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Started by Silver Knight, 01-12-2009

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These apps are expected to be long and detailed, as this position is considered to be important, and only those with leadership capabilities and an actual education will be considered. If this is not the case for you, don't even bother writing an application.

One Place Is Needed

Gamer Name:
Pass Experience in leadership:
Who are the Brotherhood of Steel:
Why you want to apply:
In Character Information for your character if you were chosen:

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(I've added some more info and a new paragraph in the backstory)

Gamer Name: Klp4

Pass Experience in leadership: I've been the leader of the Trader's Union on SRP,  Been leading a minor bandit faction as well for quite awhile ago and I've been leading a few projects in real life.

Who are the Brotherhood of Steel: The Brotherhood of Steel is a techno-religious organization. They have their roots from the American military. The Brotherhood's ruling council decided in 2257 to send an expeditionary force of Brotherhood members to the east coast to recover any advanced technology from Washington. Later on, an Elder named Lyons decided to make the protection of the innocent inhabitants of the Capital Wasteland from Super Mutants and other threats his main priority. That's when the Brotherhood decided to make their forces in the Capital Wasteland strong and powerful, in service of the people there. They did not consider getting back all of the high technology as their main priority anymore, but the later on Outcast did.

Why you want to apply: I want to apply for BOS leader because I believe that I can lead the faction very well. I'm very creative and I like to take on challanges.

In Character Information for your character if you were chosen:

Name: Aldo Rede
Length: 6 ft
Weight: 79 kg
Sex: Male
Traits: Aldo is a strong, pretty young, man who likes to take on challenges when they face him. He's considered to be quite intelligent as well, and he's an excellent strategist. He knows how to strengthen the morale of his men and he never lets them down. He shares Elder Lyons beliefs and ideas about making the Capital Wasteland a better and safer place for all the inhabitants, and he'll do anything in his power to make sure that their ideas and dreams will come true.

Aldo Rede first heard of the Brotherhood of Steel when he was out, searching for food and supplies.
A patrol of Paladins saw him from distance, and without him even hearing a footstep, they were only one metre behind him. A few minutes later, the Paladin patrol were on their way back to their outpost and with them was a hungry, curious man, Aldo Rede.

Aldo had no idea what to expect when he got to their outpost. He didn't know if they would give him a friendly welcome or if they would just ask him questions about the Wasteland and try to get some new information out of him.
When they finally got the outpost, they were welcomed by another group of Paladins, and when Aldo first got inside, he saw a lot of young men and woman, training in all sorts of things. Fighting, shooting, physical training with weights and a running course which involved a lot of different obstacles to test your balance, coordination and strength.
A man walked up to him and began to tell him about the outpost and what they were doing there.
He asked Aldo to follow him inside one of the buildings for a cup of water, and once they got inside, a long conversation took place and it ended with Aldo receiving an invitation to stay there for awhile. Aldo accepted when he was told that he would get free shelter and of course food and water. What he didn't know was that he was about to start a journey that would soon change his life.

During the next couple of weeks, Aldo had been training with the Paladins, the ones he met on his scavenging hunt, and he had also started his journey towards becoming a member of the great Brotherhood of Steel.
The current Head Knight/Paladin was a man named Eric Maxwell.
Eric Maxwell was in his mid 50's, and some of the Knights beneath him actually began to question his leadership. They all liked him very much, and he truly was a wise and strong leader, but, in their opinion, he was becoming an old man, and a cripple one. Eric had been shot during a heavy fire fight and his right leg took most of the damage. It never recovered.

Eric had played a big part of Aldo's training because he was the one, and only, who really believed in him. He thought that Aldo had potential, but of course he needed a lot more training and he needed to learn the ways of the Brotherhood.
During Aldo's first year in the Brotherhood of Steel, he had been training, both mentally a physically, with the Knights and Scribes of the Brotherhood. Everything from reading books to fighting hand to hand against another member was his training for the first year. The Brotherhood prepared him for what was about to come.

Five years had passed, and Aldo was now a Senior Knight. He had proven himself in battle and a lot of the times, he had been the one saving his fellow brothers from the sure death.
The Brotherhood was not as strong as it used to be, and knowing that there was a chance that they would be defeated and crushed anytime soon, began to create a fear deep inside every members heart.
Times of trouble had been over the Brotherhood for a long time now, and the once powerful and strong leader was nowhere to be seen. Eric Maxwell had been killed in battle, and his death bringers had shown no mercy to his dead body. They has used his corpse for shooting practice and after that, they had burned his skin with their own markings. Rebels, raiders or bandits. No one knew who they were and there were no signs or evidence that could lead them to their beloved leader's killers.
Aldo mourned his leader's death but, even though, he continued his training and worked harder than ever. He knew that he had to, otherwise the Brotherhood would fall.

Even though their leader had passed away, the Brotherhood managed to stay together. They continued their work since they thought of it as their duty in life from now on was to make sure that
the inhabitants of the Capital Wasteland would be safe from any harm, Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders whatever. They would make sure that the Brotherhood would live on, and so would their fight against the horror that spread through out the Wasteland.
Aldo was now very familiar with the ways of the Brotherhood and he was also highly respected.
During his time he had done a lot of good, and he had also done quite excellent in almost every test that he had been put up to.

Another year past, and one day, something happened that was about to change everything.
The fear that had haunted the Brotherhood since their leader died, did now come true.
A powerful force of Enclave's moved towards the outpost and with no hesitation, the members of the Brotherhood assembled their own troops and prepared for battle. A storm was coming, and no one knew how it was going to end.

Aldo raised his rifle to the sky and said,
"Brothers! For years we have feared this day, for years we have mourned the loss of our leader, and for years we have prayed and wished for this day to be our. We have lost brothers and sisters, families and friends. We've even lost hope sometimes, but today we shall not be afraid, we shall not hesitate and most definatley, we shall not be defeated! Let us all remember this day as the day we concurred! As the day our enemies fought hard and good, but we my brothers, fought better! This will be the day when the Enclave face their worst nightmare, this will be their doom!
Brothers! Fight with me, fight for your faith and fight for yourself! We will crush them!".
The battle began and blood was shed. Like lightning and thunder strikes the world in a storm, so did the two forces meet in a storm of bullets.

The sun was on it's way down, and silence had spread through out the battlefield.
Dead bodies were to be found all over the place, and blood filled the ground, giving it a sort of red orange colour.
A few members of the Brotherhood of Steel walked through the sea of corpses, looking for survivors. They had won the battle, but their loss was not small.
One of them looked up and saw Aldo, standing over the body which were the leader of the Enclave force that had attacked them. Aldo slowly turned around, looking on his fellow brethren, and said,
"We've won a great victory, but lets not forget the brave men and women who have died for this.
A new era has begun, and it's our job, our duty and our life to make sure that every man and woman will live through it, in peace. We will honour this day as the day justice took its right place in the Wasteland. This day belongs to everyone.".

The men and woman who stood in front of him slowly kneeled down while a man named Alex Johnson walked up to Aldo and looked at him. "The new era begins with you my friend.", he said and kneeled down. He then smiled at him and spoke out "All hail Aldo Rede!".
Later that week, Aldo got promoted and became the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel forces in the region. The council thought that he was the one that could take over where Eric Maxwell left. The High Elder of the council also announced that he was to join the council and become an  Elder, and so he did.

The sun slowly disappeared behind the sky, and the night was on its way. The Wasteland had suddenly changed into a more peaceful place and everyone began to see the brightness that was coming their way. It was beautiful.


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