The Contractors

Started by ZainMenloe, 16-12-2011

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The contractors will take on jobs, varying from simple get me something to clear out this area. The contractors were started by 'Raven', and his friend 'Greed'.

The group will accept anyone who proves their worth. Though being accepted doesn't mean much. Your respect among the guild will improve on how successful you are on your given contracts. The Current rank system is as follows:

Ember 'Raven'
Xin 'Greed' Kion

Chauros Finlako




**There are fliers put up in Stormhelm, telling about the Assassin-like guild.**

The Contractors:

We are assassins with morals. We hunt bandits and thief groups. We also take hits on people who have done the wrong to the society. If you are a skilled bladesman, or marksman this is the guild for you. May the Shadow bless you on your future kills.

To join us, contact 'Raven' a man with a green leafy camoflauged cloak and a bird on his shoulder. Raven is an expert marksman and will train any bowmen who join amongst the Contractors.

You may also find 'Greed' Who is a warrior-like man with a pickaxe. He is normally with 'Raven' though.

((This group is mainly for rogue-like characters. But if you are a warrior-type it is fine too. There are actually two branches. Raven will train the rogues and Greed will the warriors.))


// Do we all know who Raven is now? You told us his name and what he looks like.


And then the Ravendale guards rounded up Raven and Greed and executed them for murder.

Seriously guys saying you're assassins in public is not a good idea. Yes being contracted to hunt bandits is legal but saying "We do hits on people who wrong you" implies very illegal activity. Have fun at your execution(s).


No that isn't what was meant by it. It was meaning we do hits on people like low known murderers and such. Not like anybody in particular.