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The Auroran Empire (WIP)

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on: 22-01-2012
The Auroran Empire is an empire that is somewhat smaller than the (former) Exusian Empire. It is in the Galactic south and spans across several systems and occupies many planets. Now-a-days since the collapse of the Exusian empire it has become somewhat of the main power, however before Exusia fell the Exusian empire had completed a series of operations which would cripple centers of economic and military power, such as the famous satellite and station droppings over the Auroran homeworlds.

The empire operates in a feudalistic fashion, where large houses own systems and each house has its own army's and fleets, the two largest and most powerful houses being the Herran and the Mokash, which constantly struggle to try and win more power over the other (the smaller houses feud in a similar way), though they have been feuding for ages, there is no end in sight for the feuds. Since the Aurorans are in constant warfare they are constantly looking for ways to hurt whoever they are fighting, and in recent years after the collapse of the Exusian empire and the hit they took before the collapse, they've been willing to hire Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters to attack and destroy key locations/people.

After the First Auroran War where Aurora had a three ended war with the Exusians, Auroran Rebels, and the houses themselves a order was created to keep the Empire from collapsing, this group was the Sentinels. The Sentinels, which where a group of elite individuals that serve the role that Gunslingers do in the Exusian empire. They are above the law and serve as assassins, diplomats, soldiers, and any other role that the empire needs. They are chosen from the best of the fighters that Aurora has to offer, though unlike the Gunslingers, Weather you are noble or not supposedly has no pull on weather or not you are chosen to be a Sentinel, but it is found that there are many more nobles filling the ranks than lower class people.

Despite the destruction of several stations that where orbiting the homeworlds of the houses and of Aurora itself, the Empire is still somewhat functioning, since the economy and the government is still recovering from the loses. Piracy, smuggling, and general crime has risen in the Auroras. Since crime has risen the Houses are now looking for new blood to fill their ranks and for new blood to fill the sentinels ranks. They are also willing to hire private mercenaries and bounty hunters to try and stamp down on crime while they are recovering.


Guns still use bullets, no lasers. No "shields", armor is ok and yes fairly advanced armor exists in this world but if you want to play as a rebel char you likely do not have access to it. Faster than light travel exists but it's not very relevant at this point. Depending on how far this goes that might come into play. Cars are hydrogen powered or electric, internal combustion engines exist but aren't ultra common. PDAs and smartphones and the like are all over the place...just be reasonable with what you want your character to have.

Weapons and Armors

The SRV-43: This rifle is a simple, hardy rifle that has yet to be bested in terms of weapon design. It is pretty much the AK of the Auroran Empire, and is the standard weapon for soldiers throughout the empire due to its simplicity and raw firepower. It is capable of mounting scopes, and underbarrel attachments such as grenade launchers and bayonets.

The SRV-41: A semi-automatic variant of the SRV-43, it is mostly used as a rifle for reservists and volunteers in the Auroran military. It is also a common weapon found in the hands of civilians in the empire. It is also commonly used by pirates, and rebels in the empire. Like the SRV-43 it can also mount scopes, and underbarrel attachments.

The AP-15: This is a semi-automatic pistol which is chambered for a high caliber round. Unlike most weapons in the Auroran arsenal which favor raw firepower, this weapon is a more balanced weapon and is also compact which is an oddity amoung weapons of Auroran design. It boasts a 12 round magazine and decent accuracy, it is a favorite among bounty hunters and Auroran soldiers alike.

The Kurlov-86: This subgun is renowned for its compact nature and devastating firepower due to its use of high caliber rounds it uses. It is a standard weapon for crews in the Auroran Navy and vehicle crews.

The ASV-2: A special forces weapon that functions both as a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, featuring an integrated silencer and a custom round made specifically for the weapon, it is choice among elite soldiers. Originally developed as a weapon for the sentinels, the other houses demanded that this weapon be available for their own use. After a vote in the Auroran Council the rifle was then made available for the Houses to use. Though there are some drawbacks to this weapon. One the complicated nature of the weapon, two the rarity of the round. For those reasons and the fact that it is normally only produced to arm special forces units, that it has yet to make it to the black market.

ASV-1B:This is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is accurate and deadly at long ranges, magazine fed as well. This rifle has been around for as long as the Sinclair arms Javelin, though most attempts to improve on the weapon have either failed or have improved so little that mass producing anything else and distributing it would be pointless. This rifle uses a similar feeding system that the ANV-246 uses.

Sentinel Weapons:There isn't much of a notable difference between the arms carried by Gunslingers and the arms carried by Sentinels. The main notable difference is that most Sentinels prefer that some sort of blade be attached to their weapon.

Blades and Swords:Auroran Sword and knife fighting is a well known tradition in Auroran space. For this reason, most Aurorans carry around their knives or swords with them, not only would it be useful in a duel, but there have been cases where Aurorans have ditched their weapons in favor of their swords. It is also a tradition for the Aurorans as a right of passage to slay a Cunjo, a massive carnivorous beast with a melee weapons

Notable Traditions

Cunjo Hunting: A Cunjo is a massive carnivorous beast that has a reputation for slaying dozens of men and women at a time, as a right of passage the Aurorans send groups of potential warriors out to slay the beasts. The ones that return are exalted for their strength and courage.

Trial of Arms: Arenas are located on almost all Auroran space stations and planets, this is because there is a surplus of young and old warriors wanting to prove themselves. Arenas are also used to settle disputes as well.

Notable people

Kirill Ivanov: Is a sentinel that has been around for years. He is noted as the Auroran equivalent to Achilles, his deeds can probably fill several books and fill several movies. He is still around and servering the Auroran Empire to this day. His weapon of choice is his custom rifle that is similar to the ASV-2.

Taylor Ortego: A sentinel that is also daughter to the ship-master in Aurora. She is noted for her general well roundness, she has been a full fledged sentinel for around 2 and a half years. Though recently a rumor has been spread that she is potentially a bastard child and not an actual daughter of the ship-master, this has caused her great grief and strife.

Commander Tomas Kyrylo: The current commander Auroran sentinels. Residing on Aurora he co-ordinates the sentinels. He was originally a normal sentinel during the more recent Auroran Wars, where he was noted as being a fantastic pilot and a jack of all trades in the field. He is old by sentinel standards.

Notable Houses

The House of Mokash: Currently the largest and most powerful house in the empire as far as military wise. Though during the most recent Exusian-Auroran war and during Exusia's fall it has lost power due to losses of shipyards and trading stations, They've also been in a feud with their neighbors the Herrans for many many long years and have lost territory to them in recent years. Still, they hold the most power in the empire despite those facts.

The House of Herran: The second most powerful house in the empire, unlike the Mokash though they seem more worried about getting a technological advantage over the Mokash. They also lost many stations and suffered major loses toward the end of the Exusian Rebellion. They also had the pleasure of having their homeworld ravaged during the Dropzone operations.

Other smaller houses:There are other smaller houses throughout the empire. (If you have ideas for a house let me know)

Notable locations

Aurora Prime

The capital of the entire empire, it is somewhat crowded but is wealthy regardless, huge cities are all over the planet which are all owned by the houses, this planet has a temperate climate, and by mandate of law this planet is a neutral zone thus no fighting occurs on this planet. It is the seat of the government power. It also has a large Sentinel base here.

Mokash Prime

The capital of the House of Mokash like Aurora Prime it is covered with large cities all of which are mostly owned by the House of Mokash and smaller houses the Mokash is over. Like every house homeworld there is a sentinel base.

Herran Prime

Same as the Mokash Prime except it is the main homeplanet of the house of Herran.

[THis is a WIP, PM me if you have suggestions/if you want to help me fix this thread up]
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  • The man who can pass an entire day, by just telling stories.
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  • Its not that im lazy, I just don't care.
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Reply #1 on: 22-08-2013
Re-read this and decided I'll probably re-write it this weekend and rename the weapons.

"I'm a faggot, Tom."

Oh boy.
Strap yourselves in, it's time for the great 'obligatory' SRP resurrection of 2013/14/15/16


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