The Book of Crussaria (Canon)

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OOC: In Short, this Roleplay is based on Medieval Fantasy, not as OTT as Olden, but a simplified Elder Scrolls genre.

The Chronicle Book of Crussaria

Chapter 1: The Ancient Days...

An Unnammed Explorer of a long-forgotten Kingdom set foot on a land soo ancient, he could feel the dust beneath his boots... This was no ordinary island, this was a place of Mystery and ultimate power... Upon further survey he found odd-coloured Rock Formations, later dubbed "Magicite" in the Legendary Book of the Explorers. In overall interest of the Kingdom, their current leader set up a small Outpost in Crussaria. That was ten centuries ago, and that Kingdom is long gone from Unknown wars...

Chapter 2: The Birth of the Magic-born.

Upon further examination of the "Magicite" by the Elders, it seemed to radiate energy...
Through a series of Experiments the first "Magi" was born, a mere female child by the name of "Kira" who had consumed small crushed pieces of the Magicite and spent her life in the aura of it. Once she reached the Age of Understanding(Not long after "Age of Speech") she began to wield this power, as the Magicite she was born by was Blue, she had the power of Ice, and could summon small stalagmites to hurtle at objects and such. Through further experimentation a range of "Magi" were created, from Pure-spells to crossbreeds.

Chapter 3: The King and the Decay of Magic.

A lone ship arrived at Crussaria's now-bustling Port, with an odd-looking "hat" later to be confirmed as a "Crown" on it's bow.
A single proud-standing man with a long, fur-lined, trailing cloak left the boarding plank, and headed for the Elder's Residence, what happened over the next few years was undescribable, as the Elders were picked off, and a massive stone fortress was erected. Here was that same man who left the boarding plank of an unknown ship a few years ago, now "claiming" control of Crussaria, with his Dominance came a terrible price. He "hired" and "trained" people into "Guards" to pester the Townsfolk for money, claiming it to be tribute to the King, refusal came with a grave price, and the Magi were slowly manipulated towards the King's way...

With the King, came alot of Refugee's, on similar boats, they would tell not their stories, only that they had "lost" and been exiled here. Slowly the Refugee populace infiltrated the Townsfolk, and began breeding, while the Townsfolk's numbers were bolstered mightily, it came with a sinister price, only one in fifty children could now become Magi-born, and the Magi were whittling in their battles with their corrupt bretheren, the "Necromancers" who insisted on aquirement of all levels of Magicite.

Chapter 4: The Final Heir.

Over the years, with the ever-dwindling numbers of Magi, the "bloodline" to the King's throne stood valiantly, slowly becoming more corrupt. Lords continued to fight over their scraps of land given in reward of the King, but things were changing...
One of the last Elder Magi, now a mere "Court Magician" stood with the King, hating every second of himself, but still committed to the vanquishment of his evil twin. His name was Markus, if not still is.
During one of the Tribute ceremonies, where a Lord was given ownership of some Land... Something sinister was cooking deep inside one of the Towers of the Castle, the hated Brother of the Magi, a Necromancer, was sitting, around a table with a group of Royal Guards drinking and laughing madly. Little did the Guards know that the concoction they believed to be Ale was actually a Posession Potion. Slowly, but surely, the Guards turned more and more towards the Necromancer's thinking. Down below in the Courtyard was the King, sitting quite happily and greedily on his Throne, yawning lazily as he observed the approaching Baron, soon to be Heir of a rather amusingly large scrap of land. When just as the King got up to tip his crown, something nobody would've been prepared for happened...
A crossbow bolt, enchanted with the Necromancer's evil, was fired at the King by one of his own Royal Guards, just as he tipped his Crown to the Baron. What happened next can only be explained in actions...

The Nobles Gasped...
The Guards yelled in surpirse...
The Court Magician literally lept up to the sky, to chase down the assailant...
The King fell back into his Throne...
And the Crown... tumbled onto the bowing Baron's head.

What was left was a crowd, in complete shock and horror, staring at a Baron with a crown on his head, and the Lord on the now-dead King's side pulling out his Sword.
But outside the Castle Courtyard was a different story...
On the walls now stood Markus, valiantly casting his magic at the Necromancer, who in return was literally "tossing" his corrupt Guards at Markus as Meat Shields, the Power Play lasted thirty seconds, by which time half the Guards had been flung into the sky, far outside the Castle Walls, the Necromancer fled, Markus trailing close behind, and the remnants of the Corrupted following after the two.

Now you decide...
Will you help the Baron claim his Throne?
Or will you assist the Lord in taking back what is rightfully his?

Let the Crussarian War... Begin!


Legacy of the Daern, the True Magi-Born.

Part One: Kira's Deeds.
Kira, as the first of the Magi, was great in power, but greater yet in her determination and wit.
She was also an Elitist about the ways of Magi-born. When the first Refugee's arrived, she refused to train them, and left them to the "Second-Borns" to train them, she believed that such a corrupted bloodline dedicated to Complete Domination should not be allowed Magic, as the levels of unfairness and bullying would be unbelievable, and thus she formed the "Order of the Daern", a small Cult based on her Family's name. Kira and her fellow secondborn brother led the Cult, and tried to stomp out these unfit magic-users altogether, but Quantity overcomes Quality as it goes, and she fell from Grace, and died at the hands of former thieves and rapists, now part of a Arch-nemesis cult known as "The Order of Merlin", magic users from across the sea.
Her total sacrifice to try to stop the unfit magic wielders corrupted the Magicite with malicious power, killing any of these "Alcolytes" who attempted to approach, and taking the great stones with them. This also inspired a small cult of Druids, pure naturalists, to oppose them.

Part Two: Laying Lines in the Dirt...
With the Magicite dwindling rapidly with the increase of these Alcolytes suicidal attempts to take it in their overwhelming greed, the Daern needed a new source of power, badly... A lone Priest-Mage dubbed "Armarda" came up with the idea of hiding the Magicite, at a sinister price, sacrificing herself and a Necromancer in a deadly spellbinder that would create glyphed rocks of illsions. But catching this Necromancer would not be easy... As they were very secretish. With the help of a Greater Informant, the lair of one was found, but it didn't end there. Armarda entered alone, what was then seen was a massive Light-vs-Dark fight, lasting Five nights and Five days... By the time both their powers had drained, the newly-founded Guard were down ontop of them in moments... With the assistance of a wandering Elf Maiden, the ten-strong force was repelled with fear, and Armarda and her new companion left with a fatigued Necromancer over her shoulder.
But "people" were watching their battle, ever eagerly... The second Armarda stopped at the site, and started drawing her Line in the Dirt... a Site. The Elf Maiden fought valiantly during the Ritual, but Armarda had to give every ounce of her life energy up to found it in cohesion with the Necromancer. What happened next was a massive blue rippling explosion...
The only thing left on that site was a single Gylphed Stone with a beautiful statue next to it. ("Armarda's Fall")
A new powerline had been founded, and with the complete sacrifice of Armarda, countless more spawned, killing Alcolytes in their wake.

After that, all the Daern faded out of existence, supposedly sacrificing themselves to save the essence of what they lived by.

The only hints that remain of the Daern, are those of Markus, the supposed "Court Magician".

The Unknowns of Crussaria...
Translated from the Legendary Book of the Explorers, shortly before it being burnt.
Some call him Death, for he is the Skeletal one who rides the Pale Horse.
Some call him Fate, for he is your beginning and may be your end.
Some call him Doom, as you will someday reach the end of the road.
But all we know is... Death, Fate and Doom. One will get you, but which one?

As described somewhere above in this Book, there are great unknowns around Crussaria, from Death-black Magicite, to a demonic manifestation known simply as "Fate".

Known Ships:
Please write up a brief backstory if you wish to own a ship.
Unauthorised Ships will be removed.(Including the one that comes on rp_year1595)

CSE "Maiden"
A large, bulky, ship drifted into port with the words "CSE" written on the side, upon further examination, it turned out to be the Crussaria Shipping Exports, a small Merchant Vessel that brought goods from place to place. It's captain, the valiant Matthew Kvinch, had braved many storms to get Iron Ore from one of the offshore islands. And it paid it's fair due.
Captain: Matthew Kvinch
Skipper: *Vacant*
Deckhand A: *Vacant*
Deckhand B: *Vacant*


Rules of the Canon.

1. We're keeping the Canon small and understandable, think up all you like for it, but keep it in a seperate thread.
2. The Canon is based of TES: Oblivion, but an albeit simplified version, what Silver says, goes.
3. The Loremaster has permission to Alter the Canon in any acceptable way, but does not have complete control over it. (Ex. Turning Medieval Fantasy to the next Star Trek)
4. No Magic Guilds. Or Magic-related groups. Wizards/mages are a dying race, and we want them to be Scarce ingame. (IE. One at a time.)
The Order of Merlin is exempt from this rule, due to obvious Canon reasons and corrupment.
5. The Guard is Corrupt, trained from the last King himself, act like money-grubbing bastards, not hippies, players.
6. There are two sides to this RP Genre, the origonal Townsfolk, and the Corrupted, power-hungry people brought over by the King.
7. Ships are a rare sight, if you own one, please write a good Backstory to go with it.

Q & A

Q: What's the difference between Merlin's Order and the Daern's Magic?
Light, Ice, and Earth are a few of the Magicite available to the Daern.
Each has a defensive function, and are very well balanced. May have all as being "MagiBorn" is rare, and the sweps only have one or two functions.

Alcolytes/Order of Merlin:
Restricted to one Magic Type due to the overall power of each swep.

They are both in eternal conflict with eachother due to their different views, and what they have reaped on eachother.

Q: So how do I become a Daern or Alcolyte?
A: To become one of the Magiborn, you have to be chosen by a Greater Wizard for a specific reason. To become one of Merlin's Order... ask Akira or Dom.
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I actually liked reading this, its laid out professional and shit, would be cool to see it begin added one more :clap:

All decided In-Game too


Quote from: Royz I actually liked reading this, its laid out professional and shit, would be cool to see it begin added one more :clap:

All decided In-Game too

Ofcourse, I've read alot of really good Fantasy's inclouding the "Sword of Truth" series... I'm mainly taking my inspiration from the Anne Macaffrey series. (Dragonsdawn, etc...)

Chapter Five is going to be Ingame, with Creeding as the Necro, we're hoping for a really big and epic "battle of power" at it's climax.
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I did not read this yet but i reserve my first page post
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Quote from: Moordact I did not read this yet but i reserve my first page post

Seriously... What? Trying to be a Postwhore?
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I even got mulitiple refrence ^^
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Heh, we need a server where we can practice our Magic casting skills with those sweps.
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Hmm.. Kira reminds me of Akira ._.


Sub-Chronicle: Legacy of the Daern, Part Two added.
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If you didn't know,"Kira", means "killer" in japanese.


Quote from: Plunger If you didn't know,"Kira", means "killer" in japanese.

I just chose it at random.
*Hint* Sticky *Hint*
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This works good, the only two thing are....

1.) Necromancers being evil is so stereotypical.

2.) Merlin being a magician is so stereotypical.


I have a way to fit Fate into the canon.

The king was a fool though. Thinking he could tax the peasants of Crussaria without any reprecautions. A group was formed with two knights, two archers, one mage, and one tactician (Me). It was known as Fate. It's goal was to free the peasants from the kings filthy oppression. The group was mounting popularity from the peasants of the old Crussaria, but the refugees from the kings land did not like the idea of their king falling, for they had they favor with him. The moment before they were to attack the king was assassinated before their eyes. They have been training now and again to be ready for another king.

Change whatever you need to. I'm really tired right now so I probably fucked it up a little.


Quote from: Plunger If you didn't know,"Kira", means "killer" in japanese.
Read to much Deathnote have we? [ Thats a referce from book 3 ]


Of course. My avatar is a character from the show.


Quote from: Plunger If you didn't know,"Kira", means "killer" in japanese.
Lol Deathnote

Lol Troll

(Topic) So the 5th chapter will be based In-game?


I just thought it was funny how the first good magicians name was Killer.


Matty, nice job there. I spotted a couple spelling errors here and there, but that's not to worry about, in a piece like this.

Great stories.. I can tell you did some planning for each of there.

Good setup for each of the paragraphs, they follow chronological order, etc..

In essence, this is just a great story to begin with, good job.

And one question.. Are you going to create the final chapter after the in-game battle? Like re-write what happened.. Just so newcomers can get the full canon and not have to bug older people to tell them. Which I can see well be a very big annoyance.

All in all, great job. Keep up the good work, even though I'm not a big fan of fantasy novels, this suited my taste.

Oh and by the way, if anyone wants to be apart of the group I'm trying to form, please visit,951.msg6701.html#msg6701 Thanks


What other continents and areas are there in this world apart from Crussaria? There has to be some other continents / islands because the King came from somewhere. I'm asking because i needa little extra info for a group i've been thinking up.


Updating Canon, finally moved in and settling in to the new flat.
Please sticky this thread, as it is being constantly updated. And as far as I know, Silver, if not the other Admins, approve of this.
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Matty, please add the Demon of Fate into there.


Please tell me, what the fuck is that?
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Remember, this thread ain't the fucking Encyclopedia, it's just the Humanside Chronicles.
As in the absolutley critical to the server shiz, not every little goddamn story.
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