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on: 13-04-2011
Brotherhood of Steel Rules

Rules are being revised

1.) All brothers will retain a neutral standing with Wastelanders.
    1a.) Wastelanders may be permitted time to trade amongst us, however any hostile or aggravated actions or attitudes of said Wastelanders will not be tolerated.

    1b.) Wastelanders will be kept under observation for the entirety of their stay.

    1c.) Brothers may freely trade with Wastelanders at their own discretion.

    1d.) Brothers are forbidden to trade away any technological equipment to Wastelanders without vocal or written authorization of the Paladin Commander or Paladin. (This includes but is not limited to: Laser Rifles, Laser Pistols, Gatling Laser, Mini-Nuke, Fat Man, Power Armor components, Microfusion cells, Energy Cells, Plasma-Technology.)

    1e.) Medical items, sustenance, ballistic weapons, ballistic ammunition, and scrap metals may be traded at a brothers discretion. Medical items, food, and drink may only be traded to Wastelanders with vocal or written approval of the Paladin Commander or Paladin. Such items are few and far between and must not become a dwindled stock in our possession.

  2.) All brothers will maintain their equipment in the best working order permitted by our supplies.

    2a.) Ammunition will be evenly distributed. Brothers with little or no ammunition must report up the chain of command so that preparations can be made for a restock.

    2b.) Any ammunition or equipment gained through trade with Wastelanders or found discarded must be reported to, and registered with the Paladin Commander or Paladin as to assist in maintaining an accurate inventory. Any brother discovered falsely reporting or hording equipment will be punished swiftly and to the severity decided upon by the Paladin Commander at the conclusion of a Trial.

  3.) Any ventures into the Wastes will be done with THREE members and may be decided by any brothers.

    3a.) Time is precious and will be treated so. Should Wastelander(s) approach a party, figure out what they want, get it over with, and send them off.

    3b.) A trade may be done in the field, however the brothers not involved directly will stand vigilant for threats until the trade has been complete.

    3c.) No patrol may enter a settlement without direct authorization from the Paladin Commander.

    3d.) Wastelanders discovered with Power Armor should be reported to the Paladin or Paladin Commander and then potentially questioned without open hostility.

(Still considering revisions and additions.)
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