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The House of Bromithil is the current Head\Royal house. They govern Stormhelm. You can apply to be part of the household guard or be a Stormhelm Guard.

Positions avaliable:

Bromithil House Guard x 2
Stormhelm Guards x Unlimited

Stormhelm Regional Guard x 6 - Note: These are guards who belong to another house such as Aurora or Arrandorn. You will still belong to their house but will join actively in Stormhelm guard. You must seek permission from your lord first.

Please follow format

Position applying for:

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Position applying for:Stormhelm Guard
|Out-Of-Character Information|

Steam Friends Name:Nexus
STEAM ID:STEAM_0:1:7851245 03:14 86 0
Timezone:Eastern Standard Time
How long have you been RolePlaying in general? Four to Five years.
How long have you been roleplaying in Garry's Mod?:Four to Five years.
|In-Character Information|

Name:Viserys Harkin
Family Members:Willow Harkin (Mother) - Jon Harkin (Father) - Robert Harkin (Brother)
Backstory: Viserys Harkin was born to a disfuntional family, his mother a whore and his father the drunk. Viserys remembers greatly howhis mother would be out all night while his father hit him and his younger brother for just about anything. His hate for everything, but his brother Robert, grew stronger everyday as he kept looking at his life and how much better it would be if his father were dead and mother gone. One night, when Viserys was 13, he was able to get a hold of a dagger, a nice sharp one. Well on this night his father came home drunker than usual and he was very angry. Jon came into Viserys and Roberts bedroom and jumped on top of Robert as he slept, he bagon to strangle the poor boy. Viserys tried to rush to his brothers help but he hadn't the strength to tear his fathers hands away from roberts throat, he ran to get the dagger. As Robert clung for dear life Viserys stabs his own father in the back of the neck, his father dies with his hands still clenched around Robs neck. Viserys hurries to get the hands off and as he does he realizes it is to late, his brother is dead. Viserys eyes widen at this grotesque scene and runs to the back alleys of the city to hide from what he has done. A few weeks pass and the guards stillhave not been looking for him so he figures it is safe again to walk the streets, but he never returns home. He gets himself into a little streetgang and learns all kinds of tricks such as pickpocketing, knife throwing, and how to be quick and nimble. He stays in the gang until he turns 21
and decides to join the Stormhelm Guard so he can earn more crowns. He is trained and serves the king for two years before the over throw of his reign.
He decides to continue to be in the Guard. (I don't know if a backstory of being in the Guard already is allowed or not, if so I can change the last bit)
Skill Set: Quick, Nimble, Good at Throwing Knives, and Smart.
|Other Information|

Define Injury RP: If you get stabbed then you RP getting stabbed. If someone /me's attempts to stab you in the arm and succeeds then your arm is injured.
Define Metagaming: When you use OOC information IC. If someone tells you OOCly that he can use magic and then you go tell a guard ICly that the man is a magic user.
Define Metaspeak:Going to be honest, I have never heard of this term, I even looked it up on google so I would know but nothing popped up about it but would love to know what it means.
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch):Killing someone with no reason or cause other than to do so.


Position applying for: Bromithil House Guard
|Out-Of-Character Information|
Steam Friends Name: ☼FUN☼
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:23773960
Timezone: Pacific standard
How long have you been RolePlaying in general? Roughly 4 years
How long have you been roleplaying in Garry's Mod?: 2 years
|In-Character Information|
Name: Renald Gaerhart
Age: 32
Family Members: Peter Gaerhart (father), Marie Gaerhart (mother), Anya Bromithil (sister), Roland Bromithil (brother in-law)

Backstory: Renald was born on a brisk winter day within the abode of the Gaerhart family. His father was a dabbling merchant that had modest success in his trade. He had recently secured enough finances to keep the tax man at bay along with purchasing a real "shop" that contained living quarters upstairs. Renald was born in that cozy house, his entire family eagerly waiting as he departed from the womb. He had light blue eyes, taking on an almost silver hue. His head bore sparse black hairs. His father had decided to name him Renald after his grandfather, a hardened veteran in the Stormhelm military.

During his childhood Renald often assisted his father in the shop, whether it was menial work such as moving stock or assisting a customer. When he wasn't working in the shop, he would often be tutored by his mother, learning how to read and write. Soon he began to study the various parchments his father kept records on,  immersing himself in the trade. The years passed by, and squabbles between the nobles houses ultimately led to diminishing profits for the Gaerhart family. With coffers running dry, Peter had feared for the future of his family. During this time news of a budding trade route between the southern regions of the Crussian realm and the lands of the Ambertol had reached Stormhelm. The merchants spoke of how it was bound to fail, plagued by various hostilities. Peter knew that the route held much potential for profits if it succeeded, deciding to invest a large sum of his remaining wealth in it. In doing so, he received a large share in the route. Ultimately his actions were wise, as a large band of Ambertolian mercenaries were hired to purge the worst of areas along the trade route. Thus began the beginning of prosperity for the Gaerhart family.

When Renald reached the age of 18, his father approached him, offering him the task of being one of the caravan guards. The Gaerhart family had risen in the ranks of Stormhelm with the newly-found fortunes, akin to that of lesser nobility. His father now owned several caravans, transporting goods to and from Ambertol. Renald had always admired the caravan guards for their bravery and determination, constantly on the move in foreign territory. He eagerly accepted the task, suiting up for his first trip with the crew. They were to deliver a large stock of sugar and grains in exchange for the strange incenses and silk from Ambertol. The trip fared well for a great distance. However, when the traders were only a half-day's travel from an outpost near the Crussian border they were set upon by goblins. The guards effortlessly killed many of the petty thieves, but Renald was shocked by the sudden violence. A goblin took note of the opportunity to attack, lunging at Renald with a stone maul. A fellow guard quickly dove towards Renald, taking a blow to the skull. As he heard the sickening crack of his fellow's skull Renald broke out of his stupor, letting out a bloodcurdling scream as he thrust his spear at the goblin. The spear tore through the left eye, penetrating both ends of the skull as it shredded a portion of the creature's brain. Renald yanked his spear back, watching in disbelief as the gore flowed through the gaping hole. Amends were given for the guard that gave up his life to save Renald, and the trip was ultimately a success. Fascinated by the rush of excitement from the job, he continued to take up guard duty for many following trips, eventually commanding a small force of hired guards. As a result of these trade trips Renald slowly began to see all "lesser" races as barbarians, standing in the way of development, education and ultimately progress of the civilized world.

The sole daughter of the Gaerhart family, Anya, was at the age which many Crussians considered prime for marriage and the development of a family. Peter, in hopes of expanding his enterprises, began collaborating with house Bromithil on arranging a marriage. He knew that the house had their eyes on the Ambertolian trade route, but also controlled other small but influential routes themselves. One of the members of house Bromithil, Roland, had taken interest in Anya. He was a diplomat, often residing at the embassy in Stormhelm. The two had an affinity for eachother, much to the pleasant surprise of Peter. When Renald was at home he would often visit Roland, discussing the assorted political issues within the realm. It was not long before the union of Roland and Anya was blessed by the two households, leading to their marriage. The Bromithil were finally able to utilize the shares in the Ambertolian trade route that Anya had owned, while Peter's business expanded further. Renald, growing weary of the traveling lifestlye, returned home in hopes of settling down. When Roland heard of this he approached Renald, offering him a position as a Bromithil household guard. Roland knew it would be a wise choice to offer the position to a close friend and relative, rather than one that may have wavering loyalty at the jingling of coin. Renald gladly accepted the position, leading to the next chapter in his life...

Skill Set: Accomplished melee fighter, mercantile knowledge, noble tact.
|Other Information|
Define Injury RP: Injury RP is when one realistically acts out being injured, knowing the extent and implications of said injury.
Define Metagaming: Metagaming is a case in which a party uses knowledge otherwise not known by their characters to carry out a certain goal.
Define Metaspeak: Metaspeak is where one speaks out-of-character, using emotes or otherwise irrelevant grammar.
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): RDM is an instance in which a person or persons kills others without roleplay or IC reason.


Position applying for: Stormhelm Guard

|Out-Of-Character Information|

Steam Friends Name: Sheumgal (Mr. Lil Ice the FlockaMane)
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Timezone: Easten Standard Time
How long have you been RolePlaying in general?: 2-3 years
How long have you been roleplaying in Garry's Mod?: 2-3 years

|In-Character Information|

Name: Peter Chivay
Age: 26 years of Age
Family Members: Alexi Chivay,Zoltan Chivay,Amanda Chivay [Intermediate family]
Backstory: Growing up within Stormhelm, the Chivay family has always been well-to-do. Their father, being a merchant, had always dreamed of becoming someone of significant importance to the town. Although, to some he was, he was never able to obtain that goal. Through his two sons, Peter, and Zoltan, Alexi believed that his legacy would live on, always telling them to never give in, and regardless of what's ahead of you, you will fight and prevail through it. Being schooled, as well, as having a knack for weapons,and how they work, Peter grew up as any merchant's son would. Well educated, clearly influenced by his fathers thoughts, and a pretty penny in his pocket. As the two sons grew older, they went their separate ways, Peter, heeding his father's advice, took on a more idle path, awaiting opportunities to come to him.

Sadly, he couldn't wait any longer. He watched the town go from his well protected home, to a place adorned with corruption and plotting. The tavern, his place of sanctity, and fun, shifted into a plotting zone, where one kill, and or bounty, was placed after another. Growing furious with the path his fellow citizen's took, Peter felt the burden upon himself, to clean up this mess that was left to him, contesting every wrong judgement he came upon. However, this did not work out as Peter planned. Being ill-equipped, and only his knowledge of weapon control, to aid him, Peter soon found himself a lost cause. There was no saving this town. Until, a small glimmer of hope came upon him. The house of Bromithil, taking control of the town, and ceasing this corrupt, and dangerous place.

Peter was glad to aid the Bromithil in their quest in re-taking this town, and forming it back into a place that he would be proud to call home. Pointing out criminals, stopping plots, and other small endeavours that he believed would assist the Bromithil. Soon enough, yet another opportunity was placed upon Peter, a chance to join the Stormhelm guard. And that, is where we find him today.
Skill Set: Educated, Strong Willed, Imposing Stature

|Other Information|

Define Injury RP: Injury RP is the act of Roleplaying an injury, in which you were hurt, or severely injured.
Ex. Getting shot in the leg with an arrow, should be properly RP with a limp, and the adjacent pain.
Define Metagaming: Metagaming, is when someone, would use OOC information, In-character.
Ex. Looking at someones name and seeing 'Member of the Woodland Thieves' under it, and shouting "Thief!" afterwords.
Define Metaspeak: Using Emotes and other non-sensible characters, within your lines.
Ex. So-and-So says,  "Hi, h0w ar3 ya? :D "
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): Killing someone for no apparent reason, what so ever. Having no motive to kill someone.
Ex. Running up to someone with your sword, and stabbing them multiple times. Most likely without RP.


Position applying for: Bromithil House Guard

|Out-Of-Character Information|
Steam Friends Name: .:KsU:. Chaqery

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:23618999

Timezone: Central Standard Time

How long have you been RolePlaying in general?: Roughly 4 years. I started back on HL2Land a long time ago.

How long have you been roleplaying in Garry's Mod?: I began my roleplay experience on Garry's Mod, so about 4 years as well.

|In-Character Information|
Name: Baldir Toov
Age: 25
Family Members: Tolfdir Toov (Father), Auda Toov (Mother)


     Baldir Toov was born to Tolfdir and Auda Toov, in the frozen wastes north of the Crussarian-Gaesgro border. As was customary, the whole of the tribe was gathered around his Father's smithy and hut combination in anxious anticipation of his birth. The large, strong figured women of the Gaesgro were all huddled around his mother inside the hut, doing their various customary duties to aid Auda in child labor. Outside, the din of metal on metal was monumental. Baldir's father was hard at work in his smithy, preparing the master crafted Gaesgro style Hand-and-a-half claymore that, in their tribe's culture, was a ceremony befitting of the family's first born son. The sword had to be started when the mother entered child labor, and finished by the time the son was pulled from the womb. All about Tolfdir, the other men of the tribe set to work excitedly, in order to help him accomplish his goal. In the distance, you could hear a few of them chopping wood. Still more were carrying the wood to and fro, supplying the smithy's furnace with an endless supply of fuel. A few bricks had also been removed from the bottom of the furnace, and extra belows fitted into the gaps. A whole crew of men were hard at work pumping the bellows, keeping the furnace (and more importantly, the precious metal inside) at the precise temperature. Tolfdir himself was hard at work hammering the metal into the proper shape and thickness, and his rhythmic hammering provided a beat for the incantations of the three village elders that stood nearby, blessing the sword in the name of the Old Gods, and imbuing it with the attributes that were most important to Gaesgro society: Bravery, Strength, and Leadership. As the time wore on, the anxiety was palpable. The large men of the tribe blew their braided blonde hair from their soot covered faces, and behind all the ruckus of their movements was the continuous "clank" sound of Tolfdir hard at work with the metal, beating it into the proper shape, tempering it, and in the last few hours, engraving the large hilt and ornate pommel. As Tolfdir finished his work, and sank the blade into the barrel of icy water from the natural spring on top of the great mountain Affe, a loud hissing filled the air. Precisely at that moment, the sound of crying was audible from the interior of the hut. It was done. Tolfdir set down the finished weapon, and wiped his brow. He made his way inside, to see his newborn son, and the village women cleared a path through the room for him. In the arms of his sleeping wife lay the child, healthy looking and peacefully asleep as well. For the first time in his life, Tolfdir sat down and cried.

     Growing up, Baldir spent much time in his Father's smithy, pumping the bellows, retrieving the wood and coal, and smelting metal ores into bars. In his free time, his father instructed Baldir in the tricks of the smithing trade, as well as the standard Gaesgro instruction in combat. Baldir developed a passion for both blacksmithing, and the heat of battle, using the two past times to fuel the other. As a smith, Baldir could craft his own armor and weapons, made to fit him perfectly, with the added addition of the intense heat exposure and strength required to forge the equipment increasing his battle efficiency. As his training continued on, Baldir became well versed in the use of claymore and battle axe (as was customary of all Gaesgro men), accustomed to moving fluidly in heavy armor, and adept at utilizing a sword and shield to defend himself. It was these precious years spent training with his father that would very much define who Baldir was, and save him several times on the field of battle.

     At 16, Baldir came of age to undertake the right of passage trials to become recognized as a man in his village. To begin, Baldir had to conquer a goblin in combat by himself. While to many in Crussaria the feat may seem improbable, one must take into consideration the build of the Gaesgro people. Famed as "half giants", the Gaesgro are considerably larger and stronger than the average human, and as of such much less agile. To take on a goblin was a challenge, sure, but for a Gaesgro, hardly impossible. For his second, and final trial, Baldir was to scale the unforgiving cliffs of the great Mount Affe, and bring back a blossom from the jet black Todesfall flower that only grew near the volcanic top of the mountain. This task might seem easy enough for any Crussarian as well, being much lighter and agile, but for a large seven foot Gaesgro male, scaling a sort of cliff is a much more impairing challenge. As he walked the small, horse cart rutted path back to the village, Baldir began to realize just where he was going. This was no longer the journey back from his trials, but his final steps as a boy, and soon to be his first as a man. When he brought the bundle of black flowers to his father, Baldir might have sworn to have seen a tear gather in the old man' eyes, only to be blinked away as he took down the master crafted claymore from the wall, and offered it finally to his son. In Gaesgro culture, the sword is an extension of the man, a symbol of his character and definition of his position. As was befitting, it fell to Baldir to name his blade, and so he named it Dreyrugr, after the blood stained appearance of the metal in the sunlight.

     Much to Baldir's surprise, life as a man was much the same as that of a boy. He still worked in his father's smithy, except these days he did most of the work, as Tolfdir in his age had finally lost his deftness in working the metals.

Little did Baldir know his life would soon change forever.

     Strange folk began to arrive in the town. They kept to the shadows, and hid their faces under the darkness cast by their large hooded robes. Without the ability to see their faces, the villagers of the tribe were largely unable to gauge the goals of the strange visitors. In time, the mysterious visitors found their way to higher reaches of the great mountain "Affe". Here they found the caves of unimaginable sincerity and beauty, the places where the paragons of the Gaesgro people were buried. The strangers coveted the treasures buried in these caves, and soon began to smuggle the items out of Gaesgro and into Crussaria, it's rich crevices fueling the chaos and wars of their own realm. Meanwhile, down in the village, the people slept restlessly, their dreams filled with shadowy figures digging away at their home and souls. Everyday, the villagers would wake, and stare up at the mountain as it cast it's shadow over the settlement. Why was it bringing darkness into their lives? As the strange visitors smuggled more and more items away, holes began to appear in the side of the mountain, bringing with them a bold and bitter wind that chilled the very souls of the Gaesgro. For the first time, the villagers felt fearful, for they knew that soon the great Mount Affe would stir from it's great sleep. Then there came a sound. Distant first, it grew into castrophony so immense that it could be heard far away in space.

There were no screams.

There was no time.

The mountain called Affe had spoken.

There was only fire.

And then,

     That is all Baldir can remember of the last day of his village. At the first signs of trouble from the mountain, his father had mounted him onto their only horse, a very fine and large horse capable of carrying an armored Gaesgro, and sent him off. All Baldir remember was his father telling him to get as far away as possible. And that's exactly what he did.

     Baldir soon discovered that finding work in Crussaria as a Gaesgro trained in the arts of blacksmithing and combat was as easy as riding into town, or near a castle. He was the sort of armored tank that powered the front lines of the battles the raged across Crussaria as lesser noble houses funded private wars against each other and out of the royal house's attention. While not necessarily blessed with intellegence, Baldir was by no means a simple man, and his experience as a blacksmith taught him the lessons of patience and devotion to quality. The countless sieges and battles that he partook of left him with a notion of command, and the intricacies of the tactics used in battle and most importantly successful sieges. Four a young man in his late teens and early twenties, a country full of war was paradise. Working as a sell sword, Baldir was able to roam the countryside, participating in wars almost as he saw fit, all for a small portion of the pillaged loot earned and a free meal. Putting his training to use, he was able to earn the respect of his superiors and experience needed to succeed in his career.

     At the age of twenty, Baldir put to work with a few of the mercenary companions he met along his journeys, and established their own company. It became his responsibility to train the company's new recruits in swordsmanship and tactics, a career choice that landed him where he is today. As the mercenary company's reputation expanded, so too did Baldir's own reputation as a master swordsman and trainer develop. On the side, he began taking payment to train the militias and town guards of the lesser noble houses, and eventually, he caught the eye of the House of Bromithil. At the request of the Royal House, he left the mercenary company, five years after having founded it, and set about on his journey to the city of Stormhelm to serve as a personal trainer for the young boys and men of House Bromithil, while at the same time serving as a House Guard to the family.

     In an Age, Place,  and Society lacking serious upward mobility, Baldir discovered that all it took was the Gaesgro attributes of Bravery, Strength, and Leadership (and a good bit of know-how), to make a name for himself.

Skill Set: Skilled swordsman and tactician. Very skilled blacksmith. Possess a sort of aura of Bravery and command about him, enabling him to lead inferior numbers of troops into battle with courage and high morale.

|Other Information|

Define Injury RP: Injury Roleplay is the accurate roleplay of wounds received in battle. Acceptable injury RP lasts for a decent amount of time after the wound is received, with the character being less efficient, especially in combat, until fully healed. With the state of medicine as it is in the medieval setting, grave wounds are prone to never fully recovering.

Define Metagaming: The use of any sort of OOC information in an IC fashion, most noteably in order to catch someone or cause something to happen to another player.

Define Metaspeak: The use of improper (and what I find to be personally atrocious) spelling and language usage, such as 1337 speak, txt speak, emotes ; D, and the sort.

Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): The unprovoked, unroleplayed, "minge" killing of someone. Spawning as an overwatch and mowing down citizens in HL2RP is a prime example. The most common example is "shotcopping" CCA/MPF units without any sort of RP or IC motive.
"While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth." - V for Vendetta


Position applying for: Stormhelm Guard

|Out-Of-Character Information|

Steam Friends Name: The Other Joker
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How long have you been RolePlaying in general?
I have been Roleplaying for about four years now, beginning in the Fall of 2008.

How long have you been roleplaying in Garry's Mod?:
Well, my first time on the scene of Roleplay was during Garry's Mod, to where I began my initial beginnings in DarkRP servers, but soon realized that this was not true RP, and so I stumbled upon a Serious HL2RP server, to who's community I am still apart of today. All the while, I kept my eyes and ears open to other servers distinctly different from HL2RP, stumbling across an ArmyRP server, with its community titled PBG. After establishing my presence there, myself, along with a couple of my Steam Friends, were given control of the Russian Army faction, which we handled efficiently and struck with deadly force.

But I digress, and so I return back to the topic. The first time I joined and participated in a SeriousRP server was back in 2009, three years ago.

|In-Character Information|

Name: Zoltan Chivay
Age: 29
Family Members: Peter Chivay (Brother), Amanda Chivay (Mother), and Alexi Chivay (Father).
Backstory: Zoltan was raised in the bustling city of Stormhelm, which at the time saw one of its "Golden Age" periods, with merchants and ideas spreading throughout the city. This period of time allowed Zoltan's father, to attempt to get ahead of the game. Alexi, being a upcoming merchant, would soon realize that the game of supply and demand within Stormhelm was too hard to compete in, and doing so would only bring less wealth on the Chivay family. But, being the stubborn man he was, Alexi persisted, and pushed to sell his wares, creating huge discount prices to attract customers, only allowing these same low prices to backfire and give Alexi a deficit in income. All the while, Alexi made sure his family was well sought after, schooling and educating his two sons, Zoltan and Peter, in numerous fields of study. The boys each did well during their schooling, and soon began to realize their father's economic troubles was affecting the family. The boys, not being able to provide enough help to their father as they would have liked, soon sought other ways to aid the family in its struggling times. The decision to send Zoltan to the city of Laes to speak with one of Alexi's old friends made the troubles seem more evident. And so the boy of 15 years was sent on a passing merchant caravan out of the city. The boy would not see his home city for quite some time, suffering through a period of adolescence and poverty on his travels, and returning to the city a man able and willing to reunite with his family.

Zoltan's travels with the caravan showed the boy to many different sights and lands, even bringing him to the deserts of Ambertol. His travels along the desert was a true eye-opener(Although the desert sandstorms forced his eyes to be closed most of the time), and the boy had developed a love for the desert and its Ambertolian culture. But this time in the desert was only a short time, and the boy would soon forget the culture of the Desert People, only remembering the terrible sandstorms that plagued his caravan.

Soon enough, the boy found himself on the outskirts of Laes, where he took some time to bask in the city's ancient stone walls. The sight would prove the only glory the boy would see in his years residing in the city. Zoltan would not find the old friend, instead he would find poverty and regret. The boy, now of 23 years, had come to the conclusion to join with the Laes City Guard, in hopes to end his miserable life of poverty in exchange for a life of following orders and maintaining a civil state in the city. This duty, at first, did not peak to Zoltan's interests, with himself shrieking his posts to go drinking, or the occasional fooling around with a local girl. No matter the post, the guard captains would find Zoltan absent from it, showing up to the barracks the next day with either missing equipment or a black eye. By this time, the guard captain overseeing Zoltan's detachment decided to discipline Zoltan severely, even threatening to have him hanged for insubordination. Luckily for Zoltan(And for this application), the guard captain had decided against killing him, instead stripping him of all his possessions and exiling him from the city. A devastating blow to the Stormhelm native, but a welcoming relief to the Laes guard.

With this added misfortune, Zoltan decided that his life needed a major turn-around, starting with his attitude. He would hone his attitude on his travels, forming himself into a mature young man as he progressed throughout the realm of Crussaria. Zoltan would soon find himself back in the county of Stormhelm, hoping to be reunited with his family. This hope was quickly struck down as he found out his dearest mother and father had died whilst he was away. Zoltan, distraught and confused, blamed the city for this tragedy, and claimed the corruption and filth had overtaken the once great city. With this idea, and with the assistance of his brother, Peter, Zoltan was determined to join the city guard once again, this time with coordination with the ruling house of Bromithil in hopes to reclaim the once known Chivay family name.

Skill Set: Accredited swordsman. Exposed entrepreneur. Former city guard. Educated in the arts and military tactics.

|Other Information|

Define Injury RP: Injury RP is the roleplay of acting out one's wound or injury. This is vital for combat RP and should be known to almost any roleplayer, in Gmod or other RP scenes.
Ex. An arrow penetrates a man's knee, shattering his kneecap and preventing the man from running again.
Define Metagaming: Metagaming is the use of OOC information used ICly. This is more often than not a bannable offense in most communities and is not taken lightly.
Define Metaspeak: Metaspeak is the use of emotes and/or numbers to speak ICly. Otherwise known as "L33t" speak.
Define RDM (Random Deathmatch): RDM is the un-provoked act of killing another's character with no apparent IC reason. RDM can also be associated with the un-professional form of killing another character, such as not properly RPing your actions when attacking another character.