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Crussaria is fairly open to lore\backstory improvements and adjustments. You are not allowed to create such stuff up without approval first. You may request approval here.

Please use the format bellow.

Name of request:
Type of Request:
What you are requesting:
Associated media\screenshots:

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(This is still a WIP but it is realtively finished.)
Name of request: Captain David and the Cursed Brothers.
Type of Request: A faction with added lore, it is more or less a small group. It could be considered a somewhat magical group.
What you are requesting: Basic I want a small magic based faction in a way which will be described in the follow little story along with some back lore with the priestess and such.
A decently large band of footmen once loyal to the king tear their banners away and wear at the symbol on their shields declaring themselves freemen and no longer fighting for the king but themselves. They began raiding several villages and pillaging on the country side like common bandits. Robbing and taking what they wanted and needed. They had resistance but managed to usually escape or defeat it and get on their way.  It was around dawn or so as they began to head back to camp after a long day of raiding and a few loses. They stumbled upon a calm spring and in it was the finest maiden any of them have seen in their entire lives. Most of the men were possessed by her beauty once they caught eye on her bathing. The freemen descended to take what they wanted and they wanted this young maiden. Unknown to the men she was a powerful priestess which many believed to be of Elven decent. They took advantage of the exposed maiden raping her and leaving her defiled in the spring spread on the ground. The captain of the group David Rames called for a celebration for their victories as well as the maiden they took advantage of.  The night grew long as a full moon began to rise above their heads. They partied and drank most of the night and took count of their loot. Suddenly a odd presence came among them as all the men stopped.  Suddenly men left and right began bursting into violent scenes of magical explosions as they themselves and their souls were sucked into the moon like a beam, a very painful and violent event. Men began scattering as their comrades were killed by this mysterious and unknown force as they fled to the woods and cover of caves and tables anything they could use to hide. Many of the men were killed but still a good amount survived to feel the curse that will soon find that plagues them. They awoke in the morning feeling drained and starved as they regrouped in the torn and still feast readied camp. They're skin was pale and they're hair turned a blackish color with a hint of red as well as their eyes became full black or no color at all. They attempted to eat but were unable to drink or eat food. They also found out they could no longer have pleasure with a woman which they found in the future. They stat their as the felt death coming soon they seen their bodies turn into shadow like figures as when all hope was lost a magical essence called to them from their loot as they rushed to it feed into them like food as they regained strength returning to normal form. They soon found they had the ability to detect magical beings and items and feed onto it in turn being able to survive. They also found the curse had given them another ability which would control them inevitable if they failed to take their meanings of living then they would be drained and their essence flies into the moon.  It was called shadow walking or phase which they could leave the material world for a few seconds leaving only their shadow then return back. They grew skinny and agile and look somewhat like a modern day drug addict, they relied on their curse and speed for fighting. They would rather avoid a fight as well as to not expand their energy. They also found the priestess shrine and felt a essence give off from it as they felt it would be proper if they based their to repent or find a way to rid themselves or advance the curse since some of them wanted more power but the rest felt the weight of the curse too much and a very painful living. Part of their curse also was they could not enter the light of the full moon as the power of it would drain them and send them to their doom and be sucked to the moons void. They figured this was some sort of moon priestess but they writing on the shrine were unfamiliar and possibly Elven or maybe even Dwarven but the men could not find out. The men grew very desperate and paranoid as not wanting to feel the painful death of their comrades which death for these men is a glorious yet painful spectacle as they are torn in and out of the material world and their bodies morphed and blasted and finally their essence is drained into the everlasting moon as nothing is left of themselves. As well they found their gear was bound to themselves as part of the curse and wielding a weapon that wasn't cursed seems to be almost useless as it would not shadow phase with them and almost seems to fade into their hands. They also find themselves dealing less than notable characters like evil magical users like necromancers and some of them even believe they had dealt with vampires but it wasn't proven.  They do the bidding of their current employer of sorts then are rewarded with magical essence to feed on or an item and or even a person with magical essence. They can tell the magical level of something and are like hound dogs searching for it. As well their gear seems to have been encased and is almost unbreakable and is if wielded by a non-cursed being will disappear. Another thing said is they can possibly spread the curse to an item or a person if take to the shrine and said that the priestess feels the man should join the ranks of the cursed or should they be given a cursed item. Now begins their struggle to survive in the realm to find a cure to this curse or find themselves being devoured by its raw power, or perhaps another fate lies for them.

Associated media\screenshots:
The theme song of the group.
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You used terrible grammar and its a pain to read since you didn't make paragraphs. Also, the whole "shadow walking" thing would be abused horrendously. Being able to detect magical beings and all that would completely defeat the purpose of us trying to keep magical beings secret, not to mention a counter-magic group largely exists since Turkey grew it like a motherfucking chia pet. Also, is there a story you have that doesn't include someone or something being defiled?

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I see your point, I figured I just post it perhaps to get things started in a way give. Consdiering we are switching work to this. It was just a small idea I came up with and never really had it down then I finally tried to get it down which the end result was messy. The thing I wanted to do with the phaseing was to basiclly use only if they needed to since it would drain themselves. Also the I didn't really know how I could get it started so I figured cause and effect rape, anyways thanks for the review.

Another issue I wasen't sure on was the intensity of the cannon effect includeing a powerful, powerful being of recent time may be to much for the time of Crussaria now anyways.

More or less this was a one night put together of a old idea I was playing around with.


Let Cutch and Zombiehunta (he probably doesn't want to any more) write everything and LEAVE WHAT THEY WRITE ALONE


Quote from: Paintcheck on 05-06-2011
Let Cutch and Zombiehunta (he probably doesn't want to any more) write everything and LEAVE WHAT THEY WRITE ALONE


Zombiehunta and Cutch had a canon written, didnt they?


Zombiehunta had one written for my character and some other stuff that also had a bunch of kewl things about Crussaria proper in it (but mostly focused on the rest of the world, mainly these two places called Ambertol and Ma'Rhan. It was quite amazing and it's too bad only Cutch, Tom, and I got to see it in some text based stuff. This was around the time Silver passed his "No fun allowed" decree for the server. Zombie has since said he's not going to work on Crussaria again because he's tired of the false starts and doesn't play Gmod much.

So that leaves Cutch.


Da. I had some stuff written but LE is apparently writing a book so I'm staying out of it.

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A book even, I guess he's that bored because of his graphic card that he begins writing a book ;P

Well that'd be interesting, looking forward to read it.
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Quote from: Recreas on 07-06-2011
A book even, I guess he's that bored because of his graphic card that he begins writing a book ;P

Well that'd be interesting, looking forward to read it.
I wish I was as optimistic as you. He has his laptop(which presumably has Word) and thats all you need to write a book.

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Name of request: The Fallen Kings (WIP)
Type of Request: Faction/Lore
What you are requesting:
Long before the empire, Crussia was ruled by five kings, wise and just. They were kind and noble rulers, always listening to the needs of the people. But as their power grew, so did their greed, and their evil. They grew into tyrants, ruling the people through fear, and force. What lands they did not conquer, they invaded, massacring anyone who did not bow to them. As their hearts grew black, so too did their eyes, which darkened to the color midnight.

As the kings started to grow old, they searched for immortality, it became their obsession, for they had no heirs, their children were murdered at birth, for fear of them challenging their power. They scowered the land, searching for the ancient Crystal of Souls, fabled to bring immortality. Upon their twentieth year of searching, they found it, hidden in an ancient recess, deep in the depths of the Forlorn Caverns, hidden from the world. They took the crystal back to the capital city, and hid it away from the world once more, while they studied it, looking for the incantation to summon it's power.

For another five years they studied, observed, and experimented. The Crystal of Souls, which once shone brilliant blue, now glowed a dark crimson, slowly being corrupted by the kings. As the kings immersed themselves in the mystery of the crystal, the peasants began to grow unrestful, talk of rebelion spread. On the final day of the fifth year, they achieved their goal, they successfully unlocked the power of the Crystal of Souls, and were granted immortality, but at a terrible price. They were shown for what they truely were, what was reflected in their very souls. Their appearances changed, their skin turned ash grey, their eyes turned to orbs of darkness, and their teeth became slightly more pointed, and their toungues forked, like that of a snake. They became horrified at their appearances, and resigned to wear masks of obsidian, and dark robes, covering them completely.

Their immortality was granted just in time. On the second month of the next year, there was a rebelion, the peasants, along with close to a third of the guard turned on the kings, fighting their way to the Palace of Shadows, where the kings resided. Knowing they coud not win the battle, they fled from the palace, taking with them their wealth, and the Crystal of Souls. They fled to where it all began, the Forlorn Caverns. With the rebels on their tail, they fled to the dark, deep within the caverns. The rebels gave chase, following them into the dark, eventually cornering them along with what was left of their troops. Rather than sacrafice more men, and ignorant of the kings' immortality, they sealed off the tunnel, trapping the kings in, and they weren't heard from for centuries.

However, this is not the end of the story, there is more to it. One day, a lone explorer ventured deep into the Forlorn Caverns, drawn there by the legands of vast treasures from a time long forgotten, which incidently, is the Fallen Kings' treasure. He came upon the collapsed tunnel entrance, marked with an ancient sign, warning all to avoid the acursed place. At this, he knew the treasure was behind the collapse, so he started clearing away the rocks, bit by bit, working for weeks on end, until finally, he broke through. In the tunnel he found piles and piles of gold, along with plenty of bones strewn about. At the back of the cavern he found a crystal, dark crimson in color, on a stand, surrounded by a semicircle of what looked like five statues.

This explorer, went up to the crystal to examine it, and as soon as he laid a finger on it, the five "statues" began to come alive. They grabbed him, and asked him questions in very raspy voices, questions about the outside world, about who was ruling it, about what it was like. Of course them being evil, the explorer got a sword in the chest when they were done asking questions. And now they are free once more, to walk the land, keeping a low profile, biding their time, until they can stike, and reclaim what is theirs, Crussia as a whole.

Now the Fallen kings may be immortal, but that doesn't mean they are invincible. You cannot kill them, but you may banish them for a time, but they will always rise again. If dealt a mortal blow, they will die just like any man, but shall be resurrected, and reappear in the Forlorn Caverns. The crystal is the key, who ever posseses the Crystal of Souls can command the Fallen Kings, providing they know the correct incantation, but the crystal is hidden away, far from the mortal world, in the darkest depths of the Forlorn Caverns, where only imortals dare to go.

The Fallen Kings are evil tyrants, immortal but not invincible, if slain they will rise again in the Forlorn Caverns. While not hostile to everyone, they will act overall unpleasant in public, and won't miss an oppertunity to stab you in the back if no one's looking. They almost always have their faces covered by masks, horrified at their own appearances. They are greedy, and will hoard their money, occasionally buying weapons and such. If any wish to join them, and prove themselves worthy, they will also be granted imortality, but it is an extremely rare few who ever achieve this. Their immortality ends when the crystal is destroyed, but there is no known way of destroying it, only a spell from the ancients, the makers of the Crystal of Souls can destroy it, however, these spells are lost in time, waiting to be rediscovered.

(Pretty much, the only thing special about them is that they are centuries old, look kind of like demons, have cool outfits, and their immortality prevents them from being PK'd, and NLR doesn't always apply to them)

Associated media\screenshots:

They should be wearing robes like this, that almost cover their entire bodies.

They should also be wearing masks similar to this.

This might need some tweaking, but the I'd like the story to remain close to what I have now.



Quote from: Ravanger on 07-06-2011
Hehh reminds me of LOTR.

That's probably because there is a picture of a Nazgul, and yes, the Nazgul one of the inspirations of this, although there are quite a few differences between their stories, but I did get the whole, black cloaks, altered appearance, thing from them, but the rest, I made up. I made a point not to set them up for powergaming, unlike the Nazgul, who are pretty much invincible, the Fallen Kings' immortality is more like Highlander mixed with Kenny from South Park.


The whole reason of Crussaria is to make original canon. Not to have it basically ripped from another franchise.
Its basically LOTRO with no rings.

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Quote from: Cutch on 07-06-2011
The whole reason of Crussaria is to make original canon. Not to have it basically ripped from another franchise.
Its basically LOTRO with no rings.

Okay. Number 1, I've never played LOTRO, number two, they are not a bunch of enslaved kings fighting for an evil spirit thing, they are blessed/cursed kings looking for a way to reclaim Crussia. Number 3 The story was actually quite different from the Nazgul, who were kings given cursed rings by Sauron, the Fallen Kings are Evil kings who achieved immortality of sorts, at the cost of being revealed for what they are in their hearts, who fled during an uprising, and were trapped in a cave for a few centuries. The story is quite different, even if the tone is similar. I only put the Nazgul on there for an example of how they look, other than that the stories are completely different.


Name of request: Goblins
Type of Request: Race Lore
What you are requesting:
Goblins, beastly creatures, pillage and plunder for sport. Often being green skinned, with sharp teeth, and flat nosed. They are typically around 5 feet 6 inches tall, and muscular. They live in small tribes with upwards of thirty or forty individuals. Goblins are warlike creatures, there are often fights for the tribe chieftain, which are usually not to the death. Tribes are constantly at war with each other, fighting for territory, much like wolves. It is the job of the tribe chieftain to lead the tribe into battle, and oversee the tribe. However, the tribe shaman is the religious leader of the tribe, and guides it based on spiritual insight, he is the real leader of the tribe. Females have very low status in the tribe, and are thought of as possessions. Goblins often raid towns on the edge of the Outlands, stealing everything remotely valuable. However, their sense of value is skewed, and they often plunder junk. Almost all weaponry and armor used by goblins is plundered or scavenged. Once a generation, a goblin is born in each tribe that lacks the bloodthirsty nature the others possess. This individual is selected by the tribe shaman, and is trained to be his successor. The tribes are often located in caves, being lazy by nature, not wishing to construct their own shelter. Each tribe worships a different deity, from the Chorgoths, who worship Kiala the red, or the Thailocks, who pray to Hiandu the giver. Each tribe has it's own seprate culture, the Thialocks are master weavers, skilled at constructing traps, while the Foa are infamous for their swordsmanship. The most powerful tribe of goblins are the Doragma, who currently control the majority of the Goblin Country. The Doragma are famed for their archery, their archers are among the best in all Crussaria.

Index of the 7 major goblin tribes of Crussaria, what they are known for, and the deity they worship:

Thialocks - Weaving - Hiandu the Giver
Chorgoths - Skilled warriors - Kiala the Red
Foa - Swordsmanship - Gogran the Crusher
Doragmas - Archery - Raikor the Fearless
Gurkans - Camouflage - Igora the Invisible
Lundors - Throwing Weapons - Urador the Green
Quans - Battle Tactics - Zandu the Wise

(The individual tribe  info is negotiable, but I'd like everything else to remain as it is)
(If you want to keep the tribes, I would be happy to do a piece of lore for each of them)

Associated media\screenshots:

This is a goblin warrior of the Chorgoth tribe


Name of request: Nebelheim
Type of Request: Naming/creating of region.
What you are requesting:  The making of one of the Crussarian regions.

Current provincial capital: Eisenburg
Governed by: Duke Friedrich
In and around the Byros Mountains (I recall that's what it was called atleast, unless I can rename them) lies Nebelheim, one of the 9 regions of Crussaria. Nebelheim is a dark place, the valley usually being covered in fog. The valley hosts a dense pine forest, dotted by small mountains often occupied by castle towns, most with towering keeps, spiring above the mist.
A province divided between 8 noble houses, competing for the throne of the duchy once every five years in a large tournament.  Because of this, Nebelheim has no true capital, the position changing between the house's seats of power. Lately the ducal crown has belonged to House Drachenstern whose noble knights have been victorious in the tournament for a few decades. Despite the tournament, the houses often battle over resources or disputed villages in the region.

The noble houses follows a strict code of chivalry and military structure, making Nebelheim famous for its heavy noble cavalry, clad in black plate, armed with lances, warhammers and stout shields decorated with crests or symbols of their respective noble houses. The infantry comprises of foot knights, also clad in black plate armor, usually armed with greatswords or halberds. As well as crossbowmen using arbalests, armed with warhammers for close combat.  The knights of Nebelheim often travel to the rest of Crussaria when the grand tournament has been settled, adventuring or performing diplomatic dealings for their houses. Some choose employment in courts over the realm, serving as champions or bodyguards for the rich.

Nebelheim, follows the Old Gods, like most of Crussaria, but the nobles tend to revere their ancestors deeds as much as the gods, some chapels going as far as to dedicating shrines to past heroes.

Nebelheim's wealth mainly comes from ore and gem mines in the Byros mountains, as well as wood produced from the forest. There's only a few mountain passes suitable for trading caravans, connecting Nebelheim to the other regions of Crussaria as well as Aluria, Noverseer and the Iron States.

Nebelheim is somewhat based on medieval Germany in terms of accent and names.

And yes, this is pretty much a WIP
Associated media\screenshots: Coat of arms.



Preface: I sort of fill in a lot of holes in the current canon to make this fit... so I hope it works. I made up quite a few things.

Name of request: The Rise of the Sun...
Type of Request: A Lore for the House of Bromithil, the Royal House of Crussaria during the 3rd age, and the major events that brought about the 4th age, the Age of Reconstruction
What you are requesting: The Lore of the House of Bromithil

Associated media\screenshots:

Pictured Above: Symbol of the Royal House

A note on the Royal Symbol: While at a first glance the image may not appear to fit correctly for a symbol of the Royal House, I would ask you to take into consideration the story entailed below. The House of Bromithil rose to power amidst the chaos and destruction of the Age of Insanity. Davian Bromithil adopted the colors of his order, the Order of the White, the Holy Order assembled to combat the Demon Lord Artaius' Dark Crusade, and finally push the invading Demonic Legions back down the Black Road and out of our dimension. For this reason, the Royal Heraldry is of Gothic design, with the expected grim undertone. The symbol was originally supposed to serve as a reminder of the persistent battle against Demonic threats, it is still kept today as a sort of memorial of the Royal Houses' foundation.

Pictured Above: Bromithil Royal Guard in Ceremonial Armor (Replace the engraving on the chest with the Royal Crest)

Background Information (Taken from Last.Exile's post of time line and events):

QuoteThe Third Age - Age of Insanity

The Karastar order falls to ruin after Head Chaplain Foratain reveals himself to be the Demon Lord Artaius, the heads of the order are slain in the Karastar stronghold Mathethirn. The order is then secretly lead by Lord Artaius and the Karastar knights sweep the land killing thousands of people for "demon worship".

The Third Age marked a turning point for the Kingdom of Crussaria.  Out of the Hellfire and Damnation brought upon the land by the demon, rose the Karastar Order, an order of Holy Knights dedicated to the eradication of the Demonic threat. For almost a hundred years, the Karastar Order battled the demons, unable to devise a means of shutting the Demonic Gates that flooded their dimension with the scourge. Under the lead of Head Chaplain Foratain, the Order's founder, who had somehow managed to pass the century seemingly unaged. Some rumored it was a devine blessing, a means of the Old Gods keeping their Holy Champion alive to combat these foul new opponents to the realm...

But even the light must grow dimmer...

The ascension and unveiling of Demon Lord Artaius (The true identity of Chaplain Foratain), in turn meant the destruction of the Karastar Order's noble and pure aspirations, and further plunged the order into chaos with Artaius' mandate of executing any of the knights that refused to remain with the order under his command and carry out his Dark Crusade, a plot to kill out the fleeting remnants of Holy Magic wielders. Many Crussarians, and indeed many of the nations of Velgarth (The world) feared this was the end of the Age of Man, and the rise of Demonic Overlords. These were truly grim times. All was not lost, however.

A paladin of the original Karastar Order by the name of Davian Bromithil managed to evade execution at the hands of Lord Artaius' unholy knights, fleeing into the far western lands of Crussaria. It was out of his newly formed base of operations in the city of Laes that Bromithil founded the Order of the White, an order meant to prevent the success of Lord Artaius' Unholy Crusade. Gathering together the remaining forces of the ancient Noble Houses of the second age, Davian set about on a campaign to end the roving hordes of Artaius' unholy knights, protecting and gathering Holy Magicians as a means to combat the rising Demonic Legions that were left unchecked after the collapse of the Karastar Order. For the first time since the Crussarian revolt from the Elven Empire, the armies of Crussaria marched together towards a common goal.

It was in the Battle of Bream that Bromithil's champion, Dathius Arathor, slew Lord Artaius in battle, bringing about the destruction of the Unholy Karastar Order. All in all, the armies of the Order of the White had been successful, as enough Holy Magicians had been saved to effectively repel the Demonic Legions that had been neglected for years during the war. The combined efforts of the Chaplains of the Order spent months alongside the Paladins, tearing down and sanctifying the Demonic Gates.

For his accomplishments and heroism, Davian Bromithil was named King by the ancient Noble Houses, and established the House of Bromithil. Initially, the Order of the White was directly affiliated with the Royal House, its knights serving as the Royal Guard, and the standard of the Order becoming the Crest of the Royal House. Forged in the flames of Demonic retribution, the initial reign of House Bromithil was akin to that of a military state, utilizing its power to keep the Noble Houses in line and establish a solid infrastructure to speed up the reconstruction process and carry Crussaria into the Fourth Age, the Age of Reconstruction. As the Crown passed down through the lineage of the Bromithil House, the administration shifted to adopt a more relaxed doctrine, preferring to serve as the patrons of the reconstruction, while keeping a close eye on the enforcement  of Law and Order.

To this day, House Bromithil keeps the same crest as the time of the Demonic Wars, and the Royal Guard still resembles the Paladins of the Order of the White, donned in the deep maroon and pale white, even though they do not still posses the Paladin title or blessings. In general, the Royal Guard serves as body guards to the Royal Family, but occasionally the Guard is dispatched to oversee the instruction and leadership of Town Guard garrisons in order to increase their effectiveness. They are the physical manifestation of the King's Law in the land, as in recent years, the Royal House of Bromithil has retreated to their massive country estate, choosing to lead the Kingdom through various magistrates and officials.
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