Sul Iluóv Seldarine

Started by Recreas, 07-01-2012

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Sul Iluóv Seldarine

Quick General Information:
Name Group/Guild/Faction: Sul Iluóv Seldarine
Type: Religious/Church.
Location: Temple/Church in Ravendale.
Religion: The Old Gods, focused on Cybil.
Enemy: Other Religions and Tioen.


High Priest:
Recreas -

Erwin Rommel - Sathik Brugendoria



(Want to join? Visit the Temple in-game, all recruitments are done though roleplay and in-game!)

OOC: Religion plays a major aspect in the game, atleast it should in roleplaying especially in our more medieval-fantasy .. fantasy. Since no real base for the religion was place I decided to start it up.

IC: Every larger town has it's own temple, where all citizens can pray for their Gods in time of need. Most of them are also more focused on one and the High Priest may give out the Blessing of that God the temple is based on. In Ravendale this would be Cybil, the God of love, life and all good. Most people pray to him due the fact they want to thank him for their loved ones and etc.

So what the faction does is maintain the temple, help people in their religious strugles and make their common medieval life a bit easier and more bareable.
This is also why most members of the Temple are highly respected by the citizens and nobles of the area, most of them are good men that dedicated their lives to their Gods and are willing to help others, the only thing they want in return is your faith in them and the Gods.
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