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In Crussaria, Masters are veteran tradesman that have obtained such renown that they are trusted mentors for young apprentices.  This position is obtained through success in his trade and an application. These applications are checked by the Crussaria SA put in charge.

[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Steam ID:[/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Time with Profession:[/b]
[b]Master Who Apprenticed You:[/b]
[b]Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?):[/b]

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Steam Name: |HGN|Penguin
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:38182363

Character Name: Dunig Nuramek
Skill/Profession: Blacksmithing
Time with Profession: Ever since he was an apprentice in the caves
Master Who Apprenticed You: Barak Stelecin
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): Not currently (After I am able to make a dwarf I am taking a loan from the Manor for the Ravendale Smithy)
Henry Warlington|Ecologist|Active


Steam Name:|HGN-CSV| Tom
Steam ID:(Will fill in later)

Character Name:Sarah McMurray
Time with Profession:Ever since she was old enough to pick the mining pick axe up
Master Who Apprenticed You:Her Father Thomas McMurray
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?):The Mine (I think I own it, the Town Crier put me in charge of it)
Accepted to be a master of Mining.
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Quote from: GeneralGold on 24-07-2011
Am I able to directly apply for Master? (Backstory is set on the character applying for) or do I have to go through being an apprentice in-game and then after quite some time I applicate here?

(post will be remade into application or snipped)

I would hope you need to go through being an apprentice in game or else everyone will post "I want to be master mercenary!11!one!!!!1!!" and the server will suck.

Although since the server is in alpha and many trades don't have experts yet I guess there is some leeway there.


This App is might be invalid for now since it is a Natoli guy.
Steam Name: |HGN-STSA|Rδvanδger ไท
Steam ID:(Fill in later.)

Character Name: Veleno Trenso Blackscale
Skill/Profession: Alchemy
Time with Profession: 28years, he was first put under the apprenticeship of Gin-El at age 15 his uncle to carry on some of the family recipes and formulas.
Master Who Apprenticed You: Gin-EI, Uncle and mentor
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): He is poor but has some wealth as he only collects what is needed and often resides in caves looking for materials for his alchemy. He is highly skilled and often what he does earn he spends on new tools and materials to advance his trade.

Accepted to be a master of Alchemy.

Steven :D

Steam Name: |HGN-GVC| Steven :D
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:15171330

Character Name: Markus Black
Skill/Profession: Tailor
Time with Profession: Since the early age of around Sixteen.
Master Who Apprenticed You: Samuel Bristol
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): Markus is a reputable merchant, who has spent time amassing his wealth in order to buy the Tavern/Inn within Ravendale. He owns a simple stall.

Accepted to be a master of Tailoring.


Steam Name:|HGN|Darkzerxx
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:20067753

Character Name:Lawrence Crane
Time with Profession:26 years, since he was 10 and was taken in by his old master to learn the ways of the ranger to help protect the lands in the name of the king.
Master Who Apprenticed You:John valan
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): Was orphaned as a child and had to survive his life on the streets thieving and using his skills to evade the guards until his master found him after watching him out run the guards one day. Now he is has a home near the village in the woods watching over its inhabitants.

Being a ranger is a career not a profession.
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Steam Name: definitive` Lokter |HGN|
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:23638698

Character Name:Lokter Tarvitz
Skill/Profession:Blacksmithing (Excels as a Weaponsmith)
Time with Profession:14 years. (Currently 30 years of age. Was apprenticed aged 16.
Master Who Apprenticed You:Hangrut Longbeard, a Famed Dwarven Weaponsmith.
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?):Has his own tools for basic smithing work, but does not yet have the money to rent a premises for commercial use. His current aim is to expand into a commercial premises and to gain renown in the area. His long term goal is to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of weaponsmiths.
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Steam Name: Plunger
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:13927190

Character Name: Bec Descorev
Skill/Profession: Alchemy
Time with Profession: Fifteen years.
Master Who Apprenticed You: Marcus Beckett, a man of forty years of age living in a rather quaint village, who practices his trade of alchemy in peace. Bec, born in the same village began the trade after being apprenticed to the man, and over the years ascended from an assistant to an able alchemist, though Marcus's ideas, and Bec's differed on some issues, such as Marcus's focus on the healing arts of alchemy, and Bec's choice to follow both the paths of poison, and potion. Eventually, like all men Marcus fell ill, and passed away, not wishing to continue his work in the town, Bec packed up, and set sail for a different city, a new start.
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): Has only the money he brought over on the ship, with no housing, stores, or shops as of yet.

Accepted to be a master of Alchemy.


Already accepted, quit editing posts Exile


Steam Name: |HGN-STSV| Rebel
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:4200756

Character Name: Gregory McArthur
Race: Human
Skill/Profession: Woodworker
Time with Profession: 33 years. (Started when he was just a young 10 year old lad himself).
Master Who Apprenticed You: Clay "Withered Hands" McArthur. The tradition of carpentry and fletching has been passed down generation to generation in the McArthur Family.
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): He used to own a family built cabin in the Forrest that he used as a workshop. Sadly enough, due to a cooking incident, it burnt down so he moved to town to establish another, with the funds of his Grey Ranger son, George McArthur.


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Steam Name: MikeyWrenn
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:27013761

Character Name: Oraan Fletch
Race: Human
Skill/Profession: Woodwork, specializes in fletching (Arrows)
Time with Profession: Twenty years.
Master Who Apprenticed You: An extremely old Elven male by the name of Luciat, whom was the owner of a workshop in a small village.
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): The only things under Oraan's name are his tools and his vast knowledge.

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Steam Name: Zombiedance
Steam ID: 0:0:9656928

Character Name: Charles Stage
Race: Human
Skill/Profession: Mining
Time with Profession: 12 years
Master Who Apprenticed You: His father ( Triston Stage ) who had been a miner since the age of 14 and died at the age of 46
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): He owns no store or workshop and has very little money currently.


Mr. Pink

Steam Name: |HGN| Mr. Pink
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:30542382

Character Name: Alexander Bernsmith
Race: Human
Skill/Profession: Tailoring
Time with Profession: 14 years
Master Who Apprenticed You: His father, Jakob Bernsmith
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): He owns his father's run-down old shop, which was given to him when his father retired. As far as actual money is concerned, he has little.
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Currently Mining, Alchemy, Blacksmithing are all full.


Steam Name: [EC] BMAirmage
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24293676

Character Name: Romulous Beck
Race: Human
Skill/Profession: Woodworking
Time with Profession: Twelve Years
Master Who Apprenticed You: Ralph "Gnarl" Jenkins
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): Stocks wares behind the storage shed in Ravendale, pawning them by the nearby market. Moderately wealthy.



--OOC--Steam Name: FasmtineSteam ID: STEAM_0:0:19449802
Character Name: Maria BottleRace:
HumanSkill/Profession: Woodworker
Time with Profession: Was sent too Olaf Greybeard when she was 8 years old. He died 18 years later, and spent 4 years crafting. (14 years)Master Who Apprenticed You: Olaf GreybeardWealth
(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): All she inherted was an axe and 24 crowns. (No)

Pending-I need to see how you roleplay etc consdiering it is your first post and you apear to be a newer player.
I also fixed your format for you.
Once I get a good idea on how you roleplay I will adcept or deny.


Steam Name:drxxlz
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:26964823 

Character Name:Kevin Fevang
Skill/Profession: Blacksmith
Time with Profession:15 years
Master Who Apprenticed You:Kristian Horn
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?):no

Denied - Sorry, but you're very new and I haven't seen you on a lot. Try again in a few weeks and stay active.


Steam Name: vashboy31 (Corocan)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:26773087

Character Name: Seymore Issan
Race: Human (Homosapien)
Skill/Profession: Leatherworks/Tailor
Time with Profession: Seventeen years
Master Who Apprenticed You: Great Grandfather for two years passed away and moved down to his grandfather whom apprenticed him for eight years until he passed away as well, then moved down to his father and taught for the remainder of his time whom sent him to other lands to spread his families enterprise.
Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): No, but family owns business in farther away lands.


Steam Name:Storm_Shield

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:8836134

Character Name: Thalion Beriadan

Race: Elf

Skill/Profession: Woodworking

Time with Profession:

When he was born he was raised by his father. His father was a Woodworker, He made bows, arrows, He made their house, he made their furniture, He took care of Thalion. At the age of 14 his father showed him how to create bows, arrows and wooden furniture, He has been working since then as a woodworker, Thalion Beriadan is 47 years old.

Master Who Apprenticed You: His father. (Berrin Beriadan)

Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): No I do not own a workshop, I am wealthy but not rich.
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Character Name: Joshua Schuller
Race: Human

Skill/Profession: Woodworking

Time with Profession: Joshua turned sixteen and he needed to start taking care of himself, He whas bad in evrything, Joshua tryed to work in a shop as assistant but he failed terribly as he whas wrather to shy to talk to customers. He decided to start work in the lumber mill near town, he started doing simple things such as cutting down trees and moving them to the lumber mill. But after four years of working in the lumber mill a man approached him sayting that he would like to teach Joshua the art of woodworking. Two years had passed and the master that was teaching Joshua died , beaten to death while brawling with a drunken man. Joshua whas now alone attempting to improve his woodworking skills , still looking for a master wich could teach him further

Master Who Apprenticed You: The master who approached him in the Lumber mill (Jake Stanyar)

Wealth(i.e. Do you own a store/workshop? are you rich?): No, Just a simple man with barely enough money to survive 
[(I know it's my first post but im active on the server as Fenrir the Young

Accepted - You're active and a reasonable roleplayer, though next time don't ruin the format when you post it!


Steam Name: Jesus (I happen to change it from time to time, but it will always include Jesus in it)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:27584315

Character Name: Owl the Ungrateful
Race: Human - Khopal
Skill/Profession: Woodworking
Time with Profession: Nearly 30 years, since the age of 19. Since being adopted by Crow, the elder of a town nearby Owl's birthplace, he was given a new name and an opportunity to be apprenticed by one of the best in the Isles. Owl's potential had already been acknowledged and he was allowed to leave the presence of his adoptive father and set up a crafting shop. He had made few profits from whatever populace chose to stay or pass by the town. After a large amount of his life had been devoted to creating the variety of tasks given to him, he had grown more comfortable with his tools. He felt he had surpassed the man who once taught him so he had embarked to a greater land where he hoped to find success, Crussaria. There he found Stormhelm, a place he thought he could settle down in and establish a greater business than the one he had. Sadly for him, the buildings there had cost more than expected and so he was forced to be a street vendor. He was stuck between the vast amounts of peddlers and consumers and his process ceased slowly, he was now only getting a few customers, sometimes even none in a day. But he didn't let the momentum overturn his hope and so he had began to work harder, and attempted crafting more sophisticated and peculiar items, ones that would stand out to the crowd. His specialty now was creating the most durable staves and handles on the market. But yet again, he met another competitor who brought heavier and larger staves, and so Owl sought a business partner for his plan. An alchemist was what he found, together, they would complete his staves with a complex finish that would maximize their potential. Sadly, the competitors did not take kindly to the extra help given to Owl and soon there was a price on the alchemist's head. Although he did not die, he had been forced to flee Stormhelm and settle down elsewhere for safety reasons. Owl tries to keep in contact, but can only do so very rarely due to distance conflicts.
Master Who Apprenticed You: Crow of the Talon from the infamous Dragon Isles.
Wealth: Owl's wealth is a large sum of crowns amounting to the thousands.

Adcepted- I will see how you do with this mastery and so forth and as well help you along with it.