Woodsland Thieves [Redux]

Started by Frostee, 23-11-2011

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Woodsland Thieves

We are legion, for one we are many.


       Murderers, Rapers, thieves, thugs, mugs and outcast, and desperate refuges and peasants...You will find the lowest of society amongst these men. Commonly they are found stealing from shops or nobilities, robbing nobles and beating up people they see fit. Despite the name they often are not thieves but mainly poorer peasants looking out for one another but resorting to a form of organized crime to make a profit. Most criminals often come from this group which is disorganized and often stealing from themselves. Disorganization is a major issue amongst these men; then again they are just bandits and lowlifes. They are made up of many different backgrounds and accept most races into the group, mainly a safe haven for refuges as they offer protection but usually at the cost of crime and bad reputation with the guards and higher nobility folk of the town. The main concept of them is that they are bandits but the group is only directly known by the members and a few rare mentions of the guards. They try to stay low when they can but if something goes bad they all rush in to help their fellow comrade. Mainly the most desperate criminals and peasants turn end up turning to joining a group like this. Their crimes go from many things to from stealing all the way to grave robbing and murderer in if need be, such things as contract killing have even been said to be one of their trades but obviously something they don't tend to do or have been beaten out of business for it. Part of their wide variest of these jobs is their desperation for their work and survival.. They do whatever they can to get by and survive as well as lay low. They all try to stick to a peasant appeal and look and try to get on the good side of the poor as they themselves are poor. Often are not though they are often caught slandering knights and nobilities as well sometimes to inspires others or just to flow our their rage. They aren't always the brightness people and often have little or no education and can often can't read or write; even their leader has only a small amount of education he got from gaining a small job in his younger life.

      It all started when a outcast and mug named Crevanius ended up in a bar fight with a lad named Heinrich and a guard rushed in after they destroyed most the bar and attempted to arrest and fine. They both knew the punishment and harshness of the guards and beat the guard as well as 2 loyal peasants before running off and starting in their life of organized crime. Another interesting fact is they started developing their own meanings for words and dialect almost almost such as a many pirates have,this was mainly brought upon by the leader and his trashy talk which is starting to influence others.

      As leader of the Thieves, Crevanius showed that the Woodsland Thieves were a force to be reckoned with. But, the King had decided that enough was enough, and needed to get kill the Thieves. Crevanius heard about the King's plan and knew that he was running out of time. So he quickly thought up a way to keep the Thieves go on forever. Crevanius had found himself a mage, whom enchanted a book designed for the Woodsland Thieves. This book was enchanted for when Crevanius was killed, the book would absorb part of his soul. Crevanius found a spot near town to hide the book for someone to find. And so banging came upon Crevanius and his fellow Thieves. The door was brought down and soldiers came in and slaughtered everyone but Crevanius. The King wanted to show his people that Thieves were not something to be, and took Crevanius to a guillotine. After his head was guillotined, part of his soul became part of the buried book.

      Many decades later, a peasant named George Hitherbad committed many crimes like a true Thief. So George decided to go grave-digging and came upon the book. Once opened, George saw the content of the book change before his eyes. After the book was finished, George knew that he had to return the Woodsland Thieves to its former glory.


1. Never steal from another group memba , also our friends are not to be stole from as well ye gits.

2. See a brother in trouble try your best to save him.

3. Never trust the guards or kingly folk, especially most the nobility.

4. Steal mainly from the rich and certain markets.

5. Don't mention us openly.

6. Try to remain secretive.

7. If you need to kill a folk do it away from town or under cover, inform one of ye old bosses, as well try not to kill a folk if you can we need to keep a low reputation boys and not have kings and gaurds on us.

8. Stick to small time stuff if you can and try and pick up a job.

9. If ye do something heavy or guards on ye tall lay low in the woods, but stay away from dem spooky caves if you can.

10. Killing or fighten a brother is bad and don't do it.

11. Try to sell your nicked goods soon if they are fresh goods, if not hold em for awhile till they cool down and ye can sell em to a merchant or one of ye fences we have.

12. Someone steals from us or good friend, we gonna do em nice and good and plant em in the ground dead good.


Ring Leader: (The Big Boss that has restarted the group.)

George Hitherbad - Frostee

Second in Command: (These guys be the second in command.)

Mean Dogs: (These guys keep everything somewhat organized from the mob like organizing.)

Saucy Thief: (These guys made their due in the world and earned the respect of ye guild.)

Mugger: (These guys decently known folks and respect a bit.)

Bread grabber: (They managed show their worth and earned their way up.)

Fresh Fish: (Newbies in the group they seek to prove themselves as well they have earned the protection of the guild.)

Buddies of the group: (Friends and respected that are not part of the group, this includes some of the fences and safehousers of our group.)


*Coguh* Theifs guild

However, good luck with its endeavors.


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