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House of Arradorn - Updates and Announcments

ThY · 2296

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Faction wipe and revamp.
PM me if you're a old member wanting to rejoin.
Im being an inactivity nazi for the first few weeks, and I mean it. I've already got rid of 4 people because of it; rewards are given to those extra active.

We own the port, excluding the tower, and the House Of Arradorn in Stormhelm.
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Changed thread purpose


Just made us a nice new coat of arms/logo


I am impressed with Xin, ₪D4rkKr1s₪ , StrangerDanger, Whyku, RaptorBlackz, Akira and cgge for activity and roleplay quality. - Keep it up for promotions and goodies.

Although, the rest of you are getting to me. I'm not taking inactivity, it's simple. If I need to replace the majority of you I shall, there are alot more candidates I could choose from. We're a major faction, and need to act like one. I'm tired of being the only Arradorn character on, when there's a server of 15+ people.

I also updated the roster and added rank images, made by myself.

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So i've got a list of people I want to promote. Keep active ingame and i'll do it soon.


Those marked as "inactive" on the roster have a week to prove to me i'm wrong


Ok, my webs back after a week. Time to get active and kick ass


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