Rules to Robbing (Unofficial)

Started by whyku, 29-01-2012

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1.Do not just try and insta kill everything with one /me, it fucks up the other persons RP.

2.The limt should be 100 crowns, you can take ANY weapon they have equip'ed.

3.There is NO RDM because they didn't give you want you wanted, Get screenshots and a admin and be done with it.

4.Do NOT start running around with a group of 3+ when there is only 4 people on the server.
Your "bandit group" can't take up more then 80% of the server population.

This is what I think the rules should be for when you try and rob people.

Anyone ideas on how the rules can be in proved please post below.


No, this is bad.

Khorn wrote an excellent guide to banditing. You don't need another guide for a different roleplay. Just replace stalker with crussarian.'s-idea-to-being-robbedtaken-hostage/



Rule 2 is just bad, What if you have an orginised attack on a trader caravan, Oh herp we planned this one week so let's just take 100 crowns from a stinking rich trader caravan, It's stupid if you take a small ammount of crowns for an orginised attack. Just giving my opinion


Meh, I took a geese through Khorns idea of Bandits/robbery.
Lets stick with that, It's pretty much common knowledge.
I chill quite often.


Funny thing, only one person, I think, that posted in my guide thread, read it through.

Or to a certain part.

But you may want to update and tweak any of the things in my guide as it was for SRP sometime ago.


I disagree with your rules Whyku, since its based on what you think its pretty one way.
My responces to each rule:

Rule 1: Somtimes there are situations where the defender will have no chance at all but to run, in a realistic situation you arnt going to stand there and say somthing along the lines of "Any last words" because if you did then you was just being with a unrealistic morality (Unless you are messed up like that, like 90% of HGN)

Rule 2: Sounds to me like someones been robbed alot and lost more then 100 crowns, money isnt everything Whyku.  If you escape alive after being robbed you can go to the guard and get a bounty placed up.  If they are caught you may get your gear back.

Rule 3: Correct to a extinct, sure theres no RDM but unless its roleplayed then its fine.  A character should be punished for being stubborn in such a situation, and lets face it.  If they had nothing on them in the first place well now a bandit has a little weazel who could grass them up. 

Rule 4: Again correct to a extinct, you can have quite a large waylay system if your orginising a bandit group but of course take into concideration you shouldnt be banditing 70% of the time but orginising a hideout and getting rest/training.  That doesnt mean the server should be full of Bandits however but I am sure the players can figure it out.

Nice try Whyku, but I am sure there will be some guides set in place however RULES for banditing sounds to me like a no go, you cant have a OOC rule against a IC action because that just messes the oggressor party.  I am going to try write up a nice Bandit guide for Crussaria.  Alot diffrent from Stalker too hopefully.


* Shrugs* I am more happy people are taking a look at all of this bandit madness. I got what I wanted to do done.