S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cos-play.

Started by Duranblackraven, 06-02-2011

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This is exactly what it seems to be. I've decided to create this because I'm going to be reworking an actual STALKER cosplay costume, probably a Mercenary, and later I'll post pictures of my older 'thing' I put together.

Mainly this is to see what this community can put together, and for people to offer tips and links to things we've already found.

I'll start us out: http://www.soviet-power.com/product.php?offset=0&pagenum=1&all=54&cat=27


Bump for great justice! I want to buy a damn freedom patch!
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Going to continue my Cosplay also, Will post pics.


http://www.redsoldier.com/ has Russian load bearing gear. The mag pouches on most of the Freedom suits look to be a SPLAV M23 which I guess Redsoldier doesn't carry any more. Google it. Red Soldier has some issues with supply, sometimes they have a lot of stuff and other times they don't.

www.red-alliance.net has a bunch of people who deal in Russian tactical gear on their forums. It's an airsoft site but you can find almost any sort of Russian milisurplus gear there from people in Russia who will ship it to you. http://www.red-alliance.net/forum/index.php?topic=5808.0 is a good example.


I just ordered the Ecologist patch. Imma put it on my paintball clothing.

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I'm going to try and make a Duty suit then.


All I need are Monolith patches and I'd be done.

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All I need are Monolith patches and I'd be done.


From what I can gather that's the patch for the Crystal unit that guards the Wishgranter and C-Con directly. They also have the regular generic Monolith patch.


No, it's just a fan-art patch.
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