy of technological booty to even be considered promotable to Paladin. Either this or a remarkably rare and technological item must be unearthed. Aside this, a tremendous act of duty, such as saving a tremendous number of comrades would also be passable as worthy. Knights become Guardians by experience and time. This is a rank obtained but not escaped by loyalty and devotion.
The Guardian Ranks are Guardian and Senior Guardian

A unique thing to consider of the Brotherhood of Ohio (Not real name) is that the Leader, the Elder Veccici (Aka The Hammer) has appointed himself Head Paladin. Why cannot be said, but it is theorized that it is to keep power and every extremity of the Brotherhood under his thumb.

Power Armor

  • Only units of Knight or higher can use Power Armor
  • Knights must sign in/out a suit and return it after a mission.
  • Scribe should never use Power Armor unless instructed to.
  • Paladins can keep thier armor, but still must sign out and maintain thier suit.


  • You will be hunted down and killed.
  • It will be a PK.


  • You can disobey dumb orders, Like go into a minefield with metal shoes.
  • Disobeying serious orders will result in consequences usually amounting to non-PK execution or disbarment from gear sign-out and being forced to return all gear.

Chain Of Command

  • Elder is the highest rank.
  • The heads of all branches are rank-equals.
  • Guardians and Paladins are equally above.
  • Knights and Scribes are equally above.
  • Apprentices are at the middle.
  • Initiates are at the very bottom.

Out Of Base Protocol and Other

  • Paladins may leave as they please, so long as they notify the front gate guards.
  • Guardians should not leave unless doing a patrol.
  • Knights don't leave the base unless they have asked and are cleared to leave.
  • Scribes should never leave the base, unless called upon; getting fresh air is not a valid excuse.
  • Apprentices can guard the gate; they cannot leave the base unless ordered. Apprentices and higher can make excursions to the "Rust Town" with their branch's Head's permission.
  • Initiates don't go outside unless ordered to guard, or patrol.

Upon the following situations:
-The Witnessing of an External Element in the Compound
-Becoming surrounded by external elements in the Wilderness
-Becoming assaulted by an external element(s)
-The Witnessing of Externals utilizing advanced technology beyond our own scope
-Discovering a plot to destroy/harm the brotherhood or its workings

Any member of the Brotherhood witness to or personally hearing these things from a source that is not another Brotherhood of Steel Member, is formally permitted to begin and complete the summary execution of those hazardous external elements..

Code of Conduct:

  • Generally hesitant to accept/aid outsiders unless they can/have seriously help(ed) the Brotherhood in return.
  • We are considered neutral to everyone, and will not go out of their way to help wastelanders.
  • Technology has more value than Human life

Credits to:
Alucard for primary information, simple code of conduct and background paragraph.
Blake for that big herald's icon
(T/G)urkey for typographing rules/regulations



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