Dark Dreams

Started by Silver Knight, 19-12-2009

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Silver Knight

Here's something i wrote off the top of my head, in a few minutes, i won't spoil it, so just read it, it's unedited, so expect a few mistakes, i might add to it later.

Im at a house, it's dark, i hear nothing but the echoing dismay of the wind, through the forrest. This place, have i been here before, i move one foot forward, i stutter, heading towards the door. A glance out the dirty window, the cabin creaks behind me, i see nothing, just pitch black darkness, and the showering moonlight pouring down amongst the trees.

It's a forest, tall, dark and damp, as if it's recently rained. I lean my back against the wall, gazing towards the corridor, why am i hear? where am i? Theres no light, it's dark, i can only just make out the shadows of old furniture, the staircase leading upwoods.

I walk along the corridor, using my hands to find the edges of the staircase, it's darker hear, yet i continue anyway. Going up the stairs, it's pretty edgey hear, the floor boards creak but i continue, i put my hand on the rail, and CRACK! IT snaps, part of it cassades ont othe floor bellow, maybe this isn't safe after all...

I continue up the stairs, the moonlight is clearly shining through this corridor, so i can make out the doors easily, and a lightswitch, i flick it on, nothing happens, dam. I go into the nearest bedroom, seems like the master one, it's dark and damp, seems like theres a leak, which makes me kinda glad it's not raining, this place is truely falling apart.

The bed is in pretty poor shape, the bedsheets are layed out properly, as if ready to be used, and yet, it's covered in dust, someone has not been here in along time. Where am i... This place.. I head out into the corridor, and decide to take the other door, another bedroom, but the sunlight is blindly flowing into this room, i pull the dirty rags, of what used to be curtains, revealing the light.

I gaze out the window into the moonlight sky, theres many stars out tonight, my gaze slowly turns to the dark forest, the forest shadows are enclosing onto the house, darkness completely surrounding leaving nothing bare. The tall thick tree's are tyrants compared this this house, it somewhat seems surreal, how can they be so tall.

I continue to daze out, then i hear something rattle behind me, i turn around slowly, but i see nothing. What was that? after a momment, i come to terms it was probably just the house moving, and turn my attention back to the window. I freeze up instantly, theres a new shadow in the forest, in the shape of a tall man. Who the... a sharp pain hits my ears,I hear a loud bell ring, the kind you find in churches, it echo's throughout the house, i have my hands on my ears, but it overwhelms me, i fall to the ground, i blackout.

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Silver Knight

Quotebreslau: if i cant cheat i dont wanna play
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Dark Angel

Yeah thanks alot for sending it on my SF! I'm scared to leave my bedroom now! Write some more positive stuff! ='(

Bl★ck Star

Really good work silverknight

make a game out of it and i'll buy xD