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Nhaorn, The Mountain Kingdom

Table O' Contents

I. Lore or The Dragon's Call - Link Here

II. Current Roster - Link Here

III. Rank System - Link Here

IV. The Secret Knock - Link Here


Section I - The Dragon's Call

In the long past, deep beneath the soil in an ancient cave, The First Wyrm hid until his death, birthing the Imperfect beings known to the world as Dragon. Of his brood there were 3, each one blessed with the powers of Flame and Flight. These dragons terrorized the old world until their deaths, avenging their dead father as best they could and beginning The Age of the Dragon. The Age of the Dragon would only end when the last Dragon was vanquished by the great warrior Davien Wyrmsblight.

Davien stalked the last dragon for many years until he located its lair. Davien's Host had slain all of the Dragon's offspring and finally the warrior himself stomped down into the cave to see the Dragon dead. The dragon reared in horror as Davien walked into its home, knowing its fate sealed. It bargained in its draconic tongue, begging Davien to spare it. The warrior had none of its tricks, knowing the ways its brothers had attempted to survive.

A gout of fire overtook Davien as the Dragon proved it was still able to fight, blackening the ground with heat.

Wearing plates of blood-red steel, Davien's legendary armor was impervious to all sources of fire, allegedly being tempered in the fires of hell itself. The legend tells that Davien sacrificed the soul of each dragons he had slain to fuel the hellfire armor.

Horrified and confused, the Dragon panicked and smashed the cave walls in a frenzy. A huge boulder soon pinned the dragon as the rock came loose above it. Davien drew his sword and walked up to the pinned Dragon, hearing it utter its last words, and slit its neck.

At the end of the Age, Davien drove his sword into the ground in the Dragon's lair and declared the Age of the Dragon over, and for the Age of Man to begin.

Legend tells that the lair was so full of treasures, that great walls of gold were erected around the Dragon's Lair, using only the gold bars that filled the lair. The wall stood to protect ancient artifacts from treacherous hands, to give gold to those who desired it and to allow Davien's great host to claim what land they could. The walls attested to in this legend no longer exist, as one would expect, though it is said some remnants remain underground.

Nhaorn sprung up around the site where Davien struck his blade into the stone, praising the ancient blade as a mark of Peace and Order. A society founded by Davien's son Alvur, Nhaorn believes in Justice above all and rules with an even hand.



Members of the Judiciary Council

(Brostory) High-Juror Valentin Aran
(Orcman123) Juror Kyrollos Dagan
(dkd819) Juror

The Arbitrators

Arbitrators of the Marble Court

High Arbitrator of the Marble -

Arbitrator-Blanque - (Portkins) Tyfir Relidall
Arbitrator-Blanque - (2kTaco)
Arbitrator-Blanque -

Arbitrators of the Onyx Court

High Arbitrator of the Onyx -

Arbitrator-Negra - (Ausius)
Arbitrator-Negra - (Jajo)
Arbitrator-Negra -