Whats keeping this on hold?

Started by swacko, 12-10-2009

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Just wondering, not nagging you to start or anything.
This is a roleplay idea I really want to come to life, since I love oblivion and even posted a faction idea.
Long time since the crussaria idea was made, and just renamed.
thank you for your attention :)


Lack of animations, i would imagion


Quote from: KingArthur on 12-10-2009
Lack of animations, i would imagion
Possibly. Having the Crowbar animations for using swords would look .. amateur ....
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We can't just pull tons of custom shit out of our asses, you know.


well aware of that, just wondering what other projects is keeping this on hold.


maybe, whats the expected finish date?


Quote from: keyfoot on 20-10-2009
maybe, whats the expected finish date?

Maybe around never.

Crussaria was just an idea on paper, I don't think it even got off the ground. I don't think I was around for it, so I dunno.


Wait you dont think it's going to be brought to life?
GOD DAMMIT!!! was SO looking forwards to this....