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Started by Kokkaku Kishu, 22-09-2013

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Kokkaku Kishu

This thread is more to get a general feel for if anyone would want to participate in a Forum RP based around the premise of the anime/game Dangan Ronpa. For those of you that don't know about it, it is a Japanese RPG based around the premise of a group of high school students whom are invited and proceed to join a prestigious school known as Hope's Peak Academy. After arriving, all the students are knocked unconscious and wake up in dorm rooms within the school. Upon exploration, the students discover security cameras throughout the school watching almost every moment, the windows are sealed by steel plates, a giant metal safe-like door prevents them from leaving from the main floor, a few other rooms, and a metal gate preventing them from reaching the second floor. They are then all summoned to the gym where a robotic stuffed bear, named "Monobear" due to its appearance, announces himself as their principal, and that the students are now stuck within the school to form their own society. The only exception is that if a student wants to leave, they must successfully get away with the murder of one of their fellow students. This leads to the events that culminate throughout the show.

How this would be accomplished is a map would be uploaded for every floor that became available, and certain rules would need to be followed as in accordance with the show. However to get the effect of the murder mystery, publicly RPed parts could only be posted if there were multiple characters in observance of each other (most occasions only 3+ characters at a time in an area. any less and the following rule would apply, minus some exceptions). Anything involving only two characters must be discussed in PMs between the holders of the characters. Any such occurrences must be PMed also to the Headmaster (in this case me) so that I may stay informed as to the state of characters, mainly for the purposes of knowing if a murder occurred.

As Headmaster, my job would roll similarly to that of a dungeon master, or pretty much any of the RP leaders as I am sure you are aware. The only changes are that before any room is entered, the player must state their intention to enter the room and allow me time to post as to the rooms condition, as murder may happen at anytime anywhere, and the Trial part of the RP doesn't start until 3 players have discovered a corpse (but that part will be addressed later).

If this sounds interesting to you please respond, and if we can get a decent amount of people involved I'll try to get it going.

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Kokkaku Kishu

Wow someone actually did take notice of this :O

Sadly, as I'm sure you are aware, I would need a decent amount of people who would want to participate, and considering this has been up for a while, I doubt anyone other than us would either want to see this happen or know what it would entail. because of these, I've pretty much given into despair for this RP.

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The forums are pretty dry right now due to our lack of servers. If you want people to join in, invite people you know and ask them to come here and join in.

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