Outbreak. (Live Zombie RP)

Started by Notsuchabadguy, 20-01-2012

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It's been ten days since the Solanum Virus broke out. Your characters find themselves in a big city, filled to the brim with infected people. Hospitals are overrun, all emergency lines have been shut down, and TV and radio stations have stopped transmitting.

The last emergency broadcast instructed the survivors to head to the "Big Town Mall" for evacuation. You arrive only to find the place deserted, both military and survivors already gone. You go up to the roof hoping to find someone, but all you're able to see is a swarm of infected, coming from every direction. With no help on the way, you find yourself stranded at the mall, completely surrounded by zombies.

What will you do?

The RP will be done live in a tinychat room. http://us3.chatzy.com/85661963390069

Use (()) for OOC, "" for dialogue and normal writing for actions.

(Sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not my first language).





One object you have on you (Don't worry about weapons):


Edit: The chat is closed for today. I'll try to be here Saturday at 6:00PM. If anyone wants to join then...


Name: Robert

Age: 17

Background: He was at a party the day before the outbreak started. He headed to the mall hoping to find his family.

One object: A digital camera

Appearance: Tall, thin, with pale skin, green eyes and black hair.



Name:William Sinnsir


Background:Just a normal goth/punk kid trying not to die.

One object you have on you (Don't worry about weapons:(Ipod, SliverNecklace, Belt,36(Dallors/Euro's)



Name: Eric Cross

Age: 21

Background: Eric had finished his with his college classes when the outbreak started. A group of friends and himself headed to an evacuation center, yet they were all picked off one by one. Now it's only him, trying to survive for his friends. Too see another day in this hell hole of a city.

One object you have on you (Don't worry about weapons): Bookbag

Appearance: Red hair, brown eyes, average build, 5'11
I used to be an adventure like you, but then the shadow started chasing me through a castle filled with monsters.


Name: Elliot Saunders

Age: 25

Background: Was on a camping trip with some of his friends they all were at a private reserve and it was a, 'Eat what you capture' sort of experience. Was on the way home passing through the woods when an infected person attacked his group. They managed to strike the man down with an axe they used for chopping firewood and remain in the woods, waiting for the right moment to return to the city, which they only do if necessary for food or other requirements.

One object you have on you (Don't worry about weapons): Sleeping bag + Tent.

Appearance: European, Blonde hair, blue eyes, average size.


So, are we playing this Saturday? Is 6:00PM okay for everyone?


Name: Jonas Halldin


Background: Jonas Halldin was a normal, ordinary teen from Sweden, who did most of the things any 15 year old do, go to school, train baseball and did most of his homework, or atleast when he had nothing to do. Jonas Halldin went to school one day to find ambulance and Police Vechiles surround the school. Jonas Halldin went through the mess and went inside, finding blood tracks, Shocked, But intrested he followed them. Jonas Halldin found his best friend and girlfriend, Eating on the teacher. Jonas Halldin in shock ran and ran, making it outside but finding that out of the vechiles, came more corpses covered in blood. Jonas Halldin though this was a bad dream, EXTREMLY bad, He tried everything to try wake himself up. But it didn't work. None of it. Jonas Halldin climbed over the fence, running towards the Big Mall, in hope to find anyone not dead. But ends up finding more infected there. Unable to escape anywhere, he forced himself in the depths of the once filled with people, fighting over the prices mall, now fighting over the flesh of the living.

One object you have on you (Don't worry about weapons):Big Backpack.

Appearane: Caucasian, Short, Green eyes, Brown hair. Wears a School Uniform.


Well... seems like no-one is on...

If you guys are still up to it, I'd like to play Monday at 7:00PM Central. Let me know.


Quote from: Notsuchabadguy on 28-01-2012
Well... seems like no-one is on...
When you do not specify the timezone, how is somebody going to get on?
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Background:i was just in my house alone when i saw the first infected so i found the closest weapon and started getting ready

One object you have on you (Don't worry about weapons):hammer

Appearance:blond hair 6,0 skar on arm white shirt and gray sweatshirt and blue ripped up jeans


You should probably read the last post date. This was a year ago. And isn't run anymore.


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