A Little Walk.

Started by Ravanger, 22-01-2010

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Like A Drug [Bonus Track]
Use this as your mood and theme for the feeling for the moment.

(I am not sure if I am aloud to make this or not but I am.I got this idea when I was playing Arma 2 zombie mod..Also my one game Choose your own adventure is set in this area if you play your cards right on both you might encounter each other.Also the infected are like zombies in 28 days later somewhat.)
(Also I will allow many types of people to join in even mercenarys. Maybe even scientist and other things.We allow russian milita and what not all depends. Ask me for more info.)
(If major fights happen or we need to resolve something fast or something else we can also settl disputes in sf like huge /me fighting and what not.)
(The base of this is in the 28 days and weeks kind fo era but it has moved to the russian territory and it is one of last places of the infection.)

Backstory: The infected have tooken over the small area in a small little russian territory.Your goal is to swep the infected and cleanse the area.There is a cordon set around the terriorty once you clean the shithole up you can head home boys.Also avoiding killing any inoccents but beware of hostile factions of russian insurgents who are trying to take advantage of the area.But most important search the area for infected and elmite them.There is thousands and thousands of differnt men and woman in the area.It is kind of a small area but decently large.It is currently 2010.(Also the date is our date and will move along as we do so it is current times.

Some equipment you have aswell as other standered issuse items not stated.You have other items aswell on you.It is more of to give you a idea of what you would have.You do not have to use these guns but stay in this kind of range. The squad is very mixed since it got combined with a few left overs from the battle.
Kabar knife
Survival kit
Small medical kit includeing two shots of antidotes for infection
Radio and gps.
Personal effects such as clothes and other things you have.

What is happening now:The sun is very bright and pierceing upon the ground it is about 12:00am or 1 somewhere around there. You and your platoon of men from the USMC begin walking down a small road. You already have fought a massive battle at the town behind you lies in flames and riddled with bullets. You walk slowly along as you near a small active bar still a good distance away. Your platoon leader Colonel Marcus"Ravanger"Black yawns and continues walking,then lights a cigarete and smokes . A song begins blast from a small radio on a small jeep moveing by you and nice tone and feel to the moment. You continue walking as you check your guns and it seems to be pretty calm at moment.
(Fyi I am Colonel Marcus.)
(You will take place as a soldier in my platoon. Sf me if you want a special postion or want to change yours.)

Bl★ck Star

Kane: So what do we do next Marcus. *looks around*


Colonel: I think we should go to this little ruski bar up here.*Yawn*
I think we might find some decent cover and rest for tonight.H.Q hasent given us any commands yet. So we should hang there. I have intelegence that a few ruskis are in there drinking away

"Your group begins to aproach the bar even closer as you hear faint music and talking."

Bl★ck Star

Kane: hm Alright *hears the Song that is above in the First Post* I dont know why, but i like this song *slings his M700 and pulls out his Pistol*


*Then the Angels sang in a magical choirs and down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris*
Text Cyric the Archmage.


*laughs as he bans nikolaz...*(I am rape you nikolaz...)(OOC)