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Silver Knight

What maps should we use? post here !

Don't suggest the same map twice, check the thread !

Too Dm like:

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This one has allot of building space and is good for role-play:


Yea I like plungers map idea


I made a very simple and quick map plan for the city * THE IMP CITY *-

brown = path
blue = water/moat/fountain
dark blue = Dukes quters and castle
red = tavens
purple = port
green = farm land
gray = barraks (lul)
pink = hourse paddok
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Add a Ravine for ambushes!
Ravine :
/ \
| |
| |
\ /


IMO, you should follow creedings plan, except alter it a bit to suit the Dev's likings.
The port is a quite brilliant idea, considering that it would be nice to get a little RP off the coast.

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Yes, that map is epic
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Yes, that map is epic


Add Mountain village and well all stop rioting
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this map or

both same but one is day other is night and i thank this would be some cooler rp to go from day to night like assassins would be out at night and in day you got your shoping and stuff


We've already got it ;)
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