The Principality of Azmura

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Official Faction Name: Principality of Azmura

Abbreviation Azmura

Flag/National Colors Light Blue, Light Grey, and Black

Short Description An upstart state created by Schrei, son of King Stolz of the Western Isles.

Background: (To be worked upon)

Threat level: Low

Expansionist: No

Military Strength: 40 professional soldiers (including 1 knight)

Allies: Aridell

Declaration from Prince Schrei of Azmura

At the behest of my father, I have come from the western isles to claim land within Aceon.
A new state, Azmura, shall be erected in the southwestern corner of your borders.
I seek subjects willing to join together under my rule and build a great new nation.

Therefore, the first five subjects to take on the listed roles shall be granted the title of Meister and shall be allowed to hold personal counsel with myself and the princess
on all decisions made for the principality of Azmura. As well, you shall be waved of any taxes that other may pay.

The Five Meisters

Meister of the Pick
The Meister shall be Head in Chief of all mines and quarries within the realm of Azmura. They shall oversee the creations of mines and quarries, the hiring of Miners, and  the collection of stone and minerals. They will hold all resources under the crown and make sure that all Miners shall be paid their dues.

Meister of the Hoe
The Meister shall tend to the central farm within the Principality. They may hire workers to tend the crops of the farm. All crops harvested are held by the crown, with a percentage being paid back to the Meister. The Meister also collects taxes from private farms within the realm, which a portion is to be paid back to the crown.

Meister of the Axe
The Meister is the Head Treefeller and Caretaker of all forests within the realm. They shall oversee the hiring of treefellers and the collection of lumber to the crown. They shall pay all fellers their dues.

Meister of the Stone
The Meister is the Chief Engineer of Azmura. They shall oversee and approve the construction of all buildings in the realm. They may hire workers and must pay them their dues.

Meister of the Quarter

The Meister is the Quartermaster of the Realms trading post. They shall oversee the allocation and storage of goods and the trade of goods, both domestic and intercolonial. They may hire workers and must pay them their dues.

Prinz_Schrei - Prince
Xelvie - Princess
HealthyCarrot - Meister of the Pick/Interm Meister of the Axe