DOD:S Server back up!

Started by Afromana, 26-09-2009

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I've set up the DoD:S server, lets see if we can get some activity in it shall we?

Port: 27018
Name: |HGN|Heroes Fortune|HyperGamer.Net|

Im also setting up the Flood and TF2 servers at the moment this was posted.


If you don't get any activity I say you rent it out to the highest bidder or some such, such a waste of bandwidth/process if it isn't being put to use. A DoD:S server, not your server rig :X.

Also how do you host all of this? Jesus.
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Ehm.... at HGN, we got a big Dedi, where we host all the servers we want for the same price.
These servers disepeared because of a.... sort of attack.
So i decided i'd put them all up again.