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[Rules] Faction Threads/Guidelines

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Each faction thread must use the format as follows, but you are ABSOLUTELY free to add more stuff like pictures, backstory, what have you.

Factions that obtain a high status in the world (Either through military prowess, economic signature, social regard or anything measurable or able to be experienced) will be stickied.

If you feel your faction has reached such a status, feel free to post in this thread saying something like

"My faction has reached a high status in Aceon and we wish to be acknowledged as such."

and then tell me the faction's name and I'll gladly sticky you and create your portal the next time I'm online.

Code: [Select]
[b]Official Faction Name:[/b]
[b]Associated Colors/Heraldry:[/b]

[b]Short Description:[/b]
[b]Background[/b] (Optional)[b]:[/b]

[b]Leader[/b] (Format - OOC : IC )[b]:[/b]
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  • what does that mean?
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